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Bon Jour: That Means Hello in Finnish!


HELSINKI -- Good afternoon to everyone from Finland, your temporary home of the Florida Panthers hockey club.

Of course, you may be thinking to yourself, 'That George is an idiot. He just said good afternoon, when it is clearly still the morning here in South Florida.'

And you would be right. I am an idiot. But thanks to the seven hour time difference, it is the afternoon here. In fact, it's 1 p.m. here and the Panthers bus just left for the practice rink.

Will have updates and videos (internet willing) later in the day. So far, it's been a long but uneventful trip. Which is good. All the luggage is here (have video of that being unloaded by captain Bryan McCabe) and all seems well enough.

-- Nick Tarnasky did not make the trip because of his broken orbital bone so Florida has 26 players on its current roster.


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George, Who are the bubble players who are part of the 26 on the trip?

Glad everyone made it to Scandinavia with no trouble. Looking forward to reports this week!

And Bon Jour is hello...but in French, Francaise. Come on George you are better than that. There are many ways to say hello in Finnish:haloo, hei, moro, moi, terve. Thanks for all the good info. I have a feeling this will be the year the Panthers return to the playoffs. And like I told you before, now that you are doing your video feeds, you will need a new picture on the paper that reflects your thinning hair, ha ha ha. Go Panthers!!!!!!!!!!!

Bon Jour means hello in Finnish? Is this a joke? I don't get it

Bonjour is french

Don't worry G-man... Your sense of humor is not lost on all of us.

Keep the videos coming. Until October 2nd, you're our only connection to the Cats! Enjoy your trip.

Any word on Kulikov and his contract? Those crazy Russians are messing up his chances of making the Panthers.

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