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Helsinki: The Second Day


HELSINKI -- The Panthers are making the most of their Helsinki trip today and as many of you are still sleeping, our day here is all but done.

Yes, it's 7:15 a.m. in Miami, and we're done.

Had breakfast, practice, a trip to a local sub shop (it's called 'Subway. Isn't that clever?) and the team is now on a team building trip to an island sauna.

Apparently everyone goes into the sauna, gets their sweat on, then they dive into the icy cold ocean. Whatever. Doesn't sound like my kind of fun.


But Pete DeBoer apparently did that when he was here with Team Canada for the World Juniors a few years back so he's taking his Panthers there to do the same kind of thing.

Me? I'm looking for a place to watch some football later tonight (Dolphins kickoff will be 11 p.m. here).

-- No big news out of practice as everyone went through the workout.

-- Gregory Campbell, practicing for the second straight day, was back centering the third line. Shawn Matthias was centering the fourth line alongside Michal Repik and Kamil Kreps.

-- My story on yesterday's first practice here in Finlandia.

-- Heard a rumor that in an effort not to tick off the NHL or its fans, DirecTV might put the Versus games back on. We'll see what happens. Florida's first game Friday is on Versus.


-- On the breakfast buffet today: Bratwurst.

Where are we, Green Bay?

-- Enjoy your Sunday everyone. Will be checking in tomorrow, hopefully before we take the bus/train to Tampere for the Panthers first preseason game here in Finland.

Going to have LIVE! coverage of that preseason game here (internet willing) so come back and check in. Kickoff is 7 p.m. local time, which means it'll be lunch time back in the States.

Don't tell your boss.


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Enjoyed all the updates and videos on a Sunday morning. Thanks!

GR great job as always.

Have you spoken to Kulikov? what is his status for tuesday? what is your pronostication here?

Versus as a sub for comcast is completely responsible for this mess.

I have DirecTV but I buy CenterIce and I think the Hawks may broadast the game it shows on the NHL TV schedule. DirecTv doesn't have CenterIce schedule out yet. At worst I can go to my parents house and watch versus on Comcast. After the Panthers game I don't care for the rest of the Versus games so no loss if they don't put it back... Thanks for the updates GR. Is there any Finnish TV that can be seen on the web for the exhibiton games?

Hey GR, if Campbell plays, I'm assuming a forward has to be let go this week? Who do you think it'll be Duco, Taffe or Repik?

GR, What's the word on Kulikov's contract??

NOTE TO SEXTON: Sign Kulikov or bring him up from the juniors when you a chance. Trade a DMen for a sniper if you have to, to make room for him. I don't see any of our Dmen providing any spark like Kulikov has done in the preseason. We need Kulikov!

NOTE TO DOLFANS, now that the MIA dolphins are done for the season (Teabow #1 pick in draft? or is it a certain Penn State QB?). Watch lots of Panther hockey unless the Heat decide to wake up from the cold.

1. The Dolphins aren't done for the season.
2. The Dolphins don't need anymore qbs right now.
3. Basketball? lol

George, do you know if the Panthers' games in Finland will be played on the international-sized ice?

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