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LIVE! PrimeTime in Dallas: Florida Panthers 3, @ Dallas Stars 1 FINAL


DALLAS -- Good evening hockey fans, your good pal GR coming to you LIVE! from atop AmericanAirlines Center in beautiful Dallas.

The Stars/Mavs have a new toy these days as a beautiful HD scoreboard had been brought in. To make things even better, huge HD screens also hang from the end zones.


They are not needed. They are pure overkill. And man, they are cool.

I was told a few years ago that the Panthers were planning on getting a new scoreboard. Whatever happened to that? Well, good thing they got those billboards planted out on the roadside. And the large ad screens out in the concourse.

Question: Name at least one thing the Panthers are among the top five in the league in?

Answer: Worst scoreboards.

-- Going LIVE! here in a few minutes so come on back, will ya?


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Yep, I remember the "New Jumbotron/Scoreboard" lie... One of many, it seems.

If it is top five including the worse then the panthers are not only on top with the worse scoreboard in the NHL, the front office is first with misrepresenting what is happening to their season ticket holders, it started when Keenan traded Bure to the Rangers for some hockey pucks (Keenan was pushing to go back to the rangers at the same time) and the front office told their customers not to worry, we can sign two or three very good players with the money saved. Ever since then it has been down hill dealing with this organization under Alan Cohen. Mr. Cohen is a nice man but he has been taking for a ride by people who have other agendas, (Keenan looking for another job and Martin looking for a coaching job).

The panthers are also the best at ruining a great building by over advertising, the old joke was I went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out, going to the BAC is going to a hockey game and 3 hours of infermercials broke out

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