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New Handle: Rostislav Ocho Cinco ... Those Punks from Syracuse ... Weiss, Ballard OUT


HELSINKI -- We've always called him Rusty, but now Rostislav Olesz is going by something different.

Ocho Cinco.

Like Chad Johnson, the Cincinnati Bengals receiver who famously changed his last name to match his uniform number, Olesz wears No. 85.

So, according to Olesz, team athletic


trainers Dave Zenobi (a Browns fan) and Steve Dischiavi began calling Olesz that and it's kind of stuck. It really hasn't caught on, but he does answer to Ocho. And that's easy to remember.

Word is, the equipment crew is working on a new nameplate for Olesz, err, Cinco to wear at least during warmups.

But Ocho is a little worried about the repercussions from the league.

''I told them we could do it,'' he said, ''but they have to collect the money for the fine.''

-- No real news out of practice today at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. Apparently Jokerit is down to 15


healthy players so they are calling guys from all over to try and play.

Word is they are bringing in some goons from Syracuse.

Not Poodle!

-- Stephen Weiss won't play tonight because of a groin/flu deal. Pete says he's real hopeful that Weiss can play Friday night against the Blackhawks, but as of last night I had heard he was doubtful. We will see. Weiss is a gamer and could just be in the lineup, but you don't want to mess with those injuries this early in the season.

Keith Ballard is out again tonight, but DeBoer says he's playing Friday. Gregory Campbell is back in the lineup.

-- Don't forget, LIVE! game coverage of tonight's game against Jokerit comes to you around noon Miami Time. They do have internet access here and it is up and operational. So come on by before you sneak out for lunch and check us out. Will probably be on board around 11:45 a.m.


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If Weiss can't play Friday, he should probably be off the ice on Saturday too.

Tell you what; Olesz better score more than ocho goals this year!

"No Poodle!"

Folks from Syracuse is not that far-fetched. Two of the players Jokerit sought from elsewhere for this occasion are indeed noted ruffians and agitators, at least in the Finnish league scale. Semir Ben-Amor, he has averaged less than ten points and over 100 penalty minutes. Kari Sihvonen has averaged about 130 PIM the last years and he is someone who aims at getting under an opponent's skin.


Rostislav Ocho-Cinco's was my fantasy football teams name last year and this year!

That's great lol.

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