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OnFrozenFilm: Bill Murphy Brings It

HELSINKI -- Will get back to the hockey here in a minute, but just wanted to share a couple of videos. On Tuesday night, a bunch of Florida Panthers staffers went to a place called Molly Malones in downtown Helsinki to hear some live music. Well, thanks to the efforts of on Randy Moller, the band brought Florida public address announcer Bill Murphy up to the mic.

Murphy, as many of you know, is the lead singer of Fort Lauderdale rock band 'Nobody's Fault.' Anyway, the video is grainy and dark (it was really dark in there) so you miss the shirtless guy dancing (he was obviously rolling stoned). Look for the guy though. He would have been YouTube gold if there was better lighting.

Thanks to Giselle for loaning me the camera. CatCam was back at the hotel charging.

And yes, the band asked Murph to do a second song.


PS: You can find a number of Nobody's Fault videos on YouTube as well.