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Randy Sexton to Stay? ... No Major Additions in Works ... Alex Tanguay Speaks (in French, and not to Me)

Pantherlogo Canadian sports network Rogers Sportsnet is reporting that the Panthers will not name a full-time general manager this season and instead let Randy Sexton do it.

I have not gotten anyone with the Panthers to confirm this, but it sounds like something the Panthers would do.

And I'm not saying that in a bad way. Randy Sexton has done a good job under what are pretty sad circumstances. From what I've been told, Randy is not allowed to spend much money at all.

The Panthers actually bowed out of the Alex Tanguay sweepstakes a while ago (even though I had written that they were still in it. Conflicting sources: One said they were, another said they weren't, etc.)

Sexton is under contract with the team for the upcoming season. If and when this team is sold, I would expect Sexton would be considered to keep the job, and I would guess the search would begin anew.

Just a strange situation, but, one that's par for this course.

-- Also, I hear the Panthers are still trying to get Dennis Seidenberg on board, but won't do it for much more than $1.5-8 million per season. Steve Eminger is still out there and still an option to come in. Word is, Florida would like a forward and two defensemen.

On the cheap.

-- You all want to talk baseball and hockey tonight? Come on over to the Marlins blog and we can do a live chat. Totally invite any and all hockey questions.

Check it out here: Marlins Blog.

Going to be doing a lot of live stuff like that this season, whether it's preseason games (we will be live and each and every nine of them) or mid-week chats. Going to be fun. Come along for the ride.

-- Alex Tanguay talks to ESPN's Pierre LeBrun in French (but Pierre's pretty good about translating for you and it's a pretty good read.) As Jay Bouwmeester might say, check 'er out here.


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My man George... it seems whenever there is a question I've got you've always got the answer. First the Tanguay crap, and now the Seidenberg phase.

And George, I'd trust the original source who claimed we still had a bid on Tanguay. A few reasons on that, and not just because I'd love to have Tanguay here. First off, nobody is stupid enough to pass Tanguay down for 2 million. That was clearly a player decision. Money was not Tanguay's primary concern, it was the players he was playing with, he even said it himself. Now, with Lecavalier, St. Louis, etc., whatever, he'll be able to buff up his stats and hit it big on the FA market next year (if all goes well for him). I'm sure he wanted something better than the probable 3 year/12mil contracts offered at him, and nothing was coming.

And about the cash-strangle placed on Sexton... sure... I buy it. But that's the situation every year. Doesn't make an excuse for spending 1.2 mil on an unproven defender who has seen little to no ice time. Clearly he had some money to work with, and didn't spend it all that great.

Just another black eye in the Cohen/Yormark years of panther ownership and lack of leadership.

Say good bye to Coach DeBoer as he can see there is no future in this organization.

Seidenberg would be a good pick up. From what I have read he is a good shot blocker. Given what Sexton has had to work with he has done a decent job. At this point I prefer Sexton. He knows the players, he has a good working relationship with DeBoer. Pretty much all the good young GMs have been taken, the only GMs left are ones with losing records cast off by nonplayoff teams. Sexton makes sense.

Randy had to save face and get Leopold signed, and I'm glad he did. The problem is, he needs to sign another defenseman and another forward, and ownership is not letting him spend the money...which is typcial of Alan Cohen, although we are close to the cap. Also, I'm not totally defending Randy and saying he should be the permanent GM. When he had the opportunity, he didn't sign anyone that really excited me. The offense is still the same and the defense is worsened. Likewise, it's dissapointing when ownerhsip won't hire an upgrade at the GM spot, but I guess that's because they're trying to sell the team.

George- doesn't the sale of the team have to be completed by the end of this year (on the buyer's end)?

This is an absolutely pathetic situation wth Yormark and Cohen (The Unholy Duo) and how they refuse to put a competitive team on the ice. No "C" this year!!! No "GM" this year!!!
Unbelievable, every time the fans start to show up and support the team, management, read as Cohen and Yormark, show them just how little the team cares about them. I gave up my season tickets 3 years ago after continuing arguments with Yormark and realizing that they don't care. Thank God for the Hockey Package.

"We still have quite some time until training camp opens kids."

Remember that, champ? What happened? Nothing. You tried to make it seem like the Panthers had soooo much time to make moves and they didn't do squat. Keep talking out of your ass, George.

Randy couldn't sign anyone of significance b/c he doesn't have the "checkbook" to do it. Man, I really hope this SPAC deal goes down sooner rather than later b/c it just can't get any worse under Cohen.

Forget about trying to help this team get over the hump and into the playoffs as a competitor, not just a team that'll get swept in the 1st round. This team is really going to have to overachieve to make in the Big East.

Wow, its amazing how people are seeing 5 years later what I was saying in May of 2004 and was banned for saying on HFBoards.

I could run this franchise with a limited budget and produce a winner. I know another man who could do it also, who has the experience, and was even considered for the job, but never given a true, honest chance at it. But like me, he'll tell you where to stick it, and won't back down when he's right.


"We still have quite some time until training camp opens kids."

Remember that, champ? What happened? Nothing. You tried to make it seem like the Panthers had soooo much time to make moves and they didn't do squat. Keep talking out of your ass, George.

-- The Panthers DID have plenty of time to sign other players. They chose not to. They STILL have plenty of time to sign a player or two. We'll see what happens. I don't think they do, um, squat.


Most recent numbers I have seen showed the Panthers with a cap hit at under 49 million with over 8 million of cap space available.
Sexton, no matter how poor of a GM he may be, is going to use a good chunk of that 8 plus million dollars to improve the team if allowed to. Its pretty clear that he isnt allowed to or in the least wont be allowed to spend very much.
I dont know if new ownership would be stupid enough to remove the interim tag or not. I guess we will find out.

To make it worse, alot of the money that is spent is invested in overpaying several players. That's not Sextons fault but if he is scapegoated for that and/or for another failed season in 09/10 it's fine with me. I dont want this guy as the future GM.

Deboer has got to be regretting coming to Florida by now. I give him one more season before he bails unless new ownership makes some promises and DeBoer has some faith in them. A good rookie coach with not enough to work with, it's a real shame for him to be stuck in this mess. He would be right to get out soon before the stink of this franchise wont wash off of him.

Harvey,what C are you referring too?? If you mean Capt. then YES we do, Deboer just hasn't told anybody who that player is yet, but we do have a new Capt.

What's the deal with everybody? There are still trades that could be made that won't cost money. Who knows, Sexton could've fooled us all and is going to trade Horton and Olesz for Heatley. Similar payroll and a huge upgrade on offense. Maybe he'll go out and trade Matthias and a 1st to Bos for Kessel. and sign Seidenberg. No one knows, and Sexton is doing a fantastic job with what he was given.
Cohen is horrible and needs to sell the team ASAP.

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