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A 'New' Den of Honor: Your Suggestions

Suggestion-box Panthers president Michael Yormark told me yesterday that the team's 'season ticket advisory board' suggested to him that the team's Den of Honor should be removed because it wasn't big enough and didn't truly reflect the team's history.

That got me thinking.

First off: Wow!

What power this 'Season Ticket Advisory Board' must carry at The Billboard! I wonder what else they came up with that the team jumped on.

''Michael,'' you can hear the STAB saying, ''how about we get someone to sponsor the power play? I think that would be dandy.''

Or, ''hey Michael. We noticed those urinals in the men's room are a little plain. How 'bout we decorate 'em with something?''

So, now that we know how powerful this STAB is, I would like to know what else they have in mind. Because whatever they want, they apparently get. So STAB members, please, make some better suggestions.

-- Word is, the STAB didn't think the Den of Honor was a good representation of the Panthers past.

It had jerseys from the team's first captain (Brian Skrudland) and its first goalie (John Vanbiesbrouck). It also had some rubber rats from 1996.

What else does it need?

Apparently more, so sayeth the STAB.

So what should go in the 'new' Den of Honor? Aside from stuff from the 1996 team, what really personifies this franchise? And what does the STAB want in the 'new' Den of Honor. Because, ultimately, that's the most important question.

Here are some of my suggestions. I would like to hear yours as well. Comments below if you don't mind.

-- Ticket stub from the team's last playoff appearance in 2000. I know it may be faded and yellowed, but it's something for the kids to see.

-- Denis Potvin's coffee cup.

-- The wad of chewing gum Mike Keenan was gnawing on when he traded Roberto Luongo to Vancouver.

-- A copy of Luongo's long-term contract signed with the Canucks a little while later.

-- A hubcap to a 2007 Chevy pickup truck, left on the side of the Turnpike as Jay Bouwmeester headed north.

-- One of the unopened boxes from Jacques Martin's GM office at The Billboard.

-- A piece of signage from all the names the arena has had in its brief history.

-- Peter Worrell's skates. I would have to donate those.

-- Olli Jokinen's old boxing robe.

-- Chris Wells' golf bag (just kidding Chris).

-- Jeff Rimer's wallet -- still unopened (just kidding Jeff),

-- One of the famous monk robes.

-- On a serious note, something from the late, great Roger Neilson would definitely be appropriate.

This list is far from complete, so please add your thoughts here. I will sure to forward it to the team's STAB -- as soon as I meet a member of this exclusive group that is.


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How about removing that "best expension team ever" banner up in the rafters, and the all star game banner, and the draft banner... and the celine dion banner. Take them all down and put them in the den of honor where even less people will care about them. You'd think after all these years they'd have something more appropriate to hang up there. Like a 'This Space for Rent' sign.

Since the franchise desperately wants to have a players jersey retired and hanging from the rafters, I heard the STAB asked to have Yormark's business suit raised to the Billboards ceiling (accompanied with a Hugo Boss sponsorship, of course).

GR- How about getting an interview with the powerful STAB... let's hear their thoughts on the team, its ownership, and their "leadership role" within the organization. Since Cohen never grants face-to-face interviews with the media, this might be the best insight into management we've gotten in a few years. (Also, maybe I'm too jaundiced and this alledged STAB consists of Yormark and his mother).

just another JOKE how this team is being run. In all my years how the hell did this nonsense called STAB come to happen. This management group looks like a greyhound with his tail between his legs. Only in Florida

I think establishing a Hall of Shame for the Panthers would be more appropiate and a lot easier to fill.

I have to agree with GP there. For crying out loud the Islanders have more points right now and they only got their first win of the season last night.

To hell with the den of honor. Fix what's on the ice first. NO ONE buys a ticket to see the den of honor. They come to see an entertaining hockey game. Tell that to the STAB (i.e. some season tix holders that Yormark occassionally listens to when they say what he wants to hear)

Better yet, tell Cohen/Yormark that they have to spend money to get money. Better players = better team = more ticket purchasers. Maybe some of them will give a plastic rat's ass about the Den of Honor. Until then, FIX THE TEAM.


Does anyone know who the top prospect is in next year's draft?

We seem to be heading that way, except we will most definitely screw it up... Oh well!


Panthers are the worst team in the NHL. They can't score and their highest paid player stinks!!!! Vokoun should have been traded and Anderson should have been kept! This organization is a complete joke, if a situation like this was happening in NY, BOS, CHI, DET, there would be an uproar and the organization would actually feel some heat!! Down in South Florida there is no pressure on Yormark so he can care less whether they win or not.

They will prob end up getting a pick between 6-10 in the draft. This is cuz the team will win like 8 in a row at the end of the season to ruin our chances at Taylor Hall. Just our luck!

I think the current banners are ridiculous. We are not a new franchise anymore so lets forget that and all other banners are pretty embarassing. If any players are part of our history, I would say Beezer, Jovo, and Mellamby deserve recognition. Then again the only player the Panthers should truly celebrate is Paul Laus. He was a great fighter and added energy to a team that really has consistently lacked it. Last drop of complaining and I feel I can because I have been holding out hope for 15 years is why no matter who our GM, Owner, or Coach have we never been able to score goals and why do we always have 40 shots a game against us? Let me know what I am missing.

If this on ice product doesn't improve I am going to STAB, myself. What a joke.
I don't care about any of this other junk, ice dancers, power play sponsored by We, Cheatem and Howe, etc.

Focus your attention on putting a good product on the ice once and for all.
This organEYEzation is becoming a joke

GP beat me to it - there should be a hall of shame starting with the trade for Chris Wells through the Bouwmeester fiasco. There would be more awards in that hall than a den of honor.

Maybe they can have a game of name that Panther but make the Worrell/Lilja selections a trick question.

How about the following?

The newspaper article entitled "Stu Barnes and Jason Woolley traded to Pittsburgh for Chris Wells."

A copy of "Skating for Dummies" by Peter Worrell and Lance Pitlick.

The names of the scouts who thought Denis Shvidki was worthy of a 12th overall pick.

The fender of the Miami-Dade fire truck that Ville Peltonen and Ed Belfour beat up.

George- you know what would be interesting? A list of all the Panthers' draft picks, free agent acquisitions, and trades (through the years). I'm sure we'll find it very depressing, much like last night's game.

don't forget Mike Brown (panther 1st round pick).

My understanding is that the stab consist of those fans the panthers put on their commercials in exchange for not complaining about the organization and agreeing with everything Yormark says.
Yormark says and the stab jumps!!!! I know multiple season ticket holders and none of them have been asked to attend a stab meeting or to be a part of stab.

The season ticket holders I know all were season ticket holders at the Miami Arena, another criteria is that the season ticket holder could not of held season tickets before Yormark came from Tampa to the panthers as the history of the panthers starts when Yormark came on board.

The management/ownership group of the panthers is the ultimate scab of the season ticket holders.

At least they recycle the suggestion box

After the last 10 years of ineptness by this orginzation, you'd think they would want to promote some of the successful times. After all, how much depression and misery can one franchise take? It seems like there is no thought to what the real season ticket holders want. It's only about the advertising dollars. After last night's game....I hope the coach had a 'no sticks' practice. I'd run them into the ground since it seems they don't like to skate hard during the games.

-- The piece of paper with which Rick Dudley notified the league the Panthers were trading up ONE SPOT to get Petr Taticek at 9th overall in the 2002 draft, thus leaving Alexander Semin for Washington. (The Shvidki pick didn't work, but a) 1999's proven to be a bad NHL draft class and b) most non-partisan draftniks thought it was a great pick)

-- Anthony Stewart's cast from the wrist injury that, effectively, removed any scoring hands he had. He went from a guy who could dominate the World Jrs. to a guy who couldn't buy a goal in the A.

-- A still from the Wachovia stock report given by those two stiffs each night on the scoreboard during the 2002-03 or 2001-02 seasons. As if it wasn't bad enough to watch the Panthers lose, you had to be reminded how much you lost in the market that day.

-- A ticket stub from the 8th of the 8 home 2002-03 home wins. If not for that win, the Panthers would be in the NHL Guide and Record Book next to some of the worst teams in NHL history for Fewest Home Wins (70-game schedule or longer). Had they just been .500 at home, they would've cruised into the playoffs.

-- The puck that Hagman nearly shot into his own net from the left circle -- nice Luongo save before Minnesota finished the job seconds later -- during a blowout loss to Minny.

That's just off the top of my head.

Hey Brian, newsflash, no one in Chicago cared when the Blackhawks sucked, they just gave up. Same thing with Jeremy Jacobs in Boston till recently.

Detroit, until the 90s, sucked for a while too and couldn't draw anyone. And New York isn't exempt either.

The only places where real heat as you want it ever gets placed is Toronto and Montreal.

That's it.

Also, can they have the bell from the monks there? I was at that first game when it started and man oh man did the Penguins just take the wind out of us.

Also, can we have Mike Wilson's stick from when he got sandwiched between two Buffalo Sabres and effectively ended his career?

how about mickey mouse in honor of Wayne Gretsky calling the NJ Devils a mickey mouse organization before they turned it around. the panther organization falls into that category

As a former STAB (Season Ticket Appeasement Board) members, my wife and I have had Seasons tickets since year two. The meetings were basically filled with many management cheerleaders and we eventually were not invited anymore. Whenever suggestions were offered to improve something, they got rid of it, so we learned early to not suggest any improvements in things we liked or it would disappear to save money. As for the Den of Honor, I would bet that a STAB member offered a suggestion to make it better, i.e., the STAB doesn't like it, and this was used as an excuse to remove it and put up more advertising (in this case to make money). What they wanted all along. Now that GR is pressing the issue, they "say" they are moving it. I doubt this was their original plan. Nice try.
An example of the lack of power of the STAB: One thing that all STAB members "UNANIMOUSLY" agreed upon every time we attended, was that the old Stanley C. Panther was great. We all know what happened to him.
Michael Yormark is very efficient at answering emails to lecture us on how we don't know how to run a business. We would like to lecture him on how he doesn't know how to run a hockey team. The two should be separate.

George - Forget about the wad of gum in Keenan's mouth when he made the Luongo trade. If you saw the interviews with him that night you'd know that you probably want the glass he was drinking from. Can you say wasted?

Dear TAP: You are a schmuck for still BUYING season tickets! I am also a season ticket holder, although I buy my season tickets in the parking lot for $5 each, (although many fans will actually give away tickets in the parking lot FOR FREE). Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

How about honoring the thoughtful doctors who administer flu vaccines to the team every year.

How about a salute to the famous promotions that never happened? Where were the rally towels that were promised for opening night? Remember the hats that were promised to the first 10,000 fans... but were never given away? Surely they belong in the hall. How about a salute to the famous Olli Jokinnen bobblehead doll promotion. (You may recall that the event was never promoted... it just occurred).

How about a salute to the losers who showed up at the BAC box office when the team had a 2-day sale of half price tickets before the beginning of the 2008 season. Those fans should be honored because when they showed up to buy their tickets, the box office was closed for the entire time of the half price sale!

There ought to be an audio display featuring the great motivational speeches by Jacques Martin... now that would inspire greatness!

The trade for Kilgor was another highlight in team history. In case you do not recall, after JM traded for the Maple Leaf, Kilgor decided he would rather retire than face the constant barrage of advertising at Yormarks billboard.

Hey Leo,

You are probably right about still buying season tickets, but if I had to stand in the parking lot before every game with my hand out, I would rather stay home. The location of our seats makes the decision to leave extremely difficult. We tried to make a difference. This is the earliest in the season we are considering not renewing. This is probably the year. HD/Center Ice

only the number 96 deserves to be retired. Honoring one special team. And since, NOTHING positive has happened.

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