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Andy's Town: Ex-Panther NHL Star of the Week (Again) ... Scott Clemmensen Round 2 ... That's About It

Andycolo With the Panthers getting so many days off, there isn't much news to fill the old notebook.

So, lets talk about a former Panther.

Craig Anderson, Florida's backup for parts of the past three seasons, has settled in quite nicely in Colorado. Andy was named one of the NHL's three stars of the week for the second time this season. In three weeks, Andy's been honored twice. Pretty good winning percentage there.

Here's what Andy did sayeth the NHL:

Anderson recorded four consecutive road victories with a 2.20 goals-against average and .928 save percentage as the Avalanche improved to 6-1-1 and first place in the Northwest Division. Anderson began the week with a sweep of Northeast Division opponents, recording 29 saves in a 4-3 win over the Boston Bruins Oct. 12, turning aside 30 of 31 shots in a 4-1 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs Oct. 13 and making 29 saves in a 3-2 win over the Montreal Canadiens Oct. 15. He finished the week by stopping 28 shots and two of three shootout attempts in a 4-3 victory over the Detroit Red Wings Oct. 17. Anderson has started all eight games for the Avalanche this season, posting a 6-1-1 record with a 2.09 goals-against average, .935 save percentage and one shutout.

-- Scott Clemmensen, who replaced Anderson, will get his second straight start on Wednesday against the Sabres.

-- Doing a little something on Radek Dvorak for tomorrow's Herald.

Craig Anderson photo courtesy of Getty Images


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GR, have you been hanging out with Georgia Panther lately??? LOL He's going to do a back flip after reading this. Andy has been stellar for the Avs, who are a young team like the Panthers, but who are also a talent-laden team unlike the Panthers. I'm glad he got his chance at being a #1 and is really taking it by the horns. Good for Andy.

Interesting that DB is doing the same thing he did last year with the goalies - riding the hot hand, although Clemmensen was very shaky at the beginning of that Flyers' game.

I love Dvo. Plain and simple. The guy is just a workhorse and a beast on the ice.

Anderson is gonna win the Vezina

Listen, good for Andy...he needed a place where he could go and play and Colorado was a great fit apparently. I thought they were going to be really bad, and so far, they are not. Andy is a big reason for that. Had he stayed on with TVo, he probably would have only have made a start or two by now.

Good for Anderson. Funny how well they are playing right now and he gets a chance.
However, I personally don't think it will last.
He's good, but not sure if he can carry a team.
Although he could be one of those late bloomers.

And it has nothing to do with his contract!

Well he's carried them to one heck of a start, whether it lasts or not has yet to be determined. But given his play last year and start this year, I don't see why he can't maintain a #1 goalie's level of play. I agree, he could very well be a late bloomer that used his time as a #2 and as a AHLer to his benefit.

Another interesting side note is that puckdaddy's blog today reports that Tanguay has been dropped to Tampa's 3rd line. Maybe it was a good thing we didn't sign him. We don't need another Stillman, although I still believe Tangs will come out of it at some point.

Sexton obviously made the wrong choice at the goalie position. Meanwhile....

Stat to watch as the season wears on.
As of 10PM on 10/17/09.
Vokoun $5.7mil 5GP 1-4-0 3.80GA .903%SP 0SHT
Anderson $1.5mil 8GP 6-1-1 2.09GA .935%SP 1SHT
Clemmensen $1.0mil 1GP 1-0-0 2.00GA .926%SP 0SHT
Reach your own conclusion on the key personnel decision of this past off-season.

"Listen, good for Andy...he needed a place where he could go and play and Colorado was a great fit apparently. I thought they were going to be really bad, and so far, they are not. Andy is a big reason for that. Had he stayed on with TVo, he probably would have only have made a start or two by now.

Posted by: George Richards | October 19, 2009 at 03:35 PM"

Not if Vokoun was wearing a different jersey than the one he currently occupies. His NTC would have been no problem as he said he didn't want to stay where he wasn't wanted so obviously Sexton wanted him to stay. I'm not ready to knock Sexton's overall job but on this one, he's biggest early personnel decision, he blew it.

He blew it? YOU are the one preaching team effect on a goalie's stats and now you're somehow implying that Andy's start would've been identical in Florida? GP, pick a side, man.

Hey GP, don't forget the salary cap...He may have been willing to waive his NTC, but there's also a good chance teams weren't willing to pay him $12 mill over 2 years....So you have to stop assuming that Sexton had that option...

And of course Sexton wouldn't admit it one way or another, as he wouldn't want to ruin the PSYCHE or future strategy of the team..

By the way, good for ANDY and best of luck!!

Sheesh Georgia Panther, it takes two to tango and I'm certain that no one wanted Vokoun's contract.

So unless you were willing to part with a lot of talent or draft picks, you weren't going to get someone to take Vokoun.

What's done is done. Blame it on Alan Cohen and his handcuffing anything that Sexton could do.

RoadDogg-I'm being entirely consistent in Anderson being better than Vokoun if on Florida this season because as I've also said, this Florida team does not play consistently well with Vokoun in net. It played more consistently well in front of Anderson last season, it would have this season just as it played better in front of Clem in his one start. While I do think Anderson is a better goalie than Vokoun, for the money, dollar for dollar, I do think Vokoun is better than Clem but I also do not think it matters that he's better simply because the team seemingly plays better in front of other goalies than Vokoun and I rather have a team playing well in front of an adequate goalie than a team playing lousy in front of the greatest goalie in the world for more than a couple game. A goalie can steal a game but not a season.

Vokoun is just bad luck when it comes to the Panthers. I hoping that some dumb GM pays a high price for Vokoun at the trade deadline, we could use an average scorer, or dman, or 1st rounder in next years draft! Let's face it, Vokoun = AVERAGE!

Wow. And you continue to completely ignore the likely outcome of the team playing poorly in front of Anderson should he become the starter.

It's up to the players to play better in front of Vokoun and it's up to the coaching staff to get them to. Vokoun has no control over that, and swapping goalies isn't going to fix the root of the problem.

As for people moaning about nobody wanting Vokoun's contract, I seriously doubt that'd be a problem. Vokoun is very good. He'd be scary good on a contender and would likely put several teams over the top to become division favorites.

RoadDogg-It's a lot easier to change one player than to change the mindset of an entire team. Now your contention that Vokoun's replacement would eventually see the same consistent poor play in front of him that Vokoun has is just conjecture. The only evidence we have is the team plays more consistently well in front of goalies other than Vokoun and none that they would play consistently poor for others. The problem may be limited to Vokoun and the intergration of his play with this Florida Panther team. Who knows, maybe the rest of the guys are allegic to TiVo and they leave him to fend for himself. J/K about the allergy!

RoadDoggFl, the Panthers have already played better in front of Anderson and now Clemmson. It is a fact.

Besides, Vokoun is worth more in player value in a trade. You cant build a team on goalie alone if you are not scoring goals. Vokoun has been average since he has been in Florida, he may play better somewhere else or not, either way, he is replacable in Florida by Clem (if Salak plays well in AHL). We failed bringing players to FLA in the offseason so now it can only be done through a trade.

GP--Please give up the T-vo crap so we can solve other issues...Luongo was hear and it wasn't good enough, Belfour played extremely well and it wasn't good enough, and it really doesn't matter who's in there to build a winning team..

Not just squeeze into the 8th seed one year and then still sit here with average talent thinking we can do it again and again, I'm talking about building a TEAM...

So let's work on improving the players as a whole, rather than voodoo curses over who's in net and who would've, should've, or could've.. Right now, they've made the decision to have Clemmensen for 3 years @ about $3mill/year.. Personally, I think it's a bit of a gamble as there seems to be quite a few goalies out there...Whether they're right or wrong with Clemm, I prefer the theory of getting two $3million goalies and hoping they challenge each other, as opposed to paying one guy(t-vo or luongo) too much money...I'd rather we take this chance in goal, and spend a bit more getting the right gritty, talented players out front...

RoadDogg--While I think it's possible for other teams to take on T-vo, I don't think it's easier than you seem to make it...IF (and that's a pretty big IF) other teams thought they were just one goalie away, then maybe it will happen.. But they'd probably have to do some restructuring to fit him in, and also you have to remember the cap's due to DECREASE.. So I'm all for it to free up some space and hopefully spend that T-vo $$$ on something else, but if I had to guess, it would have to be a giveaway at the deadline...I think you'd have a better shot in a package deal, maybe T-vo and Horton to the Flyers for Boucher, Briere, VanRiemsdyk, and Asham...About $10-11 million off our books to about $12-13 mill off theirs...We could help them get out of Briere's contract and take on more salary to get more talent in return...

Montreal is having goalie problems you think JM would make the same mistake twice and overpay for a goalie?

Slapshot1106 is right on. Panthers have had decent goaltending in the past but the problem was a balanced good team. It doesn't matter so much who is in net if your top two lines don't score. Trading his contract to another team would be difficult. What teams are in need of a goaltender and could they fit his contract under the cap? Vokoun sometimes is shakey but he can be good, the problem is Panthers have to score more than two goals a game because you can't win in this league scoring under 3 goals. The problem is more Stillman & company not scoring than Vokoun not making the big save. Olesz looked good on the second line, I would keep him there and see if he finally develops into a scorer. Get the forwards scoring and Vokoun will be fine. If they don't score, Vokoun is not the problem.

Stillman is known for some clutch, playoff goals.. He's probably not a great regular season guy, and he'd be a pretty expensive PP guy, but he can make some nice passes when there's less traffic around him...Not that we're trying to reward that type of play with PP time, but since we are talent-deprived, maybe he'll look better on the 3rd line with Dvorak and probably Moore eventually, with some PP shifts mixed in...Let the Froliks and Olesz log some minutes on the 2nd line using their young legs and energy, then flow Stillman out there on the 3rd line...It can't hurt to try...

By the way, I think we got fairly lucky last year with our point production from McCabe...He's still very capable, but I think he and Stillman could be later trade deadline deals, assuming we are out of the mix...And I know he's the Capt, but if the right offer was there, I wouldn't be upset trading the injury-proned McCabe...Work Koistenen back in as a Dman...Also, Kulikov looks like a Top 4 guy, just needs more time and encouragement to get his shot on net...I say keep him around...

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