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David Booth Flying Home: Randy Sexton Updates Condition

Booth2 Panthers winger David Booth has been released from the hospital after suffering a concussion last night in Philly. Booth should be back in South Florida today.

Philadelphia captain Mike Richards, who administered the controversial hit, will not be suspended. Sexton and the Panthers are not pleased. According to Sexton, he spoke with some folks in NHL hockey operations who went through their decision step by step. He's still ticked. ''We have to move on,'' Sexton said this afternoon.

Steve Gorten and myself spoke to Sexton today via speakerphone at baggage claim and it sounds like Booth is doing OK. The Panthers are going to keep Booth under wraps and keep a close watch on him because they know ''how committed, how intense'' he is. Sexton said Booth is the kind of player who won't feel good ''and think 100 pushups will be the answer.'' So they are going to closely monitor what Booth does. He may be out of the lineup for a few weeks.

Sexton also said that Booth has been in contact with former teammates and friends who have been through concussions before. They have told him to just take his time with this. I'm sure Cory Stillman will pass that on too; I think he rushed back last year.

According to Sexton, Booth was alert and the two had a good conversation about a variety of subjects. The Richards hit, apparently, did not come up. Sexton just wanted to talk to Booth about a bunch of stuff to see how alert he really was. ''I was pleasently surprised,'' Sexton said. ''We talked about a bunch of things.''

Sexton also kept Booth's family updated on things last night as they were watching the game on Center Ice.

-- No new update on Radek Dvorak other than he has a ''lower body injury.'' I'm saying its a left knee. We shall see. Sexton said he doesn't think Dvorak will be in the lineup Wednesday against the Sens. I concur with that.

-- Sexton also said he and the coaches were going to gather (probably tomorrow) to decide Dmitry Kulikov's status with the team. With the team 2-6-1, it might be best for him to go back in my opinion. No, he's not going to learn anything more in the QMJHL, but this place is close to imploding. It might just get ugly around here. This season has Titanic written all over it.

-- Roster moves won't be made until after Rochester's game tonight. Speaking of the Amerks, Jason Garrison will be in the lineup for them tonight as he was sent back.

-- I know a lot of people are questioning this team's toughness after last night and you are not alone. I spoke to a number of players about what happened last night and will have something on this in tomorrow's Miami Herald. Pick one up, would ya?

-- The team took today off and will have a rare afternoon practice tomorrow at The Ice. Should be on the ice around 2 p.m. So skip lunch and join us will you? I'll bring the sandwiches*.

(*) George will not be bringing sandwiches. Well, maybe one. For him. From LaSpadas. Ummmm....LaSpadas.

David Booth photo courtesy Associated Press


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What's your take on the Panthers lack of response to the numerous hits last night by Carcillo & the Flyers on Booth, Dvorak, Kulikov...
When Tarnasky gets back he will probably wear a visor and can't fight, Allen probably shouldn't be fighting with his knee(that Tarnsky caused)
Who will defend the Panther's numerous frightened skill players?


Are the Panthers practicing today? Or at least reviewing film? I would hate to see them get a day off after this horrible road trip.

Jim G, you don't need a fighter to respond to what happened last night. Did you hear Billy Lindsay comments? he was no fighter by no means but knows what to do.

team took the day off...it was well deserved me thinks

Who is going to get sent down? I think the only players who've played well enough to deserve staying up (at least hard enough) are Booth, Dvorak, Weiss, Kuli and Olesz.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Sexton is going to do to shakeup the team.

It's clear that this team lacks in so many areas it's disconcerting.

I don't agree with the team took a "well deserved" day off. I understand the games were back to back, but the Panthers played two good periods against the Penguins and one against the Flyers! Hopefully your "well deswerved" comment was a joke.
Maybe Deboer should have a team rule like Hit or Sit. So when one your larger power forwards(horton) doesn't follow through on numerous opportunities to check an opponent, he sits until it sinks in.

I was kidding about that...but they were going to get a day off this week anyway, might as well be sunday football day, right? actually that was a snarky comment by me (the earlier one)..I apologize...these guys are pros...they need days off...today is one of them...it was either today or tomorrow...nothing you can do about last night now...

Hope David Booth doesn't bother to watch the replay of his so-called teammates lack of response to his injury. How did anyone, someone NOT smack a Flyer after this happened? Shameful.

I'm glad to hear that Booth is well enough to fly back so soon.
As far as Saxton being pissed, he should be pissed at himself for putting together this group of players (team is too good to call this group so far).

they have no heart and no work effort, they do not deserve a day off, before the sabre game they had two days off and we saw what happened.

As far as the hit, it was borderline, Booth should not of had his head down, so no suspension, in reality the rest of the panthers should be suspended for not hitting anyone after the hit.

Kulikov should be sent down so he can avoid being in an environment such as this, we need to blow this up and start over, this is the 5th year in a row that I am saying this, building around Nathan Horton is a waste, he is not going to change. Weiss is too small and other than Kulikov who do we have on defense.

the 2003 draft will go down as one of the worse in history Horton/Stewart compared to the flyers Carter/Richards, which pair would you rather have (I know Richards was picked one pick ahead of Stewart).

we need to start with Cohen selling the team, then bring in someone to run the hockey side of the business (Yormark doesn't care about hockey only about advertising opportunities), then we need a GM, a scouting budget so we can pick the correct draft picks and free agents.

It is time to blow this up and start over. The Titanic sunk over 100 years ago, the panthers sunk 10 years ago and still have not been able to recover

The was was devastating but I don't think it was a cheap shot. Richards plays it tough but he's not out to injure people. Hope Booth will be all right long term and not suffer concussion issues.

I wish somone could explain to me what this team is doing with guyss like Garrison and Koistinen. If Allen can't play back to back games than who needs him. It aint like he's getting 20-25 mins a game. Besides Garrison get like 10 mins. And for Koistinen, I just don't know. Too small for the 4th line, plays like 3-5 mins(if he's lucky) and was or so called free agent signing???? HELP

season ticket holder since day one,

You may get your wish about the team. I read somewhere this morning that there is another Canadien with some dough (who does not want to move teams) looking south (im still trying to recall where I read it NHL.com? or ESPN?. The guy was looking at AHL teams but also interested in the Stars....
AC should pull out the red carpet for this guy.

Dvorak gets a knee on knee from Powe, is that not a suspension? If there was ever an example of why a team needs an enforcer it was that game. Flyers were taking runs at Panthers all night and they did not respond. It may be that DeBoer told them not to fight, then I have to question DeBoer. So far I have not seen any results from DeBoer. I have given him the benefit of the doubt but I am starting to think his coaching is not all it is said to be. He hasn't had his players ready to play more than one game. He lets other teams take liberties with his players. The team stinks and alot of that is coaching or lack there of.

Maybe the panthers organization should finally look into moving in a different direction. We obviously need a GOAL SCORER and a defenseman who isn't scared to hit. Horton has been a waste since day 1. We aren't going to get anything for him if we try and trade him....people know he doesn't give it 100% everynight. Let's hope for a speedy recovery for devo and booth, they are 2 of the only players on this team that give it 110% day in and day out! SEXTON....WE NEED A GOAL SCORER! do something before this season gets too out of hand!

wow come on sexton get some grit in the team and a big name sniper! why would you not picked up gaborik in the off season ??? and get rid of wiess and horton there horrible you could get some big names in there for those guy !! ahh i give up

Obviously we need some offense, but with our budget it's not going to happen. What I find hard to take is that there is no one on the team who will make the other team think twice about taking cheap shots at our guys. All teams except us have one or two enforcers. They should have thought about that when they put the team together; enforcers are not expensive.
Bring back Paul Laus!


I dont agree with you about Kulikov because of that crazy league called the KHL. He might as well get his first year here under wraps ANd why risk the KHL stealing him from us.

By the way, don't forget the Panther's month of November last year was as horrible as this month's was for them.

I know that I have been hard on this team and will continue to do so but it is not time to sink the ship yet. The Panthers can make some trades and pick some guys up off the waivers. They should not lead by what the Maple Leafs have done (do nothing) with the zero wins. Wake up SEXTON! Why not bring in some 40 year old players maybe they can teach the kids how to play with character and sacrifice.

Does Sexton sense our frustration?
Does he realize that he instantly lost credibilty with us when he BS'd us about how great the offseason signings of Koistinen, Leopold and Seidenberg were? We're not idiots!
Was Sexton also taking notes when Carcillo plastered Kulikov into the boards and Horton was nearby and did NOTHING!

I am not surpirsed about the suspension, although I don't necessarily agree.
What bothers me the most is the lack of heart and toughness that this team has.
This club has been built to compete in the KHL. Alleged skill, no toughness, no grit.
Also, Coach DeBoer has to start taking some blame as well. Many nights this team is not ready to play and starts slow. That is the coaching staffs fault.

Make some trades. Weiss, Horton, Vokoun, Stillman, Leopold, get some value whatever it may be.

It's a shame that a silly sqaubble by DeBoer and Boynton led to his release. Also, sure could use Skrastins too.

This organization has really screwed things up.

It's only October, and we feel like this.

this season is as good as over with no signs of life on the horizon. i say dump salaries, trade for picks and get the no. 1 pick next draft. retool...for real. but with the absentee ownership all but jumping ship, i dont see any meaningful (or common sense) moves happening.


how no one took a misconduct for attempting to decapitate mike richards is beyond me.

Now that it is known that the Panthers won't defend themselves or defend 18yr old rookie teamates, every team the Panthers play is going to take runs at them and why would't they, there are no repercussions. The Panthers played scared, weak, frightened hockey last night and with the current roster how can we exect that to change!

Implode? George, this is the Islanders revisited? The only questiuon is whether there is a "gamechanger" or Tavares type player eligible for the draft? Trades now. You need to have someone to give. What will anyone give for a soft payer like Horton? Last yer I heard DeBoer say the Panthers were "offensively challenged." Yet nothing was done to fuix the problem. Disgusted. This is my last year as a season ticket holder. I was there at the inception.

I'll say it again, "coaches coach and players play". DeBoer can't put on skates and he can only work with what he has. This falls directly on management and the players. That's why in sports they fire the coach. END OF STORY

Monday, December 21, Panthers at Flyers

I feel that somewhere in a locker room in frigid Calgary, 2 players are high fiving one another right now!

The following is a quote from Sexton from the Panthers wbsite. He states "it might be time to change the mix". Great idea, let's not fix this in the offseason, let's wait 10 games into the season then decide to make changes. Everyone who watches the Panthers has had this figured out long ago except management.

“We need to take better care of our players,” he said. “We have to upgrade the competitive level of our players. Right now, we need some solutions to change the way we’re playing and every solution will be considered. We want to be a hard team to play against, and that includes players of all different types. It might be time to change the mix. We need a mix of skill, speed, toughness and tenacity.”

what else would he say? It's all lip service. his hands are tied.


getting the number 1 pick is difficult due to the NHL lottery system. They reward poor performing northern teams not southern team with #1 draft picks. This has happened to the Panthers several times. Besides, Im not convinced on Hall just yet.

The Panthers have won the draft lottery three times and moved up to grab the first spot, once foolishly trading the pick away for Viktor Kozlov. They're the only team to have won it three times. So where you get this "They reward poor performing northern teams" baffles me. The Panthers only got screwed once, in the draft after the lockout, because they had won the lottery two years in a row in '02 and '03. Would you reward an employee at your business who keeps screwin things up?

Panthers have been goin in a downward spiral ever since the firing of Dudley. And as long as Cohen's and Yormack's only intentions are control of the arena, things will not change. If Cohen wants his little land called Oz to become a reality, he needs to understand nothing will bring people there 40 plus nights a year, like a winning hockey team. And that will in return draw business on off nights, simply out of curiosity.

Dudley screwed up as well Horton/Stewart in 2003, just look at the draft where the 22nd player chosen is better than the 3rd. Where Cohen blew it was not picking Chuck Fletcher when Torrey told him to and he brought in Dudley/Keenan, then Martin/Keenen.

Panther management already lives in Oz because they thought this team could compete for a playoff spot, they can't even compete in a game

It was Dudley that could have drafted Nash but moved down to take Boumeester. Nash is a heart and soul player, Bouwmeester is a selfish whiner. This team hasn't had a good GM ever. But that is past.

Now the team needs to trade Stillman to some team like Nashville that has their under achieving players and hope they each get their game together in a new city. Then add some grit because this team is getting run over and tell DeBoer to let the team defend themselves or he is out. Notice DeBoer didn't like Belak? Now his team is getting beat up. DeBoer is overrated and maybe belongs in junior.

So, there is no light at the end of the tunnel huh?? If we finish dead last and win the lottery, Sexton and our scouting staff will probably give up that #1 pick for some ungodly reason. We won't make any decent trades because our organization still is convinced that Horton is the next Crosby and we should build a team around him. Our owner is garbage and we won't be able to sign any good FA to help this team. We'll continue to struggle season after season with no end in sight.

Dudley actually didn't screw the 03 draft up. That was Keenan and Cohen. Dudley had an offer on the table to trade with Philly for Philly's two first rounders (Carter and Richards) so Philly could grab Horton, but wanted Pitkanen in addition to the other picks. Keenan insisted on stickin with Horton. Then later, when Stewart was available, insisted on moving up from the second round by trading TWO early seconds for the Stewart pick. Same draft, Cohen insisted on drafting Ovechkin every round starting in the fourth round. Get the facts straight. Dudley was also leaning towards Staal if he stayed at the top of the draft, but was out voted for Horton.

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