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End of the Tour: Panthers Settling In ... Scott Clemmensen Goes Home, Alexander Salak Returns

Panshirtfront A new t-shirt is making its rounds through the Panthers locker room, word is it's the brainchild of David Booth.

The black t-shirt has a modified rock 'n roll Panther on the front and a list (concert shirt style) Panshirtback of all the places the team visited this preseason.

I don't think Aerosmith went to this many cities during their most recent tour.

These shirts are for players only, but I would think they would be big sellers at Pantherland.

Perhaps the team might be persuaded to put a few on sale, you know, and donate the proceeds to charity.

Will keep you updated if this idea takes hold.

-- Scott Clemmensen has returned home to Iowa to deal with some family business. Pete DeBoer said he wasn't sure if Clemmensen would be back for the Carolina game or not.

Just in case, Alexander Salak was brought back after less than 24 hours in Rochester. Salak was at practice on Tuesday and looked pretty sharp. He looked real happy to be getting some work in. In Finland, he didn't get to do much as the third goalie.


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I'd definitely think about picking one of these shirts up as long as the price isn't ridiculous. It'd be really cool to show up to a game wearing that.

I want one!

Hey George...whatever happened to the super talented goalie prospect Jakob Markstrom?

Markstrom is still in the SEL and is playing very well. It's a great place for him to be right now since he's playing against adults and will help him get ready for the NHL.

Markstrom had 2 years left on his SEL contract when we drafted him. It didn't make sense to have him play in A when he's playing against adults in a top professional league. I think he's eligible to come over next year right?

http://tv.hockeyligan.se/main.aspx?level=hl_0910 Highlights from Markstrom's last game.

I believe so BSSB.

Great to see that Booths first big purchase was a silk screen machine! It is a sweet shirt--I like the back!

Ebay it up! I want one all the way up here in Canada. I was at the "tour" in Calgary.

I wish the Panthers were that creative on the ice!

haha yeah amazing t shirt i definitely want mine i was at the one in Montreal!


Maybe I'm reading in to it too much, but the way Steve X wrote his article in the Sentinel this AM, it seemed like there was almost a 'Kilger' type of smell with the Clemmensen hiatus. Everything okay? Conspiracy theorists want to know!

This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

I'd definitely buy one of those if they were available. Awesome design!

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