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Even More Call-ups To Cats: Keaton Ellerby AND Victor Oreskovich

PHILADELPHIA -- Wonder what's happening here?

Sure, we know why Keaton Ellerby was recalled today; he's going to replace Bryan Allen in the lineup.

But Victor Oreskovich? Word from the Panthers is that no one is hurt. So someone is riding the press box pine tonight. Will update when I know.

Both players could make their NHL debuts tonight. Last year, Jason Garrison made his NHL debut in St. Loo against the Blues.

Oreskovich has one heck of a story. Quit hockey for a while, ended up getting a tryout from the Panthers and his former junior coach, one Pete DeBoer.

Now 23, he's on board to make his NHL debut. Kind of cool.

Read his story here.


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Any stats on this guy? (I don't even know if he's a forward or a D).

Will he be Reinprecht's replacement?? (jusk kidding)

He's a forward and he's been playing great. Has skill and some grit. Will hit and made two of the prettiest passes for goals in Bingo last night. He deserves a call-up, but hopefully we'll get him back!

Ellerby is another example of rushing a guy into a failed system.

+1 once again for this organization. Ruin him and keep it up!!! ruin Repik with limited ice time, ruin Matthias by sending him back and forth. Whos next??? actually, who else is worth calling up??? hahaha hard question ehh?

Vote "Trade Horton"

Well, we have Allen at 60% yet not pulled out of the lineup except every other game. We have 2 guys out for 2-4 weeks. Hence, why so many AHL callups (hey, they fit in quite well with the supposed NHL players). With luck, the Panthers are working on finding an AHLer to go with Horton to Maple Leafs for a russian forward or a russian defenseman +draft pick. I'll take either.

By the way, AC.... soon to be gone has a video coming out on DVD.... It is called "How to fail at team ownership, the life of AC" coming on DVD soon, sponsored by our favorite, marketer, Yormack.

No kidding about Reinprecht; he has the Midas touch. Every bounce goes his way.

I see Koistenen and Taffe in press box.

Speaking of call-ups, I'd like to see more from McArdle. Good skater with some much needed grit. He seems to be adjusting to the speed of the game but I like what he brings to the table.

Probably sending Repik back down. He's more valuable to Rochester, and maybe PDB thinks he should stick it out down there on the top line. He had been tearing it up in Rochester.

anyone saying trade horton is retarted... Horton is playing better than anyone on the panthers.. and is hustling... i really can't stand hearing you terrible fans who don't know hockey. Horton is a whole lot better than any of you give him credit for.

Did something happen to Taffe? Only 2 shifts in the first period.

Did something happen to Taffe? I see that he only had two shifts in the 1st period.

Ooops, sorry for the double post.

Taffe took a puck to the face and had to go to the locker room for repairs.

I just saw Koistenan in uniform leave the rink as Vokun shutout the Blues 4-0. Obviously not in the press box as claimed. Looking forward to the daily post from Georgia Panther. While until tonight the goaltending has been poor, the fact is, as PDB said last year, the Panthers are offensively challenged.

Stat to watch as the season wears on.
As of 10:30PM on 10/31/09.
Vokoun $5.7mil 10GP 2-7-1 3.28GA .912%SP 1SHT
Anderson $1.5mil 14GP 10-2-2 2.04GA .939%SP 2SHT
Clemmensen $1.0mil 3GP 2-0-0 4.25GA .866%SP 0SHT
Reach your own conclusion on the key personnel decision of this past off-season.

great game all-around. i was worried considering it the second of a back-to-back. very happy for the 4 points

no one doubts that Horton has talent it is that he usually fails to show up and use the talent he has.

He is playing the best hockey since his rookie season. If he keeps hustling then people will stop complaining.

It is the lazy attitude that people complain about.

Horton = Lazy

Great pass here and there, and then falls flat on his face.

kittens.... you clearly don't know hockey. Horton has been charging head down every play.. even on the backcheck. Maybe last year he was bumming around but you can't say that... you must be watching another game. cuz horton has been everything but lazy.

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