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Jeff Taffe: You're Up Next! ... Dominic Moore Out with Nasal Surgery

Taffe DALLAS -- According to our good pal Kevin Oklobzija with the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Jeff Taffe has been called up and will meet the team in Dallas.

The Panthers have confirmed that Taffe will be called up; according to Kevin O, Taffe didn't practice today and has a 6 p.m. flight to Texas.

Kevin also said to look out for Keaton Ellerby as a possible Bryan Allen callup this weekend.

Dominic Moore is not on the trip because he needed nasal surgery after breaking his nose against the Flyers on Saturday. So now that's three players missing time because of that game. The Panthers hope Moore will be back Wednesday against Carolina.

Moore wore a full cage last night but I guess he struggled breathing and figured he better get this thing fixed. So, Taffe should get two games minimum I would assume. We'll see tomorrow.

I'm off to watch some college football, some World Series baseball and have me some Tex-Mex. See y'all tomorrow!


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Oh please send Koist to the waiver wire. Let's make that the first smart move of the new panther organization.

Alas, I have a feeling it is for "Moore"

Stat to watch as the season wears on.
As of 12AM on 10/29/09.
Vokoun $5.7mil 9GP 1-7-1 3.65GA .903%SP 0SHT
Anderson $1.5mil 13GP 10-1-2 1.97GA .940%SP 2SHT
Clemmensen $1.0mil 2GP 1-0-0 3.87GA .867%SP 0SHT
Reach your own conclusion on the key personnel decision of this past off-season.

Ooooo goody! Jeff Taffe to save the day!

This team is handcuffed until new owners buy the team.

Please send Scott Luce packing back to Buffalo. He has been head of amateur scouting for this organization since 2002-2003. He came from Tampa Bay "Lighting" Organization.

His blog posting in the FLA Panthers clearly shows that he has no idea how to find a top draft pick. He has given us 6 years of mediocre and bad scouting. He has not found us a scorer, sniper, enforcer or anyone of worth. All he has found us are 2nd line NHLers and only "5" of them! He should have been shown the door when JM was on his way out.

...When will this nightmare end???? I'm a faithful fan..and I'm still here regardless...but how much more can we take???? I think I'm gonna go see if there is any space in the Washington band wagon.

I believe scouting definitely needs an overhaul. How long will they keep claiming players have "a tremendous upside", are "character players", etc.?

I see no "Character Players" here!

Same problem different year, can't score more than a couple goals a game, not going to win you many games... I like Bryan Allen, he is good defenseman but a year off and the rust shows... At this point Jeff Taffe can't hurt.

Can we just swap the entire rochester roster with ours? They are at least winning games!

Soo calling up a career AHLer is going to help? All this move does is piss off Rochester and hurt the relationship even more. It's one thing if there;s injuries, that's fine. But just to shake things up? With a guy who's never been able to stick int he NHL? Ridiculous.

um - fools.

it's pretty much either taffe or matthias filling in for moore. this is not a shake up. and fans rooting for waiving of koistenen are also fools. he was a flyer. he's not a great Dman nor is he the root of this team's problems. he was brought in to potentially help a team on the bubble gain a few shootout points. stop scapegoating.

zeroG agreed.


Koistenen is a waste of 2.4 million dollars in CAP SPACE. If he was a flyer, then why did they NOT sign him to a ONE year deal? WHy pay him that kind of money when he was only making 700K in Phoenix? Why? Because Sexton screwed up on signing this guy. HE is a waste of space. He is sitting in Deboer's doghouse and the only REASON why he is getting time on the ICE Is because of his HEFTY salary.

This team needs to WAIVE the WASTE OF SPACE, KOISTENEN. Anyone is better in his position. Also, please send Luce back to Buffalo, where he belongs.

matthias must really be in the doghouse if he can't get here in place of taffe.

maybe matthias is sulking again.

maybe Taffe promised to finish his checks.

maybe they figured that they've tried enough youngsters, it's time to give a journeyman a try.

maybe they are just out of ideas

maybe you're right

I totally disagree with koistenen gig... here's what we should do

Drop Bryan Allen he is garbage.. he has been garbage for years.... he doesn't skate well.. and he makes more passes to the oppossing team than he does to our team. He blows and he is 2.9 million a year. Bring up Ellerby if you don't want koistenen, but allen if you are reading this.. you are what we call. "OVERPAID"

I know how to turn this franchise around in three years, and have a top team in 5. Its quite simple. But Scott Luce is not the problem. Ownership's lack of spending money on scouting is. You wouldn't ask a person with no arms to knit you a sweater for the winter, or would you?

Clash is right on, this ownership uses video to scout players, you don't learn character, heart or the real sole of a player. If you rely on video and stats you get the Florida Panthers

Here is a quote from Coach Sutter in Calgary

After years of being the focal point offensively in Florida where making the playoffs was a pipe dream, Jokinen is adjusting to being a link in the chain for a winning team, says the coach.

“It is different because you’re playing more of a team game and have to work within a team concept now, not have everyone working for you,” Sutter said. “You have to work like everyone else to do things the right way, find space and work for the puck.

“We revolve the game around everyone who puts their skates on that night.

“He’s working on it. Here’s a player that isn’t accustomed to doing it the way we want it done, and he’s finding his way through it.”

that is the problem, that we have too many guys that are playing for the name on the back of the jersey and not the logo on the front of the jersey.

And the players we get goes back to the lack of having a proper scouting budget.

I could almost bet that the panthers are near the bottom in scouting budget and Detroit is near the top.

Until the ownership changes you can have the greatest scout in the world but with his hands tied on attempts to go see the type of players it takes to win we will be on the outside looking in.

Season ticket holder since day one,

Luce arrived way before the cutting of scouting budgets. He has been here since 2002-2003 days. Name one SCORER ENFORCER SNIPER that has been brought up from the AHL teams from his scouting? There are only 5 NHL caliber players from our drafts. That shows something.

Besides, ahh, go look at his blog in Panther's website. Obviously, they have "some" money.

Finally, notice how all the other directors were moved out of dodge last year. What gives him a "free pass" to stay and continue scouting mediocre.

Sorry, this team has run out of excuses. NO MORE EXCUSES, dump the excess baggage, which also includes Allen, Ballard, Koistenen, Kreps, the list goes on and one.

Unfortunately they have no choice on the call ups because of the injuries, but I agree with the comment about the scouting dept. they have been awful over the years not once have they gotten a proven scorer which has been the downfall of this team every year. Horton is as talented as anyone but he's always lacked heart and intensity. Shame we didn't draft E.Staal when we had the opportunity.OOps brought up scouting again? Talent will beat out hard work and potential about 98% of the time. Winning attitude will not change until you get rid of players like Horton and find more players like D.Booth and Radek D. only add a finisher and you might have something. Going to be a long.......season Even if we get a high draft pick with our scouting Dept. we'll screw it up again..oops back to scouting?

I don't know if Scott Luce is a good scout or not,I do know that when Cohen bought the team Torrey recommended Chuck Fletcher for the GM job but Cohen wanted Keenan in and Keenan wanted Dudley, these two picked Horton/Stewart in the deepest draft which helped the flyers become what they are Richards/Carter.

When Dudley and Keenan had the fight and Dudley won he was here and then Cohen wanted JM, Dudley told him he was wrong, JM wanted Keenan and we had the Keenan/JM disaster that started with losing Luongo.

The cost cutting started when Keenan wanting the rangers job convinced Cohen to trade Bure for a bag of pucks.

Cohen tells the fans that the 10 million saved by getting rid of Bure will be used on 2 or 3 good players, we are still waiting for these players

So we have Cohen who has listened to the wrong people since he bought the franchise, he doesn't put money into the franchise.

I am not making excuses just saying like it is. The hockey side of this organization is run on a shoestring, we didn't even have our own AHL team until last year because we didn't have enough players to supply an AHL franchise.

I am not giving Luce a free pass, I just want to see what would happen if we actually supported the research and development of players

STHSDO- excellent memory regarding ownership and management!

BTW- that bag of pucks for Pavel Bure was Igor Ulanov.

Also, I can't bash Allen. I like him. He's a physical guy on this non-physical team, and I know he makes mistakes but IMHO he plays well most of the time. In fact, I think his salary is commensurate with his play and abilities. Give him some time to recover from the knee thing.

The guy who I think is an utter waste of space and salary is Cory Stillman. I wish he'd retire; although I think with the NHL rules, his salary would count towards the cap for the remainder of his contract. Tonight, watch how slow he is. He is one of the higher paid players on this team, and he's not producing. Then again, the whole team isn't producing.


I like Allen too, but that was 2 years ago. He should not be playing if he cannot play back to back games. He is not ready to be playing yet, they are rushing the guy back maybe to trade him. He is too slow on the ice, his normal play ability may come back in the next few weeks but I still think he belongs on IR. We should be letting him play in the AHL as a conditioning stint if possible until he is 100%. Don't bring guys up if they can not play every game 100%.

We could go on and on about all the problems with the Panthers:
No Fully Owned AHL team till last year since they were sharing it with Buffalo
Poor Scouting
Bad GM Decisions
Too much money in looking for advertising than paying for equipment
No unshared skating rink till Incredible ICe's new addition opened this year
More Bad GM Decisions and coaching decisions with JM
NOt enough draft picks.
Pour trades

The list goes on and on. This team needs a total revamp, and we need someone in charge of hockey operations that AC will bow down to during the year and spend money on.

P.S. 2010 fraft is full of talented players 3rd line players- we are going to be wasting a #1 pick because it will be for another third line player....these guys need to step up their game so we can trade them out of here

For the record, Buffalo is CHEAP too and they use VIDEO scouting, and they're not doing so bad last I checked....They have enough GRIT that helps so when their scorers don't score, they can still compete...Bottom-line here is NO GRIT, NO HEART, NO GOOD HOCKEY...and usually boring hockey that consistently gets outshot, unless you're at home and you get about 7 PPs to 2...

Allen seems like a good team guy, but only a 5th or 6th Dman when healthy, and certainly not worth of $2.9mill....Koistenen is getting a bad rap here. He may not be worth $1.2mill per year, but there's a lot of other guys to be called out making a whole lot more that are getting free passes...Stillman's penalty was awful and a momentum killer...For a team that has to play nearly perfect, they can't afford those types of MENTAL LAPSES...Even though McCabe scored on the PP, his play hasn't been enough....Weiss has scored a few, but nothing too exciting....Bottom-line poor leadership reflects on the team....

We're long overdue for a LOTTERY finish, and this is probably it...Let's hope they resolve the ownership thing before it turns into a Phoenix situation...

Buffalo is where Yormark got the idea from, Buffalo is riding the back of Ryan Miller and they have a great coach. DeBoer has not been in the NHL to compare him to Ruff (another former panther coach).

Yes the problems are too much for this organization.

But you have to start somewhere, it is clear that this group is not a core group to build around.

ownership needs to treat this as a hockey team and not something that fills 40 days at the Infomercial Arena

I agree about the ownership and the sales thing...I think we all agree the best sign for us will be when Cohen and Yormark are gone...

As far as Buffalo, Ryan Miller is hot and playing very well, but Buffalo also has a TEAM with Depth...Vokoun is quite similar to Miller. They're not elite, but both can be very good goaltenders when supported with good players....Miller admits that.

As for Scouting, I don't know Luce or anyone from Scouting, but these guys have been there for quite a few years....And at the very least, they should be interviewed and asked to justify some of the former Drafts....Maybe they got overruled by the former GMs in some of their picks, but these guys are gone now, so I think they should have to reveal some of this...

I realize you're not going to hit on them all, but we've missed on way too many...And it's easy to sit here in hindsight and say Staal over Horton, but at the time, it seemed logical...I hate Horton's play as much as the next guy, but I can't blame them for that one. We just came out on the short end there.. But there's quite a few other guys that the Scouting Dept should be asked about to even start to justify why they aren't part of the problem here TOO......

Im glad Michael Yormark is such a classy guy, Standing for the National Anthem is too much for him i guess. What a jerk...

When I look at the Panthers organization, most of the scouting department is NEW and have only have been here for two years. The only one who is not is Scott Luce. Scott Luce has somehow survived the great purge, is that because of his father, Don Luce, who was the personnel director with the Buffalo Sabres and now is with Philly? Why is that? Why is Scott Luce still here and all of the directors of the scouting department are gone? Are AC and Scott Luce best buds or something?

I will give the rest of directors a free pass since they have been here only for 2 years for now...But there are certainly some problems with their recent pro scouting pickups. And we all know how horrible their AHL talent has been for the last decade......

I agree that other scouts have some explaining to do. How about the director of pro scouting to give us a blog and what he thinks of the Panthers off season trades and pro acquisitions. Like why pick up Koistenen, when he rode the bench for almost his ENTIRE time in Nashville?

By the way, if anyone needs a laugh, check out the Panther's blog on their website. Something about horse racing and last place....They are really trying to look even more ridiculous off the ice.

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