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LIVE! Panthers Chat: Tonight, 7 p.m.

You all have been very active on the comment section lately, so lets talk things out. Come on back tonight around 7 and we'll talk all things hockey and Panthers. Can also talk about the World Series, the Heat, Canes or Dolphins. Whatever. It's your show. If you are in, leave a comment below...


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im always up for panthers talk.im in

This organization is pretty damn frustrating , in case it hasnt been said before. HAHA

Can you have the Panthers find a sponser for this and maybe they will give out free tickets!!

Is there such a thing has a 7 second delay on a live chat? Be prepared George!!!

let me ask one thing. why did we ever get rid of anderson? this is a top guy on his way to being one of the best in the league. vokoun is good - but 5.7 million - we could use that for a forward.

im in

Game logs:

Oct 23 '09 FLA @ PIT 2 43 41 .953 L (SO)
Oct 02 '09 FLA @ CHI 3 55 52 .945 W (SO)

So Vokoun has needed to stop at least 94.5% of shots to not lose in regulation.

Oct 23 '09 CAR @ COL 4 36 32 .889 W
Oct 17 '09 COL @ DET 3 31 28 .903 W (SO)
Oct 12 '09 COL @ BOS 3 32 29 .906 W
Oct 10 '09 COL @ CHI 3 26 23 .885 L (OT)

Andy's support is such that even an 88.9% Save % can get him a win. Of course, he's definitely been playing better than Vokoun, but the comparison between the situations both goalies are in is even more stark than last year and you can't ignore that.

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