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More Changes In Pantherland: Scott Clemmensen Starts Friday ... Rostislav Olesz to Second Line

Clemmask1Scott Clemmensen finally has his new mask and it's a good thing since he's going to be in the starting lineup Friday against the deep-sea phishing Flyers.

Coach Pete DeBoer made it official today in announcing that Clemmensen would start against Philly at The Billboard come Friday. It'll be his first start of the season and first since leaving New Jersey for the Panthers over the summer.

DeBoer did not lay any blame at the feet of Tomas Vokoun. But this team is 1-4 and needs some kind of a shakeup. Plus, had Clemmensen not had to leave the team last week to deal with a family matter in Iowa, he probably would have already have been in there.

Quotes from DeBoer and Clemmensen later in the day.

-- DeBoer also shook up a few of the lines in practice today. Up on the second line: Rostislav Olesz. Down to the third line: Cory Stillman. Newbie Dominic Moore will open up centering the fourth line. The top line of Booth-Weiss-Horton remains unchanged.

-- Clemmensen's first Florida themed mask was too small for him and he plans on signing it and auctioning it for charity. It was a tropical-theme with puma-type cats all over the mask in pastel colors.

His new mask is anything but tropical.

Clemmensen changed things up and went with a more traditional Panther mask, one similar to the one used by John Vanbiesbrouck back in the day. Compare and contrast:

Clemmask3  Beezer_mask  Clem is on the left, Beezer on the right. Obviously some differences, but some similarities as well.

I think it's a cool mask.

Clemmensen said he wanted to keep something similar to what he had in Jersey last year with the eyes on top and the big teeth on the front.

Clemmask2 He also kept his Jimmy Buffet parrot on the back, with the bird wrapped inside his No. 30.

Clemmensen just got the mask and admitted it would have been strange had he been pressed into service Saturday night against the Devils wearing his old black-and-red New Jersey mask.

No such worries anymore.

-- Here is the only picture I have of Clemmensen's first mask. I should have taken some but didn't have my phone with me at the season preview photo shoot. He's on the right, Tomas Vokoun on the left. I will see if the helmet is around somewhere and get a better shot of the sides.



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hopefully that helmet will make him play like Beezer of old!

Clemmensen was signed in June / July. Why the delay with the masks?

I think moving Stillman down to the 3rd line is a good idea, although IMHO, he should be moved to the 4th line. Olesz has been playing strong lately, so I guess moving him up to #2 would be justified; however, it's probably more due to his $$$ salary than anything else.

Anywho, I guess the line combos will be:

1. Horton, Weiss, Booth
2. Olesz, Reinprecht, Frolik
3. Stillman, Campbell, Dvorak
4. Kreps, Moore, Koistinen

Please forgive me because I forget who is left-handed vs right-handed.

The Panthers are the only team in hockey that can't even get the Goalie's equipment right... I mean are U serious!!

We are soon to be the Oakland Raiders of Hockey... Sad, but Mr. Madoff, I mean Cohen continues to run this franchise into the ground...

Actually Yann Danis in New Jersey is still waiting on his mask last I heard.

Rhino better step up or he may find himself on that 3rd line with Stillman soon enough. Once Moore gets settled in I think he's going to be our #2 center. If he can do with Frolik with he did with Blake last year in Toronto, that could certainly be a big boost.

who cares about a goaalie's mask? That's like the fans who question about a 3rd jersey. Stop pucks and score goaals is all we should question

Amen, Hank.

What do you want? It's a slow news day. And the Panthers have nothing to do with the mask. That's up to the goalie, his rep and the artist...

And the question is, if the Cats come out on fire and upset the Flyers, does Deboer keep Clem in net riding the hot hand and then reinsert Vokoun the first time Clem loses a game or two or does Pete keep playing Clem realising for whatever reason that the Cats can't play consistently well with Vokoun in net. It may be team chemistry, it may be the system employed or it may just be Karma, but if the team starts playing well with Clem in net as it did with Andy last season, rather than how it has played so far in front of Vokoun, then the question of Vokoun remaing on the roster must by addressed.

I like hearing about things like the goalies masks and stuff. Good stuff George!

And by the way, if you are the Panthers or a fan of theirs, then you better hope Vokoun is one of the main reasons for their problems because if he isn't then the problems with the team are much larger and may be impossible to fix without a complete re-build.

nothing will change until the ownership actually wants to do something her to want wins. that entails actually spending money on guys who not only "create offense", but can put the puck in the back of the net. period.

Georgia Panther hope is nice but Vokoun is not one of the main reasons for their problems.
the main problem is that they overrate the talent of their core players.

Weiss works hard but is too small, Horton is lazy, Bouwmeester was too nice and did not have a mean streak.

Olesz is always hurt.

Until this team has someone(anyone) that is willing to win the one on one battles we will be somewhere between 9 and 13 in the east.

We don't have finishers, we don't have anyone that can move the puck forward quickly.

DeBoer is trying to set up a forechecking system with no forecheckers.

McCabe last year had a good year because he was not asked to do too much, this year he is being asked to do too much and he is turning the puck over.

Allen is too slow.

Ballard is at best a 3 d-man and is a one here.

Half the team doesn't show up for the games.

Until Cohen sells the team and they put money into developing players and scouting it will be that our problems are everywhere.

Near the bottom in power play percentage, near the bottom in giving up power play goals, near the bottom in shots, near the bottom in goals, at the bottom in shots against.

Yes, we have more problems then just who is in goal

Craig Anderson is gonna win the Vezina this year.

And we let him slip through our fingers

How about that 3rd jersey?

I am a big supporter of Craig's but saying he is going to win the vezina after 5 games is f'in ridiculous at best. Say Kreskin, what will Sat' nights powerball numbers be?

GA Panther, drop the goalie discussion please. If you shoot more than the other team you should win. As others have posted on here, the issue is getting to the other team's net and winning the battles. If you cam't control and fight for the puck, then you will lose. I was at the home opener, the score should have been worse. For example, the 1st period shot total was 16-4. That is not good, so it don't matter if you have the 1996 Roy or Beezer in net, if you can't get offense and opportunities, you will lose. St. Louis' goal at Tampa was probably the first really bad goal Vokoun let up. I didn't watch the Carolina game so can't comment there.

Go Panthers and go fellow BC alum Clemmensen. Hope he does well tonight!! (We need to come up with a better nickname than Clemmer.)

As soon as I saw the mask during a recent interview with him, the first thing I said was "Felix The Cat Potvin"...and he admitted it was a playoff of Potvin's design.

Here's a picture of the production, especially after she was very good, can put things perfect show the true!

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