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New Lines for Panthers ... David Booth Talks

Just finished a long practice in Coral Springs and we have some new lines:


-- Radek Dvorak was at the rink today with a wrap on his injured left knee. Pete DeBoer says the MRI showed a slight tear to one of the ligiments but surgery isn't needed right now. He could be back in a few weeks if everything goes to plan.

-- David Booth met with his teammates and then the media on Tuesday. DeBoer gave him a warm greeting. Basically Booth says he gets bad headaches and can only read or watch tv for five minutes at a time. He has cuts on his nose and a bad black right eye. He says he doesn't remember much but has seen replays of the hit. He was very diplomatic and would not say whether he thought the hit was dirty, nor if Mike Richards should be suspended. Booth also said that Richards text messaged him yesterday wishing him a quick recovery. Booth says he hasn't replied yet, saying he gets headaches when he texts. I know that feeling.

-- Tomas Vokoun in net tomorrow for the Senators at The Billboard.


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I'll say what Booth won't. It was a hit to the head that ought to have recieved a 10 game suspension. I know Richards is not that "type of guy" but it was that type of hit that the NHL supposedly want to keep out of the game, UNLESS IT HAPPENS TO ONE OF THE LEAGUES STEPCHILDREN SUCH AS THE PANTHERS, THEN IT APPARENTLY IS OK.

This is why Richards did not recieve any supplementary discipline. I swear on my dead hockey players that had it been Ballard lowering the same boom on Simone Gagne in that game that Keith would be lighter in the wallet and sitting in the stands for a couple of weeks at the beheast of the NHL offices. It's total BS and has been going on for years. Does anyone remember when Panther Cam Stewart basically had his career shortened by a viscious elbow to the head that gave him a concussion. The guy who did that to him got no further discipline either.

David Booth- get well soon man! We the fans hope for a speedy recovery, but please take your time in coming back to play with your teamates who don't care about you.

Booth - sorry that happened to you brother but you need to keep your head up when you skate. you've been told that since day one.

Booth has the responsibility of keeping his head up or risk reciving a hard hit, at the same time Richards has a responsibility of not aiming for a guy's head because he has his head down eyeing the puck..it's a hockey game, now UFC. Richards, what if someone hits you in the head like you did to Booth. Potentially you career could be over. And you know what you did.

Does anyone here know Jay Bouwmeester elbowed Simon Gagne in the head 2 years ago and Gagne missed all but 2 games for the rest of that season? Suspension? Haha, Bouwmeester didn't get 2 MINUTES for the elbow let alone a suspension.

Did he want to put Gagne out for good? Prob not. Wanted to hit him good though, I'll bet. Did Richards want to put Booth in a hospital bed? Prob not -- but he sure wanted to paste him.

NHL combines the outcome, with the injury, with the intent, sloshes around the teams involved, and spits out whatever it wants. It doesn't always make sense, but it rains the same on every team (except the Penguins). What the NHL needs to do is just be more consistant.

I watched the hit over and over again. Trying to remain objective, it is easy to note that Booth is slowing down as Richards comes to hit him, so Richards initial path would have gone into Booth's body, and he had little time to react before the collision. That being said he did have time to react and you can see his weight shift off of his right skate as he stands up into the hit. It it very hard to exercise unbiased judgment in whether or not he was already in motion to begin doing this. As a longtime hockey player, I can say I believe this could have been avoided.

If he didn't try to take Booth's head off, he also certainly didn't try not to.

I don't believe Richards is a malicious player though I've seen questionable moves by him in the past. He also plays on the Flyers... THE FLYERS! The only team already considered one of the dirtiest in the league who would go out and acquire Daniel Carcillo and Chris Pronger. It's the team mentality.

I do however believe Mike Richards feels badly about the result of the hit. And I believe next time he is in that type of position he may try to avoid such a punishing hit. I know it's the game, but knock him on his ass by colliding with him, not his head.

Oh my. Sure Malkinstein can slew foot all day long and start fights as a third man in with 5 minutes to go in a game but the Flyers are the dirty team. Ok.

Campbell is the problem here not the players. You can NOT suspend/fine based on reputation. And if he would have been suspended 3 games and that is IT since a 3 game suspension was already handed out for a worse hit days before.

It will become the No Hit League soon enough though.

Im going to have to agree!! if it was malkin or overchkin or crosby getting that type of hit to the head prob would be a season suspension on Richards or whoever layed that hit!!!! its horrible how much politics are still involved in hockey even the nhl ! all i have to say is when florida plays the flyers next time they better be head hunting and making them pay for taking there leading scorer out of the lineup ! cause i think booth is going to be a superstar here soon and for getting set back with richards taking off his head he needs to pay BIG TIME !!! guys like allen and mcardle and mcintyre need to look for richards with his head down !! and if booth is back in the lineup i would be looking for some dirty pay back as well !! either hat trick or hit richards open ice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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