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Assistant No More: Randy Sexton named General Manager

Sexton HELSINKI -- Randy Sexton has been in talks with the Panthers throughout this past week regarding his status and was offered the full-time general manager's gig a few days ago.

Everything is official now.

The Panthers named Sexton their full-time general manager before tonight's game against the Chicago Blackhawks. Sexton has been the acting GM ever since Jacques Martin took the Montreal coaching job on June 1.

Sexton has been with the Panthers since the 2006-07 season when Martin was the general manager. Sexton previously served as the GM of the Ottawa Senators in the 1990s.

Video from the presser below.


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Good for him. I admit I had a few worries early on. But, he's done a good job with what little he's had to work with, given the ownership and money situations. He's done a good job rebuilding the defense after Jay Bo. And Kulikov? Originally projected to go top 10. Dropped to 14th because teams were worried about his KHL contract status. The Panthers drafted him and got him signed by the deadline. Good job, and this should help lend some stability to the organization.

Good for Randy and good for the Panthers. He's made some decent filler acquisitions, went out and got a better backup goalie than some teams' starters, and finished building a defense that might not even regret the departure of JayBo. Getting the Russian prospects under contract is also a huge feather in his cap. Getting anything for JayBo (after JM's complete foolishness) and the KHL nonsense shows his tenacity.

I think this is a good day for the team. Stability at GM fosters stability down the ranks. Mr. Sexton has earned the promotion and I hope he keeps earning it.

GR, anything going on with the sale? Does this mean the SPAC deal is completely dead or is Cohen still shopping around?

I can't complain about this. Sexton has earned it. I know we pissed and moaned about Tanguay, but the fact is Alex didn't want to come here and we don't have a St. Louis/Lecavalier to call him and woo him. Sexton tried to sign him along with Koivu to really boost our top 6, which is all you can do when you are a non-traditional team or lacking star power.

Overall though, he got the Kulikov thing done, got something for Bouwmeester days before he was gone, and made some decent transations (Rhino, re-signing Dvo, extension for Booth, signing Seidenberg, etc.)

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