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Panthers GameDay LIVE! Chicago Blackhawks 4 - Florida Panthers 0 (THIRD); NHL Network

Burehelsinki HELSINKI -- Good morning South Florida and welcome to Day 2 of the Florida Panthers season.

Ran into Pavel Bure and John Vanbiesbrouck out and about last night, and figured you would want to see how they look these days. A little different than you remember, no?

Anywho, going LIVE! here in a little while. You know the drill: Click on the link below to get into the live chat.

-- It's South Florida day tonight at Hartwall, with Florida videos and such. Florida is the home team, so they are trying to give it a Florida game-day feel. So, I'm sure we'll be inundated with Hyundai ads and Harley-Davidson power plays and icing brought to you by a jewelry joint.

Word on the street is that Graham fellow taped his version of the national anthem to play here tonight. As always it's very long. I'm told it's just under two minutes and the people running things here ain't all that happy about it. At least it's not a video. Surely he gave the power salute as he was singing. I would have brought LaRae to Finland to sing. But that's just me.

Bill Murphy, the in-house voice of the Panthers, is back to announce another game. He was pretty muted last night as it was officially a Chicago home game, but I bet he brings something special tonight since he can be a Panther homer.

We're almost home.

-- Those who bet I would visit Subway twice today win the big prize. Went there for lunch today, then grabbed a Coke on my way to the arena. So there you are.


First period:

-- Brian Campbell makes it 1-0 with a long shot on a power play @ 3:05...

Second period:

-- Panthers put some heat on but fail to score; do nothing on power play; then, Patrick Sharp drives in, shoots and Patrick Kane follows the rebound to make it 2-0 @ 5:12. Sharp makes it a 3-0 game as he and Kris Versteeg drive in on a power play chance, Sharp scoring on the 2-on-1 rush with 56.1 left...

Third period: