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Panthers GameDay LIVE! Florida Panthers 2 @ Carolina Hurricanes 7 (FINAL)

Stormy1 RALEIGH -- The tailgaters are out in the parking lot and I've polished off a BBQ sandwich with a little banana pudding for desert.

So let's get this thing started already!

Don't know if you have seen the new video up, so now is your chance.

Will be back here LIVE! around game time if you want to chat. Where else you going to do that?

-- The Panthers inform me that 15,000 blue rally towels will be given out tomorrow night. I think the place holds close to 20K. You go ahead and do the math. Either some people won't be happy, or 15,000 will just about do it.

Speaking of math, Gary Bettman in the house tomorrow...

-- Also, the Hurricanes got a new scoreboard. So, the Panthers now have the worst scoreboard in the division. Some day that might be rectified. I was told a few years ago that a new one is in the works. Obviously other things have taken precedence. 

-- Ric Flair punctuates Carolina goals with his 'whooo!' Now, he's also doing ads for the Carolina lottery. That's something we all can get behind.

-- Tonight's game was a disaster almost from the start, although Nathan Horton opened it up with a nice scoring chance real early. Perhaps if Florida is up 1-0 things might be different. Who knows.

Anyway, here are some quotes:

-- ''We made some mistakes and gave them some goals. Do this in this league, and they are going to capitalize,'' said center Stephen Weiss. ''They got some guys who can finish those 2-on-1s, the breakaways. You're asking a lot of goalie and we did that tonight. We asked too much out of Tomas [Vokoun]. We have to be better defensively, a little sharper. We can't give up quality scoring chances to a team that can score like that.''

-- ''Today I wasn't able to do it. I have to be better than that,'' Vokoun said. ''This team needs certain goaltending and I wasn't able to produce it tonight. It's early in the season. This was a tough game but we have a game [Saturday]. We have to play better than this, although we played good from the midway point. It's going to come. I still have a good feeling. We have a good group of guys who care about what we're doing out there. This was a bad night in a long season.''

-- ''Hats off to Carolina. They played a great first period and it was over in those 20 minutes,'' said DeBoer. ''we turned pucks over, made mental mistakes. They capitalized. It was really frustrating. We knew coming in that if you turn over the puck they'll make you pay the price. Then we went out and did exactly that. WE got exactly what we deserved.''

-- ''The best thing to do is get back on the horse and forget about this one,'' Weiss said. ''This is how hockey goes. You get your butt kicked every once in a while. Good teams respond the right way. Hopefully we do that [Saturday].''

See you all tomorrow at The Billboard. Kickoff at 7 p.m. Good night!