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Panthers GameDay LIVE! It's Opening Night at The Billboard ... Roster Moves Made

Openingbillboard Well, the Panthers take to the ice in Sunrise tonight for the first time this season.

It's nice to be back home, back in the old routine, no?

Back to the tailgate out in the parking lot, Bill Murphy's spiel about going back to your seats after warm ups, Ice Dancers.

The Panthers are dealing with a lot of stuff this weekend, what with the Hurricanes playing FAMU tonight in Miami Gardens, the Gators playing LSU on national television and the IndyCars running wide open around the Homestead oval.

But isn't that how it always is? There's always a lot of stuff going on here.

See you at the arena in a few hours.

-- Big treat for you fans of the Ice Dancers. They now dance on the ice. Should be a treat.

-- Don't know what this 'Rock the Rink' is all about, but there is no way it tops the Monks promotion from a few years back in my humble opinion.

-- Alexander Salak has been sent back to the Americans with defenseman Jason Garrison coming back up. What does it mean? I don't know other than Scott Clemmensen is back to spell Tomas Vokoun if needed; and perhaps Dmitry Kulikov is out of the lineup. Last night was definitely not his finest hour as an NHL player. But we all knew he was going to have one of those, no?

From the Cats: Garrison departs Rochester after recording an assist in his season debut in Rochester’s 5-2 win over the Lake Erie Monsters last night at The Blue Cross Arena. The recall is the second of his professional career. A native of White Rock, British Columbia, Garrison skated in his NHL debut last season with the Panthers on October 25th. In 2008-09, the second-year pro finished his rookie campaign as Rochester’s top scoring defenseman and fourth overall with 35 points (8+27) in 75 games.


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Any word on Moore coming into the line up? Is Garrison being brought up for insurance if Moore isnt around? Kulikov should not be benched for last night, he wasn't the only one to give up goal...

Garrison is a d-man so no he's not for Moore insurance I guess.

Sexton said yesterday between periods that Moore won't be hee til next week. Allen -5 yesterday.OUCH

Where was Allen tonight? I hope it was not his knee!

Can we fire Yormark?

What a joke. "This penalty call brought to you by RRA."

Care about the freakin' fans, not your coffers, Yormark.

Vokoun had some awesome saves tonight--where was the rest of our D?? An offense??????? We were EXTREMELY outnumbered in SOG--it was pathetic!! And, yeah, where was Allen? Please don't let it be his knee already.

This is going to be a looooong season at this pace:(

Even the promotions stink. Did you see any fans waving the towels the first 15,000 fans were promised? I entered the Billboard 30 mins before gametime in order to get my towel; the ticket takers had not seen any towels given away. Just like last year... same thing.

Rock the Rink? Oh my goodness, that was the WORST Panthers games ive been too? What is up with this Rock and roll theme. Its so cheesy. And did anyone notice how loud the music was??? Its one thing to be loud but tonight the music just pierced my ears. I really hope there isnt anymore "Rock the Rink" That sucked.

Panthers still seem to be in preseason mode. They are missing a lot of connections on the ice and a lot of shots are flying wide of the net. Are they that bad or are they missing a certain player on the ice (yes, we know about missing a scorer) but is it something else?

At the DC Capitals games, their promotion since last year has been "Rock the Red." It has not changed.
I don't think South Florida is the right market though for that market, maybe Panthers should go country, it is located near Davie after all!
Also, "Feel the Growl, FEel the check" is close to the Gators promotion of "feed the growl." Be original, don't steal other teams promotions. Their marketing and promotions are awful, bad marketing, kind of like their team right now, they stink!

Another game where Vokoun got peppered and now we're 1-3. Great start...

I have been to just about every opening home game since 93......this was the worse by far in a promotional point of view........When we arrived there were a lot of different things with long lines for the kids to do, and then the gates were not opened like they usually were.....5 long lines since they had to pay for the games for the kids instead of opening all the doors.....took us 20 mins to get throught the lines...The towels? They stunk, the band, forget them, Stanleys Shtick is even getting old....what happened to Stanleys old routines.........like back at the Miami Arean...big deal he can rapel upside down.....All Yourmark cares about is the next sponsor!

don't forget that Yormark fired the real Stanley a couple of years ago to save money. So much for fast start. De Boer is doing his job saying give us 15 games, but just two weeks ago he said the first 6 games will be important. As NHL on the Fly stated: "same old panthers" too many shots on goal against, not enough offence (zero goals in the first period and no leads). This team is 0-4 if Voukoun isn't great in the first game.

Now we talk about the travel being too much, well Detroit is an older team and they won their games upon their return.

On a positive note, Horton had his one of 10 good games for the year, he was aggressive and hitting. to bad we won't see that for awhile.

If we lose the Tampa then it is time to get ready for the lottery. Meanwhile Boston is looking pretty getting real value for their restricted free agent (Toronto's first round pick).

When this team stops losing assets for next to nothing then they will be able to compete.

Same old story...T-vo kept that game close...It could've easily been 6-2 or 7-2 again...Not so worried about the total number of shots, but more the chances--or lack of for the CATS...The Olesz goal was a nice, quick transition from Seidenberg and Dvorak to Rusty for a nice finish, but that's about it..

Everyone brags about the Weiss goal, but to me that was just poor defense and bad positioning by Brodeur...The odds of that happening again aren't good. It just shows how desperate we are to celebrate any goals( 6 regulation goals in 4 games)...what a joke!!

On top of that, they are now afraid not to hurt their PSYCHE, so much that they've got PDB making travel excuses for young, "SKATING" guys taking lazy penalties...And making more excuses about the travel...I suppose they have to make enough $$$ to make up for the playoff revenue they miss out on each year...

The only noticeable guys out there last night were T-vo, Seidenberg, Kulikov, Dvorak, Olesz, Matthias, and Horton looked decent even though he holds on to it too long and lost our only possession at the end of the game...

Reinprecht, Kreps, Frolik, Stillman, McCabe all need to play way better...As soon as Moore is available, I'd let him be the #2, maybe even the #1 center to send a message... Get rid of Kreps as the odd man out...Go out and get us some real GRIT Sexton...We need a true Crash and Bang Line with guys that can actually crash and bang...Keep Matthias. I'd like to see Sexton make a deal for Asham or Cote from Philly this week...They're not in their line-up every night, and we need some guys like that to create some excitement and knock some people off the puck...

Back to the tailgate out in the parking lot,....

That WAS great! Good times... The game, well, what are you gonna do?

Stat to watch as the season wears on.
As of the morning of 10/11/09.
Vokoun $5.7mil 4GP 1-3-0 4.00GA .903%SP 0SHT
Anderson $1.5mil 4GP 2-1-1 1.97GA .942%SP 0SHT
Reach your own conclusion on the key personnel decision of this past off-season.

i like the opening video w/ the players . the live band was o.k. the team looked tired. i too am impressed w/ seidenberg. Kitchen needs to be fired. get him out before he ruins Kulikov.

oops, meant Anderson $1.5mil 4GP 2-1-1 1.97GA .942%SP and 1 SHT. Didn't want Andy cheated out of that shutout!!!

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