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Read Between the Lines: Dmitry Kulikov Staying

KulikovThe Panthers won't come right out and say it, but 18-year-old defenseman Dmitry Kulikov isn't going anywhere soon.

Wednesday's game against the Sabres will be his seventh in his NHL career; he can play in three more before the first year of his three-year entry level deal goes into affect.

Basically, it's a point of no return. The Panthers will be paying him then, and he will have gained a year of NHL service. After that, there is no reason to send him back to the Quebec major-junior league (he can't play in the AHL because he is too young).

Kulikov has played well enough to be on a top four pairing, and he is on the top power play combo most of the time. Coach Pete DeBoer said today that he thought Kulikov was the best player in the QMJHL last year and that it would do him no good to go back there and dominate play.

DeBoer said the only way Florida sends him back was if he wasn't cutting it on the top six and was sitting in the press box eating popcorn. Obviously, that's not the case. Pete thinks he's a player who can help the team and wants him here.

So, as Billy Lindsay said today, read between the lines. He's staying.

-- Speaking of Lindsay, congrats to the FSN crew for picking up a pair of Suncoast Emmy Awards.

FSN/Sun have a total of 16 such nominations, but two regarding their Panthers coverage.

For live game coverage, Mike Rubin, Mitch Rubenstein, Steve Goldstein, DENIS POTVIN, John Valek and Craig Minervini were nominated for their coverage of the Panthers-Leafs game in which Richard Zednik made his return. Rubenstein and Forte were also nominated for their Zednik feature from Buffalo.

Good luck.


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I like the bolded POTVIN in there GR :)

This will be Kully's 7th game btw.

How can he not stay, he's our best dman to date. We are wasting Koistinen on the wing.

we suck

George...time to suit up and play. We need someone out there to help us...apparently paying these guys multi-million dollar contracts doesn't inspire them to actually want to play to win.

Vokoun=Clemmson. They are the SAME! They are AVERAGE! One should be gone!

Also, when will certin players be finding the bench. Please bench ballard and allen for their horrible play! They both should be sitting on the bench. Bring up Mattias and Garrison. Koistenen should be switched back to D.

it is bad enough that this team has not matured yet, it is clear that they don't work as hard after they had a good game, but now we get more advertising and the only area that talks about the pre Yormark days is gone. He talks to Tampa and Carolina Please!!!!!!!
Look at Chicago that is who he should be talking to. They reach out to their past and they draft well put a good product on the ice and what happens, the fans come back!!!!!!!!

Yormark only does things to affect the bottom line. "Season ticket advisory board" I don't know anyone who has even heard of this. Who is on this board? Anyone who had season tickets from the Miami Arena days or only those that Yormark brings in with his advertising?

Until this ownership group/management team leaves we will be stuck with decisions that affect the bottom line not in putting a good product on the ice.

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