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Repik, McArdle Up with Panthers

The Panthers are on the ice in Coral Springs with two new faces: Kenndal McArdle and Michal Repik. Those two were called up because David Booth and Radek Dvorak are hurt. That means some whacked out lines at practice. Koistinen with Weiss; Horton with Stillman and Kreps. Stuff like that. It's fun. Come on over to the rink. Plenty of great seats still available.


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Koistenen still on the 4th line as a forward? If he can't provide some toughness and energy which he clearly can't and isn't going to get alot of minutes, why is he here?
Terrible signing.

George, you have to agree that the team has no depth and is in a state of disaster.

George, at what point does PDB stop getting the "best thing to have happened to this franchise in a long time/ownership-GM are handcuffing him" treatment?

his deer in the headlights look during the debacle in Philly says all that needs to be said...

it's time for an experienced coach (Teddy Nolan, Bob Hartley) to take over the reigns, DeBoer does nothing.

Panther fans, quit enabling.

a coach can only work with what he is provided with. This organization does not have the type of players willing to work hard or with ability. When players don't do either you get the Florida Panthers.
The most talented player is Horton who does not work hard, the number of players that work hard is very short, Booth is one of the few players that gets the most of his ability in this organization (I am not including anyone under 20 as it is too soon to make that determination).

George-Any final decision on Kulikov and any sign who stole the Panthers balls Saturday night because they clearly were missing?

GP: Nice quote. However I hate to tell you that those so called balls have been missing for about 3 years.

As for Kulikov, honestly send him back to Junior. Playing in this enviornment is not healthy, nor can he learn anything, except how to lose.

Koistinen gets moved to the 3rd line. Not because it's deserving but due to the newest 4th liners Repik and McArdle 2 more 5'10" 180lb forwards. I bet the sens are scared.

From day one this team has not been ready to play that is DeBoer's fault. Their lack of fight against Flyers was DeBoer's fault. The game plan is DeBoer's game plan and so far it stinks. What is DeBoer's game plan let the goaltenders face the most shots in the league, don't score and don't fight? Hate to say it but DeBoer is a failure.

Why would you send Kully back to junior? The guy can play..and you might as well get some used to the rigors of the NHL now.

We're only 9 games in...everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax.

I agree to a certain point.
Yes, it'd only 9 games and it is just about a completely overhauled Defense(Seidenberg, Allen, Kulikov...)and they need time to get used to each other. The problem is that we saw this coming last year and management did nothing about it.
I'd like for George speak with a scout from another team anonymously and get their take on the Panthers.

Look, we could have Scotty Bowamn in here coaching the team and we'd have about the same record. Ultimatley it's the players on the ice that make the difference and we don't have very many NHL calibar players in my mind. And that's mangagement's fault. Of course when you have a parade of GM's running through the joint every couple of years it's hard to get any stability. Pete DeBoer is one of the few things that others around the league point to as a positive with this team.

Jim G, looks at the facts. Seidenberg, nobody wanted his services, Allen can't play back to back games, Kulikov is 18 years old and will make numerious mistakes and probable run aout of gas later in the season.
"they need time to get used to each other" is an excuse. Players mix and match all the time.
The bottom line is that they don't have very talented players on the big club and especilly in the minors

Rosters change all the time. When you have good players that are also smart and have hockey sense they blend very well.

We need to stop making excuses is right.
This team is not very good.
We missed the playoffs by one point last year and what have we done to build on that? Traded away a defencemen that was very marketable and got a six pack of bud lite in return.
We signed a free agent defenceman that couldn't play on Nashville! And we have him playing 4 minutes a night at forward.
We traded to get the rights to a center that is a third line center at best, but now he's hot, so everything is ok with that deal?

I feel for DeBoer, however his hissy fits with Belak and Boynton are coming back to haunt him. Those 2 guys have more toughness in their little toe then the entire team put together.

Koistinen was signed by the Panthers because of the two games in Finland. Now, we're stuck with him for the rest of this season, and next. Good grief!

Bringing up Repik is a good thing because apparently he's been scoring for the Amerks. Maybe it'll translate to the others with this pathetic club.

We need team toughness. I would have preferred bringing up Duco to McArdle, but apparently Duco's all banged up. In retrospect, wouldn't it have been nice to float $2M to Chris Neil?

On the other hand, the Cats have had their fair share of tough guys through the years (i.e. Belak, Hordichuk, Boynton, Ference, Glass, Jakopin, Laus, Tarnasky, Worrell, etc.), and team toughness alone isn't the answer. Until this team starts playing as a team with heart, and a sense of purpose and sacrifice (like David Booth, Dave Lowry, Dino Cicarelli, Bill Lindsey, Scott Mellanby, Gary Roberts, Karlis Skrastins) etc., they're never going to win. Even with Pavel Bure, they couldn't win a playoff game.

This is a team effort, and right now, they're a bunch of individuals who lack confidence, pride, and loyalty to each other!

nobody is excited about any of the free agent signings/trades made by this organization since we received Luongo and Jokinen from the Islanders. Our only draft pick worth his weight to date is Booth, last year we were told what a great D JM the GM put together then we lose 50% of that D. Our first line center is too small to be a first line center and is more suited for 3rd line, our 2nd line center couldn't make it in Phoenix, our 3rd line center (Campbell) is the hardest worker; Moore is a journeymen

we picked up Koistenen for the shootout (oh yeah he missed)

Let's face it, when you run the hockey operations on the cheap you make bad draft picks, sign the wrong free agents and make bad trades.

I'm not so sure submitting Kulikov to this losing environment is good for his development or his desire to be a Panther for a long time. It sucks he can't play for the AHL due to his age - but what's better: playing NHL minutes on a stinky team and having him attain FA earlier or sending him back to the Q to dominate there again? Not sure...

you'd think being only 1 point out of the playoffs last year they would have brought in some real talent to the tune of the sedin bros. or gaborik, or heatley for that matter. the problem is ownership isnt willing to spend money on players that are worth a damn and frakly, who would wanna come play here?

but hey, the team has a great new practice facility...too bad its not helping them play better hockey. im so over losing teams in this town.

Time to REBUILD...Something the team has been afraid to admit for years, but clearly has to be done....I realize they don't want to admit it as they are trying to sell 2 or 3 more seats based on the fact that we OVERACHIEVED in NHL parity last year...But either way, it's time to just go out and do it...

Sexton is getting a bad rap as he inherited most of this CRAP....Craig Anderson was looking to get out and be a #1, so he wanted out and he knew we were stuck with T-vo's contract....So it's not like he had a choice there...And the whole SNIPER thing that we seem to thing it's so easy to find--it's not.. You have to develop some of your own talent first, and then the free agents will come your way...

And get off Koistenen's back...Its not his fault we use him as a FWD...It's a bonus we finally found a solid draft pick in Kulikov... We're stuck with Allen, Ballard's been average, and Leopold was signed to try to justify that we got something for J-Bo... Yes many, many terrible decisions, so where do we go from here??

I say start with GRIT, and the team should be built around such GRIT...Dump the contracts you can and acquire so-called lesser talents such as Upshall, Hartnell, Kesler, Grier, Cooke, Ott, Orr, Moen, Gaustad, etc... Then when you surround some of the smaller so-called talented players, they will have someone to complement them and free up space so they can become better players....In a sense you're building team toughness, but this way you'd ACTUALLY be doing it!!!

With regard to the Richards hit on Booth, I think it's something the league has to look at seriously.... Maybe even to the extent of taking away open-ice hitting...I realize I may be in the MINORITY here, but let the hitting be done cleanly and along the walls... It's not worth it and not just because it was a Panther, but it takes away from the talent of the game... I'm still a proponent of hitting, fighting, and physical play, but taking the extreme danger aspects out of the game....Many careers can be ruined like this, and it's only going to get worse if it continues....

As far as the Kulikov argument goes, I think he should stay....I'd rather worry about his free agency stuff down the road...We finally found or lucked out on a draft pick, and that's a MAJOR BONUS with this team... I think he may add up as J-Bo's replacement... And at least a Top-4 guy even if he's not...Let him get used to the speed of the NHL, even if he ends up a Minus 30... Better to get it out of the way now, and then we don't here all those excuses next year that he's still a ROOKIE--blah, blah, blah.......

it is the old argument would you rather have someone succeed against lesser talent or be in over his head a year early. If he is on 90% of the teams in the NHL he is back to Juniors, we rushed Bouwmeester, Horton and Weiss and look at their careers.

Denis Potvin always said that it was better to be in juniors a year too long then in the NHL a year too early. This team is not going anywhere and needs to build for the future, he should be in Juniors suceeding and out of this cancer of an organization

I don't know whether DeBoer or Paxton had the final say on the opening roster, but it was clear we were missing tough, physical players. It was just a matter of time before the other teams would start taking liberties with our players. It's a shame it took Booth and Dvorak getting hurt for everyone to realize that. It's bad enough to get beat on the scoreboard without also getting beat up on the ice.

Youre not going to win in the NHL when you consistently get out shout, out hit, give the puck away and fail at face offs. The Panthers arent doing the little things it takes to win, and they have to be more carefull with the puck. I saw some passes the other night that I wouldnt attempt in a pick up game, much less against a bunch of professionals. Panthers need grit and a little hockey 101 but I dont think PDB even realizes that.

Kulikov has been one of the better defensemen, I would rather they keep him on the team. They need to make a trade to get scorer, now easier said then done but there are players available, IE Frolov, just don't pull a Burke and trade away a very possible high 1ST round draft pick. Wouldn't trade a pick higher than a second. Preferably trade Stillman and a pick.

Stillman is not worth anything right now. I read in the paper that TOronto is willing to deal prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday. I say trade Horton and pick to whatever PROVEN decent Dman or PROVEN scorer/sniper is available. Apparently, according to Edmonton and Toronto papers, Sexton is heavily shopping HOrton but nobody wants his contract. We are going to have to throw in a pick for someone to bite.

Also, there are still a lot of free agents available of the veteran type. We should pick one up whenever we dump this horrid contract of Horton.

By the way, is AC still the owner of this team? Nowhere to be found? It was not long ago that the NHL Commissioner was in town talking about restructuring the ownership of the Panthers....Is that why Sexton has not made a move yet, are his hands handcuffed by the NHL management office?

First, anyone knocking DeBoer knows nothing about hockey. The guy is a first class coach and if he leaves here he will end up taking a more talented team deep into the playoffs. He's easily as good as guys like Cory Clouston, Dan Bylsma and John Stevens, all of whom are considered among the best of the NHL's "new" breed of young coaches.

As for Kulikov, I understand the sentiment that perhaps he ought to be spared having to live through the likely implosion this season is looking to become, but the other side of it is that back in Drummondville he will face little competition that will advance his career and more likely be bored and develop far more bad habits. Add to that the fact that the KHL will be breathing down his neck, looking to lure him back home to Russia.

As for the call-ups, Repik deserves to be here. He's already a better player than 3 or 4 guys the Panthers are playing every night, plus he's a guy who likes to shoot the puck, and we all know the Panthers need more offense. I also like McArdle, as he has turned in some good numbers, is showing responsibility at both ends of the ice and has toughness and strength. He's only a bit under 6 feet, but has good bulk, plus he's a Canadian Jr team member and understands what it takes to be a winner.

I don't think I'm crazy about any of the overrated talent in Rochester, except Matthias.. I hope I'm wrong, but they seem to be small and more suited to the AHL... Repik is the one guy that we hope to be the next Ray Whitney, as he does have sniper potential, but I'll believe it when I see it... As far McArdle, I'm willing to give anyone a shot... I saw him a couple years ago and he was a long way off, but at this point, I'd try anyone that has gritty potential. We thought Anthony Stewart would at least be able to be a 3rd line scrapper, but we all know that didn't work... Scouting Dept has been getting a clear pass here for years.... Please get something off the waiver wire or make a deal for some GRIT...Too many softies like Kreps collecting NHL $$$....


Ive been the saying the same thing about our scouting department. Who are the scouts? Where are they getting their information? What information are they giving to the GM? So far, Koistenan, Kreps, Horton, and Ballard have not impressed me. We need to get the root of the problem in Florida. We figured out this year (cross our fingers) the problem with the Amerks was the ownership situation and joint sharing with the Buffalo Sabres. They have fixed the problem so far.

What is the problem with the Panthers? We have a 53M salary. Is this due to the constant changing hands of coaches? Poor scouting? Or are there some character problems with our players such as Horton, Vokoun, and Olsez.

I just did a quick google on the web, and answered my question

When is Scott Luce, the Panthers director of amateur scouting going to be leaving the club?

A team's scouting will suck when their budget is minimal and rely mostly on video, rather than being at games and one on one interaction with players. That's an ownership issue, not the head scout's fault.

And its best to send Kulikov down now. If this team has any dreams of rebuilding properly, they'll want to hold on to him as long as possible with his initial contract. He can't go back to the KHL with the contract. Its more the NHL poaching the KHL and Russian ranks, than the other way around.

for those ripping DeBoer remember that he has been provided with a donkey and is expected to win the triple crown with the donkey

Clash is correct, you can't blame the scouts when they are not provided with the means to scout the players. Yormark announced at one of the season ticket holder meetings that he wants to scout by video and scouting by video does not show the character of a player. you have to talk to the people in the stands when scouting as well as the coaches.

It would be interesting to see what the budget of the NHL teams are in scouting, I am willing to bet that the teams that do really well (Detroit, NJ, San Jose etc, for many years have the largest scouting budget). One of the 1st things Brian Burke did in Toronto was to increase the budget for scouting by 300%, my guess is that the panthers are near the bottom in scouting budget as Yormark doesn't get any advertising dollars from scouting.

George- the bloggers raise interesting questions regarding scouting. How do the other more successful teams in the NHL conduct their scouting, and how much money is allocated to their scouts? It would be interesting to compare them with the Panthers. Do you have access to that kind of information? If there's anyone who can uncover it, it's YOU! Thanks!

We all know it's been years of mismanagement that's led to our demise, so you can't just blame one guy or dept...But it's been about 10 years now, so I think many questions should be brought up, and some people need to start to justify their positions--it's long overdue...

So even if our Scouting Dept can justify some of this mess, let's hear some of their suggestions for the future...And let's get to the bottom of some of the decisions that were made and WHY?? Dudley, Keenan, and Martin are all gone, so they should start outing them to justify their positions as to some of these picks over the past DECADE...

I realize everyone gets overly excited about high picks, and many aren't going to pan out, but 10 years worth....And Kulikov kind of fell into their laps this year, so we'll take that one as we've been long overdue...I still think it's a philosophy thing, and they're trying so hard to find superstar talent, then fail to pick up on the GRIT factor...Many picks aren't going to make it, but some of these NHL misses should at least be solid AHL guys for depth and trade potential...Frankly, I don't see that here, so I'd like someone to start to get some justification out of our Scouting Dept-- it only seems fair...

And yes I can accept poor budgeting as part of the problem, but some teams are able to do it using VIDEO, so why can't we??

I’m sorry but our AHL scouting department has to go. These guys have been here a long time. GR, I would love to see you do a piece on these guys. In 2006, they had plenty of budget money considering they were driving all around Canada. They seem to give us one good player every two years, that is not okay for NHL Teams..

This is patched work up From Palm Beach Post and Sun-sentinel (sorry GR)
2005 ---Scott Luce and his staff have seen each of the top 100 prospects at least a dozen times, there isn't a lot of separation after the top picks.
(Really they have no budget????This is from the Sun-Sentinel in 2006. They certainly had a budget then…)
2006--Panthers director of scouting [Scott Luce] pays close attention to the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League players that Florida may be interested in drafting in June. MONTREAL: Scott Luce leaves the Marriott Chateau Champlain just after daybreak for a 7:50 flight to halifax. The hotel is a home base for many NHL scouts covering the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Luce's father, [Don Luce], a former Buffalo Sabres forward, worked as a scout for years before becoming Buffalo's director of player development. LEWISTON: NHL scouts go over their notes before a game in an old high school locker room in the Colisee. MONTREAL: Panthers area scout [Ronnie Harris] begins the two-hour drive for an afternoon game in Shawinigan with Scott Luce. LEWISTON: Drummondville star Derick Brassard, center, is considered one of the top two draft-eligible forwards in the Quevec Major Junior League. Luce scouts him three times in five nightsDRUMMONDVILLE: Panthers director of scouting Scott Luce gets his pregame coffee fix at a Dunkin' Donuts. At 37, Luce is the NHL's youngest in that position.
2008 -- Scott Luce : "A South Florida-based team with the turnover we've had has been an easy target for the Canadian media, but the one thing that keeps me and our staff extremely positive is the continuity we've been able to deliver over the last six drafts," he said. "And that's coming to fruition now.
"It takes time, but the kids we've selected are becoming significant assets on our team, and I believe our organization now has the stability and continuity in our front office going forward. It's going to all come together very rapidly."

Wait-A-Minute "anyone knocking DeBoer knows nothing about hockey." Do you even watch Panthers?

DeBoer was a great junior coach but at the NHL level he has proven nothing. Let's look at his record. The year before last the Panthers just missed the playoffs under Jacques Martin. Last season the Panthers just missed the playoffs under Pete DeBoer. No improvement. Lets look at some of his brillliant decisions. He took a 30 goal winger in Horton and made him into a 20 goal center. Had he moved Campbell, Kreps or Frolik to center the second line and kept Horton at wing Horton might have gotten enough goals to give the Panthers the one more win needed to make playoffs but instead he made a goal scorer try and be a playmaker and Panthers got neither. That failed experiment cost Panthers needed goals. Yet you overlook that bad move. The Panthers are one of the worst for allowing shots on their own net. That has a lot to do with his having defensemen jump into the play and leaving the goaltenders almost defenseless. You can blame Vokoun but look how many he shots he takes compared to around the league. That is DeBoer's system and it has failed.

DeBoer was a great junior coach just like Craig Hartsburg but being good in junior doesn't always translate to being good in the NHL, if it did Hartsburg would still be an NHL coach and Anthony Stewart would still be playing in the NHL. DeBoer may yet turn this team around but so far he has not lived up to his hype and has not proven that he is a NHL coach. If you can give me some example of his coaching this team that shows he is good, let's hear it but so far this year all I have seen from DeBoer is a team not ready to play and a lot of talk.

Its not just the coaches bad lines and calls. Deboer is trying, if the defense did not jump in on plays, there would be no offense because no one follows the puck carrier to the net. The coaches have nothing to work with.

We cleared JM out of town, it is time for us to do a clean sweep of our scouting departments. They have not found us TOP SCORERS or Grinders.

I'm sorry but Luce and his scouts need to be the next guys out of town.

This is what we need to succeed.. We need to fire Luce as scouting director, because obvioulsy he isn't good at what he does and we need to recruit scouts from Chi,Detroit,and Pitt because they got it right. Obvioulsy we need a new owner, but who knows if and when that'll happen. Fire Mike Kitchen and replace him with Denis Potvin. No one knows this organization better than that man and knows what needs to be done to succeed. Whether you call him PP coach,Defensive coach, or coach of the pucks, we need someone with his experience.I think Deboer would listen to everything Potvin had to say to improve this team because Potvin is a former Cup Champ and Hall of famer who knows the game. Then I'd trade Horton,Stillman,Allen, and possibly Vokoun (because he has value, not because of lack of effort) and even consider draft picks and prospects in order to get some much needed grit and scoring. Frolov could be had, I hear Versteeg and Sharp might be available, so there are players out there that can help this team.

Florida Kittens "if the defense did not jump in on plays, there would be no offense"

Have you looked at the defensemen stats? They have NO goals. They jump in on plays and there still is no offense but there is also no defense. A coach needs to coach the players he has not the ones he wishes he had. It is not the scouts, the bad decisions were made by bad GMs. We all know who they were. Taking Bouwmeester over Nash. Horton over Staal. Those are GM decisions. Booth, Frolik, McArdle, Repik those are scouts decisions and they are good ones.


that's why its so pathetic! imagine, how many shots on goals if the D did not jump in on plays. Both offense and defense are horrible! our scouting is awful. And Deboer looks like a deer in headlights.

Also, look at the rest of the team. That is what bad scouting does, we only have 4 NHL (maybe good players) in the likes of Booth, frolik, McArdle, Repik.... As far as I am concerned, the jury is still out on everyone but Booth and Weiss.

IT sounds to me that those FLA scouts must be sending the good scouting reports to other teams instead of our own...

Florida Kittens no argument on offense and defense being horrible. But if you let that many shots on the goaltender some will go in and if you can't score than you better make sure you don't get scored on. Catch 22.

I am referring to our goaltender, if the defense don't defend but are playing offense, then the shots on Vokoun go up and some will go in and then you are pressing to get more goals to make up for being scored on and it snowballs. The defense has to play defense.

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