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Steve Reinprecht: The Man Who Does it All ... Alan Cohen Getting Out?

Reinprecht2 DALLAS -- If I'm Pete DeBoer, I leave Steve Reinprecht on the ice at all times. I don't care if he is tired. I don't care if he complains. Leave him out there.

Reinprecht has a hat trick less than 16 minutes into tonight's game, likely the quickest hat trick in franchise history.

He also leads the team with eight goals. All of those goals have come in the past six games.

Hey look! He's back out there.

-- Reinprecht's hat trick is the fifth of his career and 31st in franchise history. It is also the fastest hat trick in franchise history as no Panther had ever completed the feat in the first period of a game.

-- Barry Jackson reports that minority ownership partners Cliff Viner and Stu Siegel could replace Alan Cohen in running the Panthers.