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The New Lines



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Worst team in Hockey...

I actually like the Olesz weiss and frolik line a lot. And the reinprect stillman and horton line did good in pittsburgh

Imgonna say look out for that 3rd line... 3 very hard workin players who usually come out flying after a humiliating loss...They will be a factor against ottawa. For some reason this is when we play our best hockey... when we call up a couple of guys because of injuries.... I garantee 5 out of 6 points in the next 3. Please send kostinen down and call Duco...or keefe

So we have 4--2nd or 3rd lines out there at best...More of the same..Really puts the fear in the opposing teams eh?? I'd hate to meet those guys in the back alley...Whichever ones swing their purses hardest is our ENFORCER LINE...

I like the line combinations. Weiss is a very good set-up man and Olesz has been getting chances, maybe playing the best of his career, let Weiss get him and Frolik the puck could be a very good line. Reinprecht has been better than expected, if he can get the puck to Horton it has a chance of working but I have lost faith in Stillman. He has shown nothing to make me believe he has anything left in the tank. Campbell-Moore-Repik on paper is a good checking line. McArdle-Kreps-Koistinen would be a great line in AHL.

So the losing begins again...the sky has fallen.

Wait...you have lost faith in stillman but if they get the puck to Horton it has a chance??!?! BWAHAHA!!!! Horton is the biggest bust since Dolly Parton and you idiots continue to think that the young hack has any hope of scoring clutch goals! If the kid ever learns to get the puck off his stick, maybe, but since that is never going to happen we should dump his miserable butt and move on...

Why don't they just let McArdle (2 goals, 4 assists) and Repik (6 goals)play on the first line, they have more goals already than most of the current players on the team....This team is just full of half empty players, they supposedly have the skill yet have no heart. All I see on this team is an expensive group of AHL players, no NHL players here, just guys collecting their paychecks....

When will the scouting team in Florida (same since 2003 maybe earlier)be dismissed and sent back to Buffalo? Scott Luce needs to go back to Buffalo.

For those who want Duco...he is hurt and not playing yet.

Frank- thanks for the update regarding Duco.

As far as the lines go, Stillman ought switch places with Soup. Stillman is old and slow. Maybe some of Campbell's energy will help Horton and Reinprecht.

Sorry, I meant Fred instead of Frank.

It won't make a difference. It's not like Repik and McArdle are going to be our saviors when replacing two of our top players in Booth-Dvorak. Come on, reality check!

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