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We Have a Cats App for That

The Herald's mad scientists have come up with something fun for you Panthers fans who happen to have an iPhone or an iTouch: Your own Florida Panthers app!

It's fun and it's cheap and if I had an iPhone, I would get one.

Here's a totally unbiased review from my sister Rachel, who may have been the first to download it: ''Wow G, that's cool. Very nice!''

See? She wouldn't lie, either. That's because she's pregnant. With twins. So has to tell the truth TWICE as much as before.

Iphonegirl Anyway, this app puts all things Panthers at your finger tips, from the popular On Frozen Pond to the less popular (for Panthers fans these days) NHL standings and game results. We also have photos, videos, a bunch of links and much more.

Check it out on the official Herald page here, or just go straight to the Apple store and pick it up. It costs less than a gallon of gas. And it's far more entertaining.

At least my sister thinks so.

-- Speaking of that, OnFrozenFilm scheduled to return to this space tomorrow. Have had some technical difficulties, but it looks like all is well. All I needed was a new battery. Huh. The videos that I take are also accessible on the Panthers app. OK, done schilling.


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Yormark would've been proud of your schilling!

"This phone call sponsored by Sziro Jewelers"

i'm disappointed with the decision to charge 2 bucks for both this and the dolphin app. this app is essentially just promoting the herald's content (freely available to viewers on the internets). 2 bucks is too much for the convenience of having access through an iphone app. i won't pay it.

I love you George but I agree with zeroG. It's not like I can't afford it. It's the principle of it. I have to pay to access content that the Herald is trying to promote and make more accessible? Really.

hey, I don't have an iphone so I don't know how accessible everything is...it looks cool to me...I would like to have everything (the links, the stats, standings, etc.) in one handy place on my phone...but I have a samsung smart phone so I have to go looking for everything myself...my sister has the UM app and likes it because she can just open it up and get stuff nice and fresh...but again, I don't have one of those phones so I don't know how it all works...your world frightens and confuses me!

Guys, Not georges decision to charge, and heres a guy we have unbelievable access to, try getting a forum lie we did tuesday with ny post beat writers; IMHO ... i for one am buying it to show support...


Thanks AG, but I don't want anyone buying anything they don't need...it just looked cool to me and thought it would come in handy for those with the iPhone...I'm not seeing a single cent from this FYI...but our computer folks did spend a lot of time building these things and I'm going to keep it up to date as much as I can (like updating the roster and stuff like that)...

i loaded the app, it makes everything easier to get to. for me well worth it as an iphone addct.

I dont mean supporting you economically, George, i think if all the people that have the use for it try it, it reflects on the number of us following you and relying on u for updates.

again, just my opinion. The app makes it fun to follow a not fun team lol

GR....."I'm just a caveman"....

OK, I got it after all. Kicks ass!

"but our computer folks did spend a lot of time building these things and I'm going to keep it up to date as much as I can (like updating the roster and stuff like that)...

Posted by: George Richards | October 30, 2009 at 11:03 AM "

Make sure to include the updated goalie chart George. Big Wink!!!

Georgia, if we traded Vokun, after the Luongo extravaganza, i would never renew my tickets again. The last thing the panthers could rationally do is dump another proven goalie for an unproven backup. Seriously.
I loved Andy signed stuff for my kid great guy, but it just wasnt an option.

With all the ads and pop ups I am NOT paying for either the Dolphins or Panthers' apps. No thanks guys...

This app doesn't have pop-ups. It's actually pretty cool. Thanks for the info GR.

And Georgia Panther, get a life. Andy is gone. Your man crush isn't coming back. :)


it looks great! so does the fins app. that's why i'm disappointed in the herald's (yes, i know it's not george's) decision. 2 bucks isn't going to break me but it's out of line with similar apps. heck, the nytimes app is amazing and it's free.

i'd like to see true micro-payments catch on for content providers and i think it eventually will. i'd have no problem signing on to a pay-as-you-use type model for certain content. that could work nicely here.

I love the idea of the app, but I think it would be really cool if you guys could include the radio for the games in there somehow, because sometimes some of us can't catch the games but the radio on the app would be useful (I think it's 790 The Ticket down there in Miami).

good call matthias...I forwarded your comment to the iphone people along with the link to 790...

also george on the apps blog it doesnt seem to include our comments (then again maybe a smart move lol)

can they?

The news page seems sluggish when scrolling.... I think the pics slow it down...

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