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Welcome to Fort Lauderdale: Now, Get on to Rochester

Roch SUNRISE, Fla. -- Hello South Florida. Good to see you. Been too long.

Going to keep this brief since I'm trying to sleep and watch football (that's not working out real well).

The Panthers made a couple of moves today, sending four players to Rochester.

The biggest surprise: Michal Repik. With Ville Koistinen playing well on the fourth line and Dmitry Kulikov getting his games in, I guess the Panthers felt they were cool with what they have.

Also heading north (after spending 11 hours on a plane heading south): Jason Garrison, Mike Duco and Alexander Salak.

The Amerks opened their season last night with a 3-2 overtime loss to the Cleveland Lumberjacks (no, I'm not calling them by their official name because I don't like it). The Amerks held a 2-0 lead on the Barons in the third period before C-town came back.

The two teams play again Friday night in Roche.


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Why did they waive Taffe and not send him down?

He had to be waived in order to be sent down Jason.

I like the Dominic Moore signing today. Is he going down to Rochester for a conditioning stint?

Koistinen earned time on the fourth line with his play....but Repik will be back soon.

Welcome back, George. Now on to the REAL season! What was the mood of the guys coming back home? I expected a split, but man that shutout stung!

I like your name choice! Put in an official request to rename it, I'll support it.

I would have expected Clemmenson in for the second game... all of the other teams in Europe played both goalies... and lets face it, Clemmenson is probably better.

P.S. Anyone else see Anderson shut out Luongo yesterday?

Clemmensen better than Vokoun?
Get real!
Vokoun is all-star caliber. Clemmensen is a solid back-up!

Uh, GR...did you miss the Moore signing? Curious as to your take on that and how it affects the lines.

How does Anderson shut out a man who doesn't take any official shots on net? A little jealousy in those words maybe? He shut out the Nucks, not Luongo. Direct your hate where it belongs, with manaement and ownership. Luongo, Jokinen, and Bouwmeester were just sick of the pathetic attitude here. Given time, Weiss, Horton (already appears this way), Ballard, and the rest will follow in mind frame, of not caring if they win, if the sheep continue to spend the money.

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