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Your Den of Honor: Keep 'em Coming

Panthersden AKRON, Ohio -- I have been traveling across the midwest today, but have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's suggestions for the Panthers 'New' Den of Honor.

In case you are new to the conversation, the gist is this: The Panthers got rid of the Den of Honor at The Billboard for questionable reasons. But, since I brought it up, they say there should be a new Den of Honor constructed somewhere in the arena soon. Perhaps as early as January/February! And I believe it.

This morning I wrote a piece asking for suggestions to relay to the Panthers oh-so-powerful Season Ticket Advisory Board (STAB) to see if they can get some stuff in this 'new' Den of Honor to really honor the entire existence of the Florida Panthers. You know, not just the good year(s).

This stuff is gold. You all really came through today.

If you have more suggestions, make sure you leave them below and I'll pass them along to the good folks at STAB. Whomever they are.

Read the suggestions at the bottom of this post. Again, funny stuff.

-- I forgot perhaps my most important suggestion, one no Panthers Den of Honor could be without: Eddie Belfour's water bottle from the Long Island hotel lobby.

Definitely check out the comments left on the previous post. I laughed all day.

Here's stuff I liked from Facebook from my friend Phil. I used to call him Stanley C. But I don't anymore. You can if you want.

- 17 stars representing each and every Panthers game Randy Moller played as a cat.
- at least one of Doug McClean's "mandles"
Stanleyc3 - a stop watch stopped forever at 45 seconds - to commemorate exactly how long it took Pavel to go from the ice to the parking garage post game
- Not just the Monk robe, but Friar Puck himself (his name is Jeff and he lives in Coral Springs)
- A speaker playing a continuous loop of "Hey Ref!...You Suck!" with a sign: "in Memorium: Section 401 (no sponsor)"
- a diagram (or instructional video) showing just how Olli got all that dip in his *upper* lip.
- the apology letter from Mr H that he only bought ONE of his teams a world championship
- the apology letter from Mr. Y to the city of Sunrise that, yet again, the Panthers "did not make a profit" this year, and thus would not be paying back dime-one of their stadium loan (and enclosures countering each one of Dave Hyde's columns)
- The articles showing the exact difference in dates when the ownership group went from being referred to as "Bernie's Group" to "Alan's"


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George, I think you have lost your mind now!! I only see the tea, on game days and they make me sick to watch. I think you need a break, I will call you when they make the playoffs again. Enjoy your 10 year break!!

Can I suggest we put in a book filled with the excuses that they use after EVERY GAME!! That would fill up 1000 pages.

A video of the Press Conference introducing Mike Keenan as the Panthers New Head Coach during which Alan Cohen said he hoped Keenan coached the Panthers for the next 20 years.

A copy of the newspaper story in which Bryan Murray was quoted as saying that Ivan Novoseltsev could be the next Pavel Bure.

A perpetual looping video tape of the one Panther goal scored by Esa Tikkanen, Florida's first significant UFA signing.

A snapshot of Jay Bouwmeester the moment he learned that Rick Dudley had traded down at the 2002 NHL Entry Draft so he could then draft Jaybo 3rd overall instead of 1st thereby costing him mucho money in bonus payments he would have earned as the first pick.

An audio tape of Alan Cohen talking JM into staying on as GM after relieving him of his coaching duties.

A copy of the list of teams Jaybo gave Martin he would be willing to be traded to that seemingly convinced JM he could re-sign Bouw only for JM to abandon the Cats 18 months later so his sucessor could then trade him for peanuts.

Who cares about this? How about an article writing about how bad the Panthers are and what is worng with them. Kind of tired of the press skirting the and trying to take our minds off of it with this silly nonsense.

The team stinks. Us real fans don't care if JM's underwear is framed!

How about a den of win some games

george stop eating and write a article in the paper about how bad this team sucks and how the owner doesn't care about the team,this team is more bogus than ballon boy. peace I'm out

I'd like a list of all of the Panthers trades that worked out for them? It will be the numero ZERO!

- Newspaper clipping from March 14, 2001 of Bryan Murray explaing why he traded Ray Whitney to Columbus for Kevyn Adams and draft pick that landed the "amazing" Michael Woodford.

- Newspaper clipping from day after 1999 trade deadling with Bryan Murray explaing why he traded Rhett Warrener and draft choice that got the Sabres Ryan Miller to Buffalo for Mike Wilson

CB, don't forget that the Panthers traded a first rounder to SJ for Viktor Kozlov. That pick was later traded to Tampa, who selected Vinny Lecavalier with it. Throw that news clipping on the pile.

Well, maybe we should just be trading our players for draft picks at this point. However, our guys can not even get that right either.

Panthers need to make the bold move and trade either Vokooun or Clem for a good checking forward and a big nasty fighting machine defenseman. Or the smart move, let's bring up Duco to pick some fights for the next few weeks to see if he can spark some life into this team.

Pieces of the fire truck that Ville Peltonen violated.

Water bottles from the littered ice after Eddie the Eagle took flight with Carolina.

The dancing banana

george it really is time to write this roster just is,,,,no good.

Hey guys, remember that time we drafted Radek Dvorak one spot ahead of Jarome Iginla? That was fun!

How about featuring famous team mascots, including mad cow, the dancing banana and the dancing sinus?

HOw about a "Urinal Ad Hall of Fame."

We need an exhibit highlighting those marketing mavens, the Yormark twins. Remember when our Yourmark and the twin Yormark announced that Panther season ticket holders could trade their unused tickets for New Jersey Nets basketball games, and Nets season ticket holders could trade their tickets for Panthers tickets. Now that's brilliant. Only geniuses like the Yormarks would've conceived a fantastic marketing plan like that!

Oh, we also need a salute to the world famous Sinatra theatre.

Who can forget ..the year after the Miracle in Overtown.

Hmm let's trade Stu and Woolley...FOR.....

The next E. Lindros...C. Wells....OH MY..

Just another youngster in the minors that is improving every game and is the future of this organization.

Just remember,,the Sabres game....

we lost the first period , tied the second period and WON the Turd period..

how about the shirt David Booth created showing the travel this team did in the preseason thereby knocking out their legs to begin the season with a brought to you by Michael Yormark and his imaginary SCAB.

It is interesting that the Yormark brothers are running two teams and neither one can draw any fans because the product they are selling is not any good and neither one cares if it is or isn't.

As far as trades we did have one great trade in our history, Parrish and Kvasha for Luongo and Jokinen

How about a picture of JM's hand? The one with six fingers.

Or a Wall of Mismanagement? We could post all of the GM's pictures, with a list of bad trades or draft choices they made.

And we have to have a picture of the DJ from the 2007-8 season. "CAN YOU HEAR ME!?!?!?!?"

And how about a picture of the woman who got fired from the BAC for telling Yormark not swear in front of the children?

More for the Den of Honor:

Dino Ciccarelli's silver stick.
The ligaments from Pavel Bure's rebuilt knee.
Several vertebrae from Bertuzzi's spine (go get them NOW).
Chad Kilger's family problems.
A DVD of Swan Lake as performed by Ed Belfour (with half the hurricanes as backup dancers).
Peter Worrell's elbows.
Scott Mellanby's mullet-o-leadership (a stark contrast to Brian "totally" Skrudland's shiny dome of authority).
A DVD of "proper pronunciation and etiquette", hosted by Esa Tikkanen

Stilts for Ray Whitney, "The Wizard," a great scorer and fan favorite who was shipped away in the prime of his career, who was always "too small" to play in the NHL yet even to this day at age 37 he remains one of the most underrated players in the history of the NHL.

u know...i think i could have lived a better life with out seeing all the horrible decisions this organization has made over the years piled together in this group of postings...just awful. there goes the rest of my day. and pittsburgh tonite. yay.

How about a dagger - through the hearts of all us devoted Panther fans who have remained loyal to the Panthers through the up YEAR and all the rest of the down years.

Sadly, aside from the 95-96 team and maybe a few pieces of memorabilia from Pavel Bure's tenure in town, there is almost nothing to memorialize in a "Den of Honor". It is hard to isolate even one item we would like to commemorate over the past 9 years for sure. Pretty sad.

A urinal autographed by Urologist Gary Stein

LOL This is good stuff... the momories, great or not, remind me of all that I have stuck through and will stick through with this team. Awesome...

Totally forgot the Kozlov for Lecavalier trade...

- Remember when our gm hired his brother to coach?
- We traded Pavel Bure for Igor Ulanov?
- Hockey prognosticators picked the Panthers to contend for the cup?

We really had a great team at one time... and there were lots of good times in the 90s, even after the 97 playoffs. I still am a loyal fan and all (Always will be), but kind of miss being seen as an Eastern power instead or the doormat we have become. I remember grabbing Whitney when every team had given up on him and he just took off. Or how about when Byron Ritchie was more or less a throw in for a trade with the divercanes and he was a success for a year or so...

What we need right now is another Whitney waiver wire pickup... not a superstar, but someone that could put up decent offence that no other team expected to.... someone that just needs a change of scenery that we can turn into a star like we did with Whitney. I'd also love to get Grabner from Vancouver or Boyd from Calgary.

I'm thinking that it would be cool to set up a webpage of the weird, fun and wacky stories of the Florida Panthers... LOL maybe one of these days I will....

I'd like to see a new scouting group. Maybe we can entice Detroit's scouting staff to come play golf...

Audio of Rick Dudley telling Alan Cohen to shut up cause he doesn't know jack about hockey and to stay out of on-ice decisions, and Cohen turning around and firing him in favor of Keenan and Martin.

All the money Cohen didn't spend on the team, a gold plaque saying "We are building a strong foundation for the future"-Alan Cohen, A signature of all the sponsors the BAC has, a list of all the horrifying trades the panthers have made, and a urinal from the men's room with the Panther's logo on the bottom of it.

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