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A New Look

At the morning skate and the Panthers are sporting their new bottoms (insert joke here).

Dark blue pants with the sunshine/FLA logo on the right side and a white stripe down both. The Carolina blue on the socks. Haven't seen the official game jersey yet, but it does have the lighter shade of blue in it you can be sure...

A New Look


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Love the double blue. I think they should just change our current home jersey to red.

now if the pens would wear their 3rds tonight as well, they would look like the same team and we all could be winners. and imagine if the thrashers showed up in their blue unis for a real surprise/sonfusing mind#*%@. how about some originality here. sheesh.

Good call Shae. These are a complete rip-off of the Penguins' third unis. I usually love the alternate jerseys, but these are a major disappointment.

wow. i was half joking until the game started. they even went so far as to use the circle crest. i guess when the pens 3rd jersey is the best selling in the nhl everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. jeez guys. could you be anymore blatant? and how did the nhl allow these guys to wear these? or is because they are also hoping that the jersey will sell as good as the pens?

also these jerseys look entirely like a hockey night in canada jersey that was released in the exact same color and piping a few years ago.

here is the link to the hockey night in canada jersey that is the exact same one as the florida panthers

Ultra Fugly unis. Toooooo much blue.

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