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Bad News for this Fella

Vokpreds NASHVILLE -- Good evening hockey fans and greetings from Music City USA.

I missed out on this trip last year and was bound and determined not to miss out again this time around. If you've never been to Nashville, you really ought to put it on your to-go list. Great town, vibrant nightlife. Just a cool place. I dig coming here.

Tonight the Panthers look to snap a three-game losing streak (0-1-2) against a fairly red-hot Preds team that was slowed by the Blues last night. The Preds played at home last night while the Panthers flew up after losing to the Maple Leafs, so should be interesting to see how things go.

Just spoke to Pete DeBoer and he confirmed what we all just assumed: Scott Clemmensen in net for the Cats. As you can see from my picture above, Tomas Vokoun is still very popular up here. As he should be.

He was an original Pred and spent eight seasons here. I've seen at least half a dozen Vokoun jerseys today and one of his fans even went out and bought a Panthers 29 jersey to try and get him to sign it for them. This picture was taken across the street from the arena and its the old mustard yellow alternates. Thanks to Bennett for posing for the pic. Hope you had a nice dinner.

Other than the change in net, the lineup stays the same. Gregory Campbell is on the trip but not playing tonight; he could go Monday in Atlanta (why do we get two nights in the ATL and only one in Nashvegas? Ain't fair I tell ya.)

-- Talked to Pete a little bit about the team's lack of that killer instinct. They just don't bury people. Had a chance to knock out the Leafs and didn't do it. Will have more of that later.

-- Panthers seem to be more comfortable on the road. Not counting the Helsinki games (those were neutral site games) and Florida is 3-5-3 at home and 6-4-1 on the road. Pete says he thinks the team is playing well at home and doing the right things. That, he says, will translate into road wins eventually.

After winning three straight on the road at Buffalo, Detroit and New York, the team came home and lost two in overtime to the Penguins and Rangers, then lost in regulation to the Leafs. Getting two of six home points almost negates those six road points, no?

-- Florida played 12 games in October and went 4-7-1 with nine points; through the first 12 games of Novembre, the Panteros are 6-3-3 (15). Pretty big difference.


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Clem has been good... the rest of the team can't seem to score now.

McIntyre is a waste of space. Can't just be a fighter, HELL he didn't even do the fighting tonight. Only reason he's dressed is due to injuries

Good, close game up until the third. Good luck to the Panthers the rest of the season. We still love Vokoun and hope he does well for y'all.

McIntyre is not a waste of space if he hits.

I noticed a previous note mentioning McIntyre. At least he does what he does well. After three games he is already trashed. How about trashing guys like Kreps--he is a great figure skater. WE have two average lines and 5-6 penalty killers who don't even do that right. The Power Play needs addressing badly. That special team coach needs to be replaced- Team does not have enough depth-badly need Booth and Stillman. By the time they get back it will be too late

yes the poor homestand negates the 3 road wins. We are still in 13th place in the east and as it has been since the Cohen years as soon as they get close they fall back and are the same old panthers.

If you look at last years team and compare it to this years team we are only better in one position and that is that this years Horton is way better than last years Horton.

Look at Atlanta and Tampa and see how much they have improved and you wonder why the panthers can't do this.

how many teams continue to get better and we are the same old panthers

When every game you play is a road game, it usually gets hard on the team. More Ranger fans than Panther fans down in South Florida. WHAT A JOKE!!!


bad reason to move a team.

Know how to keep the Ranger fans out? Build a winning team....soon tickets sell faster and there is a rise in Season Ticket Holders. I'm hoping to see the Panthers become a dynasty team where I get to pass on my coveted season tickets to a relative when I leave this earth! As for now, empty seats everywhere and it gets those Ranger/Leaf/Habs/Islander fans right behind the goals. It is kind of embarassing. The Marlins know the feeling too!

We can only wonder what management is thinking. They need 4 to 5 AHL players to play a night to bring it each night for their veteran guys to even show up to the games. Why didn't they sign more veteran guys? Because no veteran wants to play for this team. They need to bring in a star player like another Bure that will lure other players to come to Florida.

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