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Fun Run in The District: Scott Clemmensen IN; Otherwise, Lineup the Same

Presidents WASHINGTON -- Pete DeBoer is giving Tomas Vokoun the night off and giving Scott Clemmensen his fourth start of the season. Clemmensen is 2-0 in his three starts (Vokoun took the loss in one of Clem's starts).

Jose Theodore pitching for the Nationals.

Kamil Kreps is not with the team on this trip because of his foot injury, but DeBo says the team doesn't think it's all that serious and he could be back Thursday in Boston.

Got a number of things for tonight's notebook, mostly power play related. Was that the worst five minute power play you have ever seen? It's still ugly a day later. Also have stuff from Pete on why he didn't pull Vokoun during the power play with the team down two. He did say it was discussed, but with the puck in the Florida zone most of the time thanks to Washington's penalty killers.

More later. Watching Notre Dame-Navy right now.


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God damn Clemmensen is terrible.

6 goals on 25 shots!?

So he's let in 11 goals his last two starts?

Simply terrible.

Make that 7 goals. Normally, 4 goals should be able to win you a game.

Absolutely terrible. 12 goals in his last two starts, I think its time he remembered what it was like to not be on an NHL team his entire career till essentially last year.

No, the Panthers D gave up some marvelous chances at the net. When will Allen, Koistenan, and Stillman find themselves sitting on the bench.
We want ownership change now so that Sexton can make the necessary moves to upgrade our team!

p.s. How's Campbell doing?

This is the difference between NHL and ECHL

Stat to watch as the season wears on.
As of 11:00PM on 11/07/09.
Vokoun $5.7mil 12GP 3-8-1 2.99GA .916%SP 2SHT
Anderson $1.5mil 16GP 11-3-2 2.15GA .934%SP 2SHT
Clemmensen $1.0mil 4GP 2-1-0 5.13GA .838%SP 0SHT

Reach your own conclusion on the key personnel decision of this past off-season.

A repeat of the great Alex Auld fiasco has arrived in Pantherland.Only reason Clemmensen looked good at New Jersey is they have best defense in the league.Even an AHL backup would put up good numbers there.Why would the Devils let him go-of course we penny pinch with Anderson and take the sucker bait.The ownership/management of this team is a total joke.Call up the Rochester goalie who is 9-0 with a .950 save percentage and send Swiss Cheese Clemmensen to the AHL for a year conditioning stint.Another joke is the Finnish paper boy Koistenen who wont even hit and we sign him for 2 years for 2.4 million!One bad deal after another and it goes on and on...No way I renew my season tickets even if they are a dollar each.We are sick of the whole thing here and I know I speak for many fans.

One last thing-DeBoer should have pulled this plug after he gave up the 4th goal.

If anyone has few minutes to spare, check out the article in the Democrat and Chornicle about the Buffalo Bills "Decade of Disappointment" (I dont like the Bills but thought, it was the same story as the Panthers ownership and management)

and now you see why NJ continues to win and the panthers continue to lose. NJ knows when to get rid of their players while the panthers hang on too long and lose value.

It all comes down to scouting budget, if you don't let your scouts do the job we get stuck with players that do not belong in the league and sign them to long term contracts

Koistinen got aanother whopping 2 shifts last night, and 1 was on the pp. What a joke. i q]guess the Preds were correct keeping him out of their lineup. We'll take him.

The only thing Koistenan is good at is shootouts. And the last one, he whiffed.

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