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David Booth Has Setback

Booth1 BUFFALO --

Pete DeBoer said Detroit native David Booth didn't come on his team's recent trip because he had a recent setback in his return to the ice.

Booth, who was concussed on Oct. 24 in Philadelphia, was cleared to start light workouts but was then stopped.

Booth will need to show that he can do normal workouts with no affects before he is cleared to skate at full strength. Booth missed Florida's game at Detroit in 2007 with a knee injury, Boothmsu but at least got to watch the game with family from a luxury box.

''It was a mutual decision,'' said DeBoer. ''We started to ramp up his workouts last week and had a little setback. We're kind of taking our foot off the gas and giving him some time off before we get back at it. We knew this would happen, would be part of the process.''

-- Tomas Vokoun back in net tonight against the Sabres.


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Get well soon Booth!

Nice win for the Panthers tonight. Im glad Frolik and Oslez got some well deserved goals finally!

Go Panthers!

Stat to watch as the season wears on.
As of 08:00AM on 11/19/09.
Vokoun $5.7mil 16GP 6-8-2 2.76GA .922%SP 3SHT
Anderson $1.5mil 20GP 12-5-3 2.40GA .927%SP 2SHT
Clemmensen $1.0mil 4GP 2-1-0 5.13GA .838%SP 0SHT

Reach your own conclusion on the key personnel decision of this past off-season.

That's getting really old, you know. We get Anderson is having a good year, but he's not with the Panthers now. I've seen those same figures about five times this year. Vokoun is our goalie, the end.

I wonder if Clemmenson will play Saturday night during the back-to-back games?

Hate the fact that Booth just can't seem to stay healthy, but something like a concussion can't be understated and rushed. In that regard, I think The Cats are approaching this the right way. Anybody else see the comment by Ryan Miller about how The Cats were playing "boring"? I don't know about you guys, but I find that remark to be a tad bit incredulous considering The Cats "bored" 5 goals(one was an empty-net) into his net last night. I understand what he was trying to say, and I don't think it was necessarily a slight against The Cats(you'd probably have to read the entire transcript from the interview to get a proper perspective on the quote), but it sounded A LOT like crying over spilt milk....or in this case, bruised ego.

Georgia Panther is our own personal internet troll.

Here's reality for you: Anderson never played as well here as he does in Colorado. Is it the support from the D or the goal support in the offensive end?

Maybe it's the culture of having actually won and having fans that support you.

Maybe it's just that teams, and people, rise to the level of expectations...and in Florida those expectations are always low.

Of course I could also drop some of the blame right back on the fans, most of whom spend powerplays screaming "Shoot!" even when there is no angle to the net -- assuming they even bothered to come to the game at all.

Sounds like we are not going to see any trades on the Panther's side till Booth comes back.

I have a feeling that the Panthers might consider shopping Kreps or Campbell/Koistenen for a Dman and a draft pick once Booth gets back if needs be they should shop Leopold (1year deal)or Seidenberg (1year deal)too. But I don't see this happening till January or February.

Anderson was the better goalie last year, good thing this organization woke up and let Cohen step down as owner.

On that note, this organization along with the media that follows this team is a complete joke.

Gone delete this post GR??? coward!



I don't know Dirk Diggler, Anderson's 31GP 15-7-5
2.71GA .924%SP 3SHT of last season looks pretty good to me! Especially because Anderson was 8 games over .500 last year with the Cats and Vokoun only 3.

Many goalies can look good for spot games or short stretches at a time. Martin Biron has made a career of it. But when those numbers from 31 games can translate into consistent 65 plus games for three or four years, and retain those numbers, then you can talk about how good Anderson is. Until he does that, he's a flash in the pan. Ask Jim Carey, Andrew Raycroft, Brian Boucher, or Brent Johnson. All of which have looked good during a portion of a season, but been unable to translate it into a full career.


Gone? As in with the Wind?

And how does the organization let Cohen step down? He IS the organization. He kind of does whatever he wants to.

Otherwise, strong post. Keep up the good work. I gone.

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