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Detroit Rock City: Clemmensen IN, Frolik Goal OUT

DETROIT -- Just left the awesomely cool Joe Louis Arena. Quick hits: Scott Clemmensen will start tomorrow against the Wings. Also, Bryan McCabe gets the credit for Michael Frolik's second goal last night. More later. Grabbing a sammich...


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Oh no, Clemm vs the Wings? This could get ugly quick!

I don't give a damn if Peter Sidorkwitz is starting in goal, as long as they can pull out a point on the road...Notice I diddn't say win...At this point I ain't picky.

We are setting ourselves up for embarrassment in the eyes of the public arena.....were my brown back.

Why not ride Vokoun?

Clems has no confidence and we are in good winning mind set right now.
Hoping here for the best but I am ready for the worse.

As I said in another forum, I wouldn't be surprised if Clem pitched a shutout. Of course, I also wouldn't be surprised if a unicorn won the Kentucky Derby.

I guess the idea is to have your better goalie play the 2nd of the back to back when the rest of the team is tired. The last time Clemmensen played in a back to back it wasn't pretty. Hopefully the guys up front can help out Clemm on Friday and Vokoun can pull one out on Saturday.

I'm sure they are playing T-Vo on Saturday because it's against the Eastern Conference Rangers.

I heard Clem wants to get back in there so here is his chance.

Good, I can now go out Friday night rather than staying in to watch the game. Good move by the coach. Why waste T VO in a game you can not win.

DB said he didn't want Vokoun playing the 1st in a back to back after traveling to Buffalo and then to Detroit. Plus the fact that NY is a conference opponent played a role in his decision too. It's not a game you can't win, this isn't Rocky vs. Drago...oops! We typically raise our play in big games like this, but it's a choice between starting your #1 vs a conference or non-conference opponent which maximizes your chances.

I agree with Bob, you have to start Clemm. Doesn't matter if it's the '09 Wings or the '92 Penguins, until Booth gets back it's gonna be a struggle. I hate to sound negative, but I think this concussion...and it's effects...will be an issue for Booth all year.

LMAO to Georgia Panther and some of the comments here!

For another humorous/sarcastic/ look at Clemmensen in goal at Hockeytown, check this out:


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