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Four Games, Four States, 10 Hours: Crazy? Yeah.

Truckster PHILADELPHIA -- It's adventure time!

Sunday marks just the second time that the top four professional sports leagues in North America are playing on the same day.

NFL? Check.

NHL? Yeah.


MLB? It's the Series!

How hard is it to attend a game in each of the four leagues? In the same day? I'm going to find out later today. Starting early Sunday morning, the trek begins. Where do I start? Where should I go? The baseball one is easy: There is only one baseball game tomorrow. But I want to see an NHL game. I want to see the NBA. I want to see some football.

I'm going to try and do it. I think it's going to be fun. I think it's going to be exhausting. And if USAir cooperates, it might just be feasible.

Follow along right here all day tomorrow and we'll see what happens. One accident on the highway, one delay and kaput! It's done. So, I need a little luck, a lack of traffic and clear skies. We'll see what happens.

See you in the morning.

I can hear the highway calling.