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Here's the Beef: Steve MacIntyre IN; Ville Koistinen OUT

Wendys The Panthers recalled Steve MacIntyre from Rochester this morning, and he is likely in South Florida by now. He wasn't at the skate this morning, but will be in the lineup against the Rangers.

MacIntyre will replace Ville Koistinen in the lineup and perhaps keep his roster spot. Koistinen was waived at noon today. Will be talking to Randy Sexton later in the night on what this means for Koistinen -- who practiced this morning.

Do the Panthers want to send him down to Rochester to get a little playing time, or was this just to see if someone would claim him?

If he does clear and Florida sends him down, they are still on the hook for his NHL salary. Koistinen signed a two-year deal worth $2.4 million during the offseason.

As far as MacIntyre goes, he's been fighting and playing well in Rochester. We figured he wouldn't spend too much time down in the AHL before coming up, and here he is. The Rangers were pretty active on Saturday night, with Brian Boyle getting into it with Rostislav Olesz. Olesz hit the ice and Boyle stood over him for a few moments, glaring at him.

''That's not going to happen tonight,'' Keith Ballard predicted.

The Rangers didn't skate today, but Donald Brashear is expected to be in the lineup as well. Could be Donking5 some fisticuffs at The Billboard tonight.

Maybe Don King will show up.

-- Also, the Panthers are expected to practice Thanksgiving morning at Incredible Ice in Coral Springs. Think it's going to be around 10:30. So, if you are tired of the parade, you might want to come by.

Will update this tonight after the game with confirmation so check back.


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Great news for when other teams have tough guys in their lineup. Now Allen won't be forced into fighter by default. I was a bit worried after he was in a bad spot fighting Rupp on Monday.

Gee, thanks for the info. You are either the worse beat writer, or the laziest. Either way, I could cover the Panthers better in my sleep and I live in Minnestoa. Better keep that resume handy fat boy.

You want me to send you a copy Felix?


Your doing a fine job but you don't need me to tell you that. I'm in upstate NY and read you every day. Keep up the great work.

felix- why post such garbage. go else where.

Have to agree, one of my daily stops is to see what GR has up everyday. Keep it up buddy!

The "worse" beat writer? Worse than whom?

Also, there's a pretty good former Panthers beat writer living in Minny you might want to check out. He's not lazy and I am worse than him...


hmmm felix, i dont really know what to say to that comment . . . how about F£%$K OFF . . . take your needless and untrue comments elsewhere :)
GR, i think my name says it all . . . your loved by panther fans everywhere!!

I have to admit it: I am Felix. I'm just a self-hater.

That was a great set-up for that plug. O.o

I read this every day multiple times to keep up with my home team now that I'm not living in FL anymore. Keep it up GR! You're awesome!

You do a great job george--far better than the Sun Sentinel!

When I responded to this post, all there was was the same headline from before-"Here comes trouble" with the typical minimal information. Seems like it did the trick, but I think George pulled a fast one on all of you.

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