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Here Comes Trouble

Steve MacIntyre has been recalled, will join team this afternoon...

EDIT: This was an early morning post from the cellphone; the real post on MacIntyre -- who has one hell of a story -- is below.


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big deal, he'll get a shift ot two.

Good. Allen shouldn't have to fight, we need him on the ice.

Steve Mac will get more than a shift or two if Brashear is playing tonight.

We've got some tough cookies on our team now- Steve Mac, Victor O, Kendell McArdle, Bryan Allen. Too bad Soup won't be playing.

I like having a true HEAVY. I agree, we can't rely on Allen all the time--he's playing well. I'd rather have a guy like him in for a shift or two as opposed to Ville playing <1:00!

Well, Ville was just put on waivers... Which given his ice-time, is not much of a surprise I suppose.

May he pummel many opponents into the ice! I doubt Crosby will be taking swings at him... ;-)

Here's a video of his fight from last week:

He can hold his own pretty well, and he's not a terrible skater.

Awesome. SmackIntye on the lose against the Rangers. Please give Avery a few good punches tonight.

Even if he isn't in the lineup each night it's nice to have a tough guy available when Pete deems necessary.

Thanks for the fight link. He's a big boy.

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