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Happy Thanksgiving: Ville Koistinen Clears, Stays with Cats ... Who's in Net?

Sanders First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hope you all have a great day of eating and visiting with family. My work will be done here in a few hours and then I'll be able to celebrate a little bit.

First bit of news: Ville Koistinen cleared waivers today and will remain on the Panthers roster for the time being.

Randy Sexton wouldn't tell us what his plan for Koistinen is, but there is room on the roster for him right now even if he isn't playing so no harm no foul. Will have to see how things go over the coming days.

I actually thought Ville's play the past couple of games was pretty solid. The guy obviously hasn't gotten many minutes and hasn't been able to fit in -- on the ice. He seems to be a pretty popular guy with his teammates, though, a guy who is very friendly and is usually smiling. Unless we come up to him to talk about his lack of playing time. Then he doesn't smile that much.

-- Today was an optional skate and about half of the team participated.

-- Pete DeBoer wouldn't confirm who is in net but Scott Clemmensen is going to get a start in one of the next two games. Pete says guys going to play in their old buildings (re: Vokoun in Nashville) does play a part in these decisions, but since Vokoun left there a few years ago, it's not going to factor in that much.

Remember, Pete went with Clemmensen against the Western Conference team last week in Detroit and saved Vokoun for the Eastern Conference team (NY). So don't be surprised to see Vokoun -- and really, it's hard to sit him right now -- tomorrow.

-- Saturday marks Florida's third trip to Nashville since the Preds traded Vokoun to the Panthers. He has only played in that building as a Panther once. Craig Anderson started in Nash last year.

-- The Preds are red hot. Pekka Rinne just tied Vokoun's franchise record with his seventh straight win in net last night. Vokoun did that twice with the Preds.

-- Gregory Campbell questionable for tomorrow.

-- Myself as well.

-- If you are planning on going to the Leafs game tomorrow, you might want to get there a little early. The parking lots at the arena are going to be used as overflow parking for Sawgrass Mills with shuttles running to the mall. So, if you need to do some Black Friday shopping, park at the arena and walk or shuttle over to the mall then come back for the game.

See, this blog can be a public service!

Carlson -- As thanks to all of you who check in here from time to time and have made this little piece of the web a place you stop by daily, I offer you this episode of WKRP in Cincinnati.

It's the famous Thanksgiving episode where to drum up interest in the station, they drop live turkeys from a helicopter into a mall parking lot. What a great show. Great characters, terrific writing. Hope you enjoy.

And thanks again.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all.

''As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.''