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MacIntyre Clears Waivers

BOSTON -- Winger Steve MacIntyre cleared waivers and can now be assigned to Rochester...


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Who Cares


Maybe he'll be in our lineup by Christmas...hopefully our guys aren't crushed by then.

When do we play Philly again?

can weiss clear waivers?

So, GR keeps us that are interested and brad you take the time to navigate to the posts, to heckle them?

Jeez, only in sofl....

DeBoer already said he doen't believe in having an enforcer who just fights and needs to contribute. He'll never see the ice after a few weeks.

He should help Amerks. If he can skate better than Belak he should help Panthers down the road. Thanks for the update.

I'd like to know why I have to see hockey info about 2 other teams pop up on the Miami Herald's Panthers' website, when the Panthers just beat Boston and there's no article or picture about that. I have to go to another site for the game's score/results. So sad.

Jeez, 45 minutes after the game and you're complaining that there isn't an article up? Give George a chance to interview people and have a celebratory beer for the win....

Once again, the real Panther team does not show up till the 3rd period. Lucky for them, Vokoun showed up for the FULL game and not just the 3rd period of it.

Caliing Georgia Panther, come in georgia panther...Vokun 3 shutouts in 4 games, over..argument Andy who we all love, better then Vokun, over.

Realistically, how many of these veteran players do you guys think will actually make it to the end of the year with The Cats? I personally think that, watching the on-ice product(and yes, I know they've had injuries. There part of the game), it's just a matter of time before the Stillman's, Rhino's, Dvorak's, McCabe's, Leopold's, and Vokoun's of our world are gone. Who know's, maybe with the depth of the upcoming draft, and assuming the current on-ice results stay the same, trades for multiple draft picks and young(translation: inexpensive, cap-friendly)players isn't the worst thing in the world. Kills me as a fan to just see more of the same, but after so many years(and given how they got left with nothing after the Bouwmeester thing), you kind of just accept the fact that it's going to happen.

It'd be nice to see these veterans do something to even warrant some value in a trade. Of the players you mentioned, only Dvorak has done anything this year. Our management has not show the capacity to come out on the winning end of those trades though. But I agree, I wouldn't mind wheelin' and dealin'. Stock up on picks and young players a la the Blackhawks template (they were the worst-run franchise/horrible for a long time, but now have something to show for it).

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