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MacIntyre on Waivers

As of noon today, Steve McIntyre was placed on waivers. If he clears by noon tomorrow, he'll be assigned to Rochester.


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Question, Why? Why risk losing McIntyre on waivers to get him in "game shape" in Rochester when you signed Dominic Moore, who clearly was not in game shape without any training camp, and immediately put him on the active roster? And isn't it true that McIntyre would have to stay in Rochester for a month because if he is recalled before then, he has to be exposed to re-entry waivers to be placed on the Panthers roster and if he is then claimed, not only would the Panthers lose him but would have to pay half his salary? Methinks that someone in authority doesn't really want McIntyre on the Panthers and I think that person is Pete DeBoer.

Because McIntyre is a depth move. Because kids like Oreskovich and Mccardle are already fulfilling the energy/punisher roles at this point.

And its not like McIntyre is the second coming of Rob Ray.

I bet Edmonton takes him back...

GP you go it wrong. If a player is claimed off waivers and waived again within 30 days, the team that originally owned his rights, has first priority to claiming him, regardless of current standings. Has nothing to do with re-entry waivers or paying half the salary. MacIntyre would have to stay on the Panthers' NHL roster for thirty days for Edmonton to not have first priority to claiming him. If he is recalled from Rochester (if he clears waivers this time), he would be subjected to re-entry waivers and the Cats would be on the hook for half his salary if someone claimed him.

"If he is recalled from Rochester (if he clears waivers this time), he would be subjected to re-entry waivers and the Cats would be on the hook for half his salary if someone claimed him."

That is what I meant.

Forbes has rated the NHL franchises and no surprise that the Panthers are near the bottom.

Lets look at the facts of the Cohen ownership. When he took over the panthers were playing to over 90% capacity. He traded his best player (Bure) for a bag of pucks to save money. (he stated that they would use the money to get a couple of great players instead of one superstar) never happened.

He brings in Yormark. Now with Yormark you have to look at his duties in one of two ways.

The first is to increase the profits of the hockey team. He has failed at this.

The second is to look at the overall operations and he has succeeded at this. He has increased revenue to the arena and to the company. He has done this at the expense of the hockey team.

Forbes said this about Phoenix but you could substitute the panthers for this:

"Prior ownership was more concerned with real-estate development near the arena than producing a winning hockey team".

Welcome to Oz folks and you see the priority of this ownership/management group.

Hockey is used to be able to get the real estate deal and the management of the arena deal where they make money.

Until we have an ownership that is concerned about putting a winning product on the ice, we will continue to be ranked near the bottom.

Just look at the turn around in Chicago and you can see the difference in hockey profits (Chicago is now in the top 7).

Sell the team Cohen to someone that will be dedicated to putting a winning product on the ice.


I don't know about that one. When Bure was traded to the Rangers, he left the Panthers filled with nagging injuries. The following year, he barely played for the Rangers. After that, he was done. Bure was only with the Panthers for barely three seasons. Its not like there was time to build around the guy, and from what I heard, he barely wanted to play for the Panthers.

Look at the Caps, it has cost the team several years with Ovechkin to become a top team in the league. Even now, Ovechkin still needs to learn how to be a two way player before the Caps will win the cup.

Hence, why the Panthers need to pick up a really young scorer or a 1st round draft pick with scoring skills (we need to find a crosby or Tavares clone). Sign the kid to a long contract and build around him. Try to build the team like the Pens and Caps have done.

Posted by: Clash | November 12, 2009 at 01:54 AM
Bure was far from "past his prime" when he came to Florida. His two full seasons here, he scored the third and fourth most points in his career, 94 and 92 points. He only had one knee injury at the time, until his final season in Sunrise. Bure was always the same player when on the ice. Selfish. But they tried to surround him with younger players, like Kvasha, Shvidki, Nilson, Jokinen, and Novoseltsev. The vets who were here, Whitney and Mellanby, wanted out because of how the organization catered to Bure. The team was gutted, as they tried to build a touch team to protect Bure.

Its after noon....Do we have him????????

Yup he cleared.

How do we know he cleared? Is it reported somewhere? Thanks!

He cleared and was sent to us in Rochester.


who cares

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