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Steve MacIntyre Back With Cats; To Rochester If Clears ... Ville Koistinen Back on D

Mcintyre2 The Panthers picked up a little grit off the waiver wire today, bringing winger Steve MacIntyre back into the organization.

McIntyre was waived by the Panthers during the 2008-09 training camp so he could clear and go to Rochester. Well, the Oilers picked him up. He was waived by Edmonton and the Panthers got him back.

And now they are waiving him again. So he can go to Rochester. Get it?

So, McIntyre could be with the Panthers organization later this week or someone else could pick him up. We'll see. Regardless, GM Randy Sexton said the organization is trying to add ''grit'' and thinks with Victor Oreskovich, that's a move in the right direction. And this one is to.

Sexton says McIntyre hasn't played much and isn't in playing shape. He'll get plenty of opportunity in Rochester. ''We're going to get him some playing time,'' Sexton said.

McIntyre played four games with the Oil this season.

-- Everyone but David Booth was on the ice today in Coral Springs for a Pete DeBoer marathon practice. Team went more than 90 minutes. It wasn't a punishment, although. With the team's schedule about to ramp up, they won't have many real practice days for a while. So he was getting them some work in.

-- Pete says the Ville Koistinen experiment at forward is pretty much done, unless Sexton imposes a 20-man roster and sends back guys like Oreskovich or Kenndal McArdle. Pete again said that Koistinen is a natural defenseman and needs to show the Panthers what he can do there.


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It's not game shape he needs, it's fighting shape. Typical panthers, pick up a guy whom the waved a couple years ago. Whoopie.

This is a logical move by the team...He's not going to play every night even when he's in shape, so it's only fitting he works his way, assuming he's not reclaimed... And I think the best situation is that everyone seems to be in on our latest GRIT infusion--because it works..

You can only have so many Kreps, Peltonen, Zednik, Olesz, McLean, etc on your team at once... At some point you have to get some size on your team that can hit, grind, muck, and punish your opponents...This puts fear in them and frees up more space for our so-called talented softies like Horton, Frolik, Weiss, Stillman,etc....It's taken quite a while for this organization to catch on, but maybe we're now headed in a better direction there...One step at a time...

What's the skinny on Booth then?

nobody plays in fear.

Pete said Booth is still weeks away.

It'll be good to have a #33 on the ice again.

I doubt that McIntyre will ever be seen in a Panther Uniform. This guy is headed to the Amerks for the rest of the year because Amerks will be paying his salary not AC. This move was probably spearheaded by Nolan not Sexton.

Also, Sexton had better players available on the waiver wire and instead picks up McIntyre? Does not make sense, he already has two AHL players throwing their weight around (add in Duco in the AHL), also, do the Panthers really need to have more penalties a night to kill? The answer is no, McIntyre will be an Amerk for the rest of the year.

Panthers need more puck movement and need to learn how to pick up loose pucks, this McIntyre is destined for the Amerks or to be on the waiver wire again once Amerks decide to release him.

Two weeks till Thanksgiving,and a probable trade by the Panthers if the ownership situation is wrapped up.

I think the Panthers will be trading with Toronto, Detroit, Chicago or Edmonton.

Who are the players being shopped? McCabe (ironic as captain); Matthias; Leopold, Weiss, and Vokoun.

hey george any confirmation that this is the new panthers third jersey or just the prototype?


Kittens, any player signed to a Panthers' contract (Matthias, Duco, MacIntyre, Repik,...) is paid for by the Panthers. As I said blog post to you, which you REALLY should read, the Panthers can carry 50 pro contracts a year, but most only carry 40 for a season. 23 on the active roster with no IR, leaves 17 players to be divided between Rochester and the Everblades. Everyone else is the responsibility of the Amerks or Everblades (or Carolina since they use the Blades as an affiliate also) to pay, feed, or house.

Kittens you REALLY need to learn about the business side of hockey, as you seem to have zero knowledge of those things and can't completely understand how organizations operate or why they make some of the decisions they do.

And Mac is being sent back to the Amerks to for a prolonged period. If it was a conditioning assignment, he wouldn't need to clear waivers. But it also could be a deal between the Oilers and the Cats to send Mac back to the Oilers, as they'd have first right to him in waivers and then could send him to the minors without clearing waivers again.


I'll admit when I wrong about sports management side of things. You have to admit though that Nolan has brought players to Rochester because they are winning without Repik and McArdle on their team.

Anyway, I just had the opportunity to read your thesis on how to fix the Panthers in your earlier blog posting. It certainly has some excellent points however it is off in one area. MONEY..Why? Management can not make those changes because they need to win NOW not years from now to fill up the seats. They need to find a way to fill up seats at both the Amerks and Panthers games. Both franchises are in the hole (100 million plus), they don't have the dough to implode both teams and not make some sort of playoff push(albiet a half hearted attempt).

However, you may agree with me on this point. One way to fill up the stands and carry out a rebuilding process would be to find a "Ovechkin or Crosby" type scorer and quietly rebuild the franchise around this player. This would bring people quickly back to both Rochester and Sunrise. Can this player be found? Its certainly will not be found in this next draft... It can be made through a devil's trade though (trade your best players for a special player). At that point, people would not care too much if they were winning or losing because there would be promise to win in the future.

Also to make the changes that you state in your posting, the ownership of the Panthers has to change. Their mindset is to try to rebuild the Era of the Rats somehow with below average players. It has not work in the 9 years that they have tried it. Time to change philosophy.

p.s. how do you get kicked off the hockey boards?

Kittens - in answer to your last question, you get kicked off the hockey boards by openly and freely insulting every single person you ever engage in a conversation with. And then complaining about being moderated after doing so and insulting all the moderators in the process.

I love when people hide behind an anonymous name and can't tell the true story.

I got banned for being negative towards the franchise, voicing my opinion openly, and calling people out on double standards. People didn't like me calling Olesz a third liner on his draft day, saying Martin would kill any offense the franchise had, the team would get significantly older while dumping younger players. That Nieuwy and Roberts were over paid at their age (which is why Cohen took a lot of decision making away from Keenan), that Luongo wanted out of town because he thought the organization was a joke two years before he got traded. That the fans would turn on Bouw. I could go on and on. I called people out for buying the BS pr released by the Panthers (The Panthers having a winning season in 05-06, if you didn't include 11 OT losses). And when someone new would stumble into the conversation and ask me about my view point, I would respond matter of factly and then be attacked by the same old group that will sometimes attempt to attack me here now.

As for your building around a star player idea. Its been tried. His name was Pavel Bure and it started the fiasco the organization is currently in. It doesn't work. My whole idea is based on the premise of new ownership and management and a three year rebuilding plan. Shrewd contract negotiating, serious scouting, and patience are what is needed. As angry as people are with current ownership, IF new ownership comes in and changes management (Sexton and Yormack would both need to go) and actively talked to the fans and explained how things are going to transpire, most fans I believe would be ecstatic on seeing a team similar to the expansion team that became the 96 team. That team entertained with hard work and character. Currently, the franchise is NOT tryin to rebuild the 96 team. They're just makin roster moves that will continue to sell people that they are doing something. Grabbing MacIntyre off waivers is an example as people have been screaming for an enforcer. But the kid will be almost as useless as Koistonen.

I could turn this team around in three season. Five seasons, barring injury, a top contender for a Cup. But I also never would have allowed Luongo, Jokinen, or Bouwmeester to escape or given them reason to leave. Horton is the next one tired of losing and playing for a Mickey Mouse franchise. Its not the fans fault honestly. The team is just owned by the biggest crooks goin these days. Used car salesmen and a drug dealer.

I dont know if I believe that MacIntyre is expected to play for the Panthers. I still think he is for Rochester especially since the Amerks want fighters on their team. I have a feeling the Panthers will keep Oservoich (Deboer player) up with the team rather than MacIntyre. EIther that, or Oservoich will be back in Rochester once Booth is back with MacIntyre brought up. I agree too that MacIntyre is as useless as Koistenen.

I don't think "Bure" counts in that situation. WHy? Bure was nearing the end of his prime, plus its not like he was surrounded by great players. As a side note, they also made the playoffs with Bure, ironically that was the last time the Panthers made it to the playoffs.

Bure was far from "past his prime" when he came to Florida. His two full seasons here, he scored the third and fourth most points in his career, 94 and 92 points. He only had one knee injury at the time, until his final season in Sunrise. Bure was always the same player when on the ice. Selfish. But they tried to surround him with younger players, like Kvasha, Shvidki, Nilson, Jokinen, and Novoseltsev. The vets who were here, Whitney and Mellanby, wanted out because of how the organization catered to Bure. The team was gutted, as they tried to build a touch team to protect Bure.

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