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Odds and Ends

PHILADELPHIA -- First off, greetings from the press box at the Spectrum where the Lightning and Flyers are set to go around 5. They moved up the time because of the World Series next door.

The Flyers have the Phillies logo on the big screen and bowl light boards. 'Good Luck Phillies' it says. That's nice. Fans are also getting white rally towels with both the Phillies and Flyers logo on it, as well as red Phillies cheer signs. I don't know how may of these were given out -- it could be 15,000 for all I know.

The Flyers also showed a Phillies video highlight reel before the game as anthem singer Lauren Hart wore a Phillies t-shirt instead of her usual Flyers garb.

Classy move from one team to another.

-- Congrats to Craig Anderson, who was named one of the NHL's stars of November. A great honor for a great start.

-- According to the Panthers website, Radek Dvorak was seen skating after practice today. That's good news for him and the Panthers.