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Ownership Situation Done on Monday: Alan Cohen Hands off to Stu Siegel, Cliff Viner

Pantherowners CHARLOTTE -- Alan Cohen's decision to step down as general partner of the Panthers will officially be announced at a Monday news conference in Sunrise.

The Miami Herald has previously reported that Panthers minority owners Cliff Viner and Stuart Siegel will run the team after Cohen steps aside.

The Panthers have said there will be a 1:30 news conference on the club level of the team's arena.

You might be able to read Cliff, Stu and Alan's reaction to this on another web/news site.

Brettyormark I was shocked to see this there.


(*) Yes, that is a photo of Brett Yormark, president of the New Jersey Nets.


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the dark ages of hockey in South Florida are over.

Lets hope these guys will have the means and the want to put a winning hockey team on the ice and will make hockey the priority and not real estate and advertising

Maybe there is hope. First thing to do is to fire their cheerleader, Michael Yormark.

to start, let's bring back Potvin!

Even with Cohen gone, I'll have a wait an see attitude. Besides Yormack, I'm a firm believer Sexton needs to go. I like Luce and think he has an eye for talent after having spoke to him in real life, but me thinks this franchise needs a complete house cleaning. Ownership, management, and players. When they get rid of the dead weight on the ice and right the wrongs of the past with better asset management, I'll start to believe. But things don't change over night. Just ask Obama.

This was kind of amusing and brings back memories:


Luce is part of the old regime, he needs to go too. Give them all pink slips on Monday.

We're not here to make player changes," Viner said. "We have professionals that are hired to do that. We can set an overall direction or budget, but we're not here to pick players or trade players."

Viner, 61, co-founder of financial services company AVM, said he doesn't believe spending money is the key to success, but how it's spent. "We're confident we have good people, but we want to hold them accountable," Viner said.

he's right....we're spending the money now, AND LOOK WHERE ITS GOT US. it's gotta be spent right

this is what excites me....

"We're going to be there with them, we're going to be crying with them, we're going to be laughing with them. We are the biggest Panthers fans," said Siegel, 46, founder of eNeighborhoods, a real estate marketing company he sold in 2007. "We're the only crazy ones who would do this."

and it can't be much worse than what we have now, right?

I think the best thing to do right now is the largest salary dump. They are near LAST place. THey do not need to be spending near CAP for this kind of product. Trade and waive players out of Florida.

Get the salary cap under control (to what a losing record is 40M) and start over. Everyone should have to be REINTERVIEWED for their current positions and jobs even players. Bring in a real president of hockey not of business operations (Yormack can stay but only if he quits selling panther sponsorships on stairs, urinals etc. Be classy not trashy. You got to admit he is the best salesman ever for such a horrible team.)

This is great. Finally at least one of the managing partners will know something about the sport.(siegel). Regarding the previous post don't be so ridiculous. Let's be rational. The team is starting to gel and is starting to get more consistent. Give them a chance with new ownership. Now with the ownership stabilized sexton won't be in such limbo when it comes to getting long term deals for great players. Just my two cents

remember the quote of Alan Cohen when he bought the team.

We are fans

Lets see what happens and where the money is spent

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