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Randy Sexton on the Waived Ville Koistinen

Koistinen Seems like a long time since Ville Koistinen was the toast of the Panthers in Helsinki, no?

In less than two months, he goes from Opening Night Hero to the waiver wire.

Today at noon, Koistinen was put on waivers. He can clear at noon tomorrow. General manager Randy Sexton wouldn't say what the Panthers plan is if Koistinen clears. It's expected he will, though; Koistinen is signed through the 2010-11 season at $1.2 mil a year.

''We'll see what transpires tomorrow at noon,'' Sexton said. ''We have a plan of action, we'll just have to see. You want players contributing and he's had trouble getting into the lineup. .-.-. Our development system is working. Kenndal has come up and played terrific. Vic has been terrific. Rather than have him be a healthy scratch, we want him to get an opportunity to play.''

As far as Rochester goes, Sexton was non-commital. Florida has to pay Koistinen his entire NHL salary if he's in the AHL because he's on a one-way contract.

''I'll talk about that tomorrow,'' he said. ''Every player needs to play, no matter how young or old you are. Every player needs to play. We need to have him playing. If he's going to be with us, or if he goes somewhere else, it's to play.''