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Something Borrowed (as in Baby Blue), Something New

3rd_Jersey_Letter DETROIT -- The Panthers have been very good about hiding their new third jerseys.

The team is going to unveil them during Monday's game against the Penguins.

Hope Pittsburgh doesn't wear its throwback jerseys. Could be confusing.

As we saw last March, the team is going with a dark-blue and light-blue motif with a Panthers head in a crest on the front.

Panthers3rd The team is apparently doing away with the sun/palm tree/hockey stick for a new branding.

They are keeping the sun and bringing in a FLA (think the Coyotes/Suns PHX) for the shoulders. I would have gone with a 305/954/561 logo myself.

I have seen pics of the new jerseys and I think they look OK. And the Panther head is different than the leaping Panther head but it is a logo the team has used in the past.

They are different and sometimes different is good.

I still think a red jersey would be more fitting. Maybe in the future.

More on this, with a mockup of the jersey, to come. Heading to practice in dowtown Motown now.


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My dad and I were just discussing this and we also wanted it to be red instead of this silly blue motif. We already have a great dark blue jersey and I think the blue is overkill...besides those red jerseys are great!

who gives a crap about a 3rd jersey. a true hockey club doesn't

Red jerseys are not typical for fan jersies. They wont sell as much. CLearly the Panthers are trying to attack what is popular and that lame baby blue is popular...

It wont work... but I guarantee you people would be more willing to wear a blue/baby blue jersey out somewhere than a red jersey.

I want to see a pic of this jersey. Anybody got a pic?

what do you mean, red jerseys aren't good? doesn't anybody remember our original jerseys? White for home and red for away!

I want the original jerseys back. The ones they're wearing now keep reminding me of the Flyers (and that disgusts me). Bring back the shoulder points!

I am VERY disappointed with the color choice....all the fans wanted red (obvious) and yellow (not me). Thank you Panthers organization for listening to your dwindling fan base....maybe they are hoping the rappers will wear it in videos??

Anybody got a pic? I wanna see what it looks like.

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