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The Challenge is Done: Four Games, Four Sports, Four States, One Day

Creds PHILADELPHIA -- I waited all day for the dinner I wanted.

The pulled pork in the Boston media room smelled good. The grub at Logan International smelled good.

But I wanted a hot dog. From the World Series.

It was a good hot dog.

Today was about as long an experience I've had as a sports writer at the Herald. Sure, we've had plenty of marathon days (especially at a NASCAR event) but it'll be hard to top this.

In the Lincoln Financial Field parking lot around 8:15 a.m. On the Jersey Turnpike around 9. In the City by 11, watching hockey by 1 p.m.

Then it was a quick cab and a quarter of the Dolphins-Jets game (where I got to see two field goals and a near-fight by the bathroom between a Dan Marino and a Mark Sanchez). Pretty soon I was flying to Boston where I took in a Celtics game. Then, a flight back to Philadelphia to cap off the day at the World Series.

IGphilly 'm enjoying this one. Taking in the sights and sounds of the ballpark. I had my hot dog and am about to head back out and hang with the standing room only crazies in Section 136. They smell like they were in that parking lot at 8:15 as well.

Which is fine by me. It's nice and cool out and I am not complaining. This was one heck of a good day one that will be hard to top. Four professional sporting events in one day. If I'm the only one to have ever done this, cool. I don't care either way. It was a trip (literally) just trying to complete it. I couldn't sleep last night because I kept worrying about finding a cab outside the Meadowlands, kept worrying that the Philadelphia flight (which was empty) would be canceled for 'maintenance.'

But everything worked out. And now I'm heading back out to hang with the regulars (who are now in a better mood with Sabathia out of the game).

Will only do one game tomorrow back here at the Series.

Maybe the Flyers are playing. Would definitely check that out.