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'They Look Awful Familiar' ... Panthers 'Unplugged'

Thirds1 A couple of people (Shae and Wes Goldstein of CBSsports.com) commented that the new Panthers jerseys not only look like the Penguins very popular throwback thirds, but those of the retro Hockey Night In Canada jerseys introduced a few years ago.

Well, no one is original in these kind of things anymore.

They are different from Hnicjersey what the Panthers have ever had and they are OK by me. I do not, DO NOT, like the FLA inside the sun however. Looks amateur hour. Don't like the font, don't like the FLA, don't like the sun. But that's just me.

-- Those of you watching at home may wonder what happened to the FSN feed at the end of the second period.

Johnny I went out and pulled the plug on the production truck.

Just kidding.

But the truck did lose power, and the last three-plus minutes of the second wasn't on.

It's up again.

Blame FP&L. Everyone else does.


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How 'bout some coffee, Johnny?

OK. I like coffee.

Good game. Horton and the Panthers got robbed during overtime! Who calls penalties in overtime?! Good point though by the Panthers.

P.S. Horton needs to keep up that energic play, its almost like Horton has been bodysnatched with how consistent he has been on the ice lately (no more lazy Horton?)!

I am loving Horton too these days....our jersey, not so much.

I think the FLA on the shorts make them look like souvenir bathing suits that you buy on Hollywood Beach. Watching the game was like seeing Pitt vs Pitt, too!

Why not red? I even heard that they were going to be a khaki color like that of the Panther....oh well:(

wow AJC that does look really good coming to think of it!? . . . id go so much as to say id prefer it to its real life counterpart. however as that wont be happening, im happy to settle with what we've been given. its a new look! something totally different which i like - it looked great in the ice last night. if we did go for the red yu'd inevitably have fans complaining that we 'should have done something totally different' BLAH BLAH BLAH . . . panthers fans are so fickle!?!
oh look, t-vo just happens to be showing why in my opinion hes a top 5 goaltender in the league? where are all those damn posts about andersons current performance with the avs now?!?

Couple of thoughts. The jerseys are the best in the leauge. Vo deserved a star over Ballard, which takes nothing away from KB. Tough loss but Crosby and Malkin are the best.

I like the new Uniform quite a bit. I think they should tweak it a little bit and then dump the old ones and let that become the alternate. I have followed the Panthers since day one but have never liked the uniforms and color scheme. Always thought they looked like a bunch of bullfighters skating around out there or an update of the horrid old KC Scouts uniforms.

My suggestion would be to either change the light blue color to white and change the white strips to a light gold to match the Panther head in the logo or better yet just make the jerseys completely dark blue with the white striping. That would look pretty clean and simple, kind of like what the Coyotes did. Right now I think the colors of the new Jersey look a little too much like the Thrashers so some tweaking is definitely needed but this is huge step in the direction.
I do like the red version that AJC posted but their are so many red teams already in the NHL.

The new jerseys are quite hideous. The old red and blue scheme looked quite awesome. The "all blue" design looks quite boring.

I agree, the new jerseys are not something I would buy. I think the FLA is downright stupid, beyond amateur as GR said. I liked the old red jerseys - a more fierce color than this soft blue too.

"oh look, t-vo just happens to be showing why in my opinion hes a top 5 goaltender in the league? where are all those damn posts about andersons current performance with the avs now?!?"

Haha, he called you out, GR. Seriously, George, I don't know what you were trying to do by boasting about Andy's stats earlier in the season.

The new thirds look okay, but not for the Panthers. AT LEAST they need to bring back the sun/stick/palm tree for the shoulders. The FLA logo is beyond lame. And the crest on the front is a rip off of Pittsburgh, Minnesota, and St. Louis.

Next year just have a red version of the current jerseys be the third, only with the panther logo where he's snapping the stick on the front.

As I said in an earlier post, much like Ultra, I like these uniforms...they're just not Panther's uniforms. The HNIC comparison was immediate to me (mainly because my wife has been bitching about the Pens' blues being a HNIC clone for 2 years now...)

It's a nice color balance with a classic looking logo styling. The shoulder/pants patches are a little odd... It looks more like the Marlins' logo (aka a fish) then a sun behind the F.

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