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UPDATE: Afternoon at The Billboard: Scott Clemmensen in Net ... Rostislav Olesz OUT, Kamil Kreps IN

MOVIE Happy Sunday to you from high atop The Billboard in beautiful North Weston.

The Panthers are entertaining the Boston Bruins in a special going-against-NFL Sunday afternoon game. Kickoff for this one is 5 p.m.

Despite the football deal, looks like we might have a nice crowd here. We're 10 minutes away and there are quote a few folks in the upper reaches of the upper deck.

Should be a pretty good game Come on down if you have the time.

The ice looks good, the glass is finally in place and we're about ready for hockey.

Scott Clemmensen is in net today for the Cats although I don't know Pete's rationale for this so don't ask. Will get the explanation after the game.

Assuming Pete wanted Clemmensen to get some work in; he hasn't played since losing to Carolina on Dec. 19. But that was only two games ago. Now, you're looking at Tomas Vokoun getting eight days between starts figuring he plays New Year's Eve against those pesky Canadiens.

Saw Tomas yesterday and he didn't look sick, although he may have come down with something overnight. And that was pure speculation on my part. Comes free with your paid admission to the blog.

UPDATE: Pete told Clemmensen he was going to start Sunday before the Christmas break. He says he wants to give Tomas some true time off.

-- Rostislav Olesz does have the flu and is out for today's game. Shawn Matthias was called up yesterday to take his place. Kamil Kreps, out since the Atlanta game, is back in.

-- Panthers are wearing the Pittsburgh/Carolina blues today. Bruins in their traditional whites with black pants.

-- The Panthers will practice at 10:30 a.m. in Coral Springs on Monday.


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Yesterday as I walked up to the BAC I realized why they picked the colors they did for the new jerseys...they are the same as Jet Blue's colors, our newest, bestest sponsor. Imagine that!

...next year you will be walking up to the JBC/Jet Blue Center--actually, they will play it cool and name it "Le Jet Bleu Centre" to attract more Canadians from Hollywood Beach...I hear they love Celcius Drink;)

Impressive turnout for the game especially on a football Sunday with the Dolphins in town. NHL attendance was 18,799. Pretty close to capacity. Say what you will about free tickets, cheap deals, etc, but there's the number.

They should start selling poutine during the snowbird season! That's a good number and you know this Thursday will be a good crowd as well. I can't help but think if the BAC was located somewhere more centralized rather than in the swamplands by alligator alley that this team might pull in more fans on a consistent basis.

Actually, I always longed for the arena to be in downtown Lauderdale which I remember was at the top of the short list in the mid 90s, but could you imagine the congestion? Sawgrass Expressway makes it so easy and there is always parking. Anytime I ever bring someone with me for their 1st Panther game, they are amazed at how quickly you can exit the parking lot...when you are at AA Arena you know you are going to spend an hour getting from the lot to 95.

I wonder what the attendance would be if this team had some playoff legs. Too bad, Sexton never learned how to pick up the phone. This team never picks up waiver wire guys or makes trades hence why it will continue to be everyone's doormat.

Welcome to Sunrise, where all teams get a point or two on their trip to Florida. Don't worry if you are losing in the second period, Panthers will give you a couple goals in the third to make sure that you get a tie or win.

Pathetic Panthers, when will Sexton be fired?!

It does make it easy to access, but who wants to drive out there from east lauderdale (where I lived) on 595 during rush hour? That was a big deterrant for me from going to more games (1/2 season ticket package instead of the full).

Part of the problem is there's crap public transportation too. It wouldn't be a problem in downtown if there was PT. I live in Denver now and both the Pepsi Center and Coors Field are in downtown Denver, which is bigger than Ft. Lauderdale proper. I can take the bus, the equivalent to the metro-rail, cab, from home or even walk to both places from my work. There's ample parking for the baseball stadium downtown too in the surrounding areas which I acknowledge Ft. Lauderdale lacks.

Would that make a huge difference? Probably not as big as fielding a winning or at least more competitive (above .500) team. But it would bring in a lot of the downtowners and post-professional work crowd.

I see the CAPS traded their captain and a dman the other day. Why can's we?

GR, Where are you??? C'mon, JM the GM in town and game in a few hours. There has got to be some juicy gossip out there! Inquiring minds want to know;)

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