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Boother Likes It: Florida Panthers 4, Philadelphia Flyers 1 (KO)

Boxer PHILADELPHIA – The Panthers hit the Flyers where it really hurt on Monday night.

The scoreboard.

Sure, the Panthers and Flyers had a few brawls as expected, but Florida dominated play from start to finish as it rolled to a 4-1 victory at Wachovia Center.

The Panthers were playing the Flyers for the first time since Philadelphia captain Mike Richards knocked out David Booth with a shot to the head here on Oct. 24. Booth, who suffered a serious concussion, hasn’t returned since but enjoyed every minute of Monday’s bashing.

“That was exactly what we needed to do,’’ Booth said after the game. “Guys didn’t back down. We played strong, came hard. .-.-. The guys also played well and that’s the best part, getting two points.’’

The two teams have been going in opposite directions since that previous meeting. The Flyers – a hip preseason pick to win it all -- have lost 11 of 13 games and sit in 14th place in the 15-team Eastern Conference. The Panthers have won five of seven and currently occupy a place within the conference’s top eight.

There were three fights in an opening period in which the Panthers took a 1-0 lead, but Florida did most of its damage in the final 40 minutes – a span that saw just one fight. The Panthers scored three goals off goalies Brian Boucher and Michael Leighton in the final two periods.

Boucher left the game after the second goal after a hard shot from Michael Frolik apparently injured the goalie’s hand. Frolik ripped off a shot on the power play that Boucher sprawled to save; he didn’t get back into position as Stephen Weiss pounced and shot into the open net.

After that, the Flyers didn’t seem to have much interest as the home crowd showered them with boos and catcalls for the rest of the evening.

After a first period that featured three fights and the possibility for quite a few more, the Panthers settled into a simple game plan that frustrated the Flyers.

The headline bout in the first was between the two captains as Bryan McCabe and Richards squared off at center ice less than four minutes into the game. The fight wasn’t much, but it was something anyway.

The Panthers didn’t do much retaliation when Booth was hit, but Gregory Campbell and Ian Laperriere dropped the gloves (as the arena rang a boxing bell) less than two minutes into Monday’s game. Florida captain Bryan McCabe was the one to take on Richards, those two dancing less than two minutes later. Duco fought Laperriere later in the opening period.

“I think we righted some wrongs and that’s why Bryan McCabe is our captain,’’ coach Pete DeBoer said. “He took care of business and set the tone for us. We just competed hard for 60 minutes tonight.’’

Said McCabe: “[Richards is] a consummate professional. He knew that he had to answer the bell with someone tonight and it just happened to be me.’’

Nathan Horton got his first of two goals in the opening period. The Panthers led 2-0 going into the third and didn’t let up, with Frolik redirecting a McCabe shot 1:30 in. Horton got his 16th multi-goal game of his career at 5:54 of the period.

“We worked as a team and played as a team,’’ Horton said.

With 7:02 left, Ian Lapierrere got into his third scuffle with the Panthers after he creamed Victor Oreskovich behind the Florida goal.

Pacifist Dennis Seidenberg was ejected (as was Lapierrere) after coming to Oreskovich’s defense. According to hockeyfights.com, Seidenberg had been in just one fight in his seven-year NHL career before Monday.

The Flyers spoiled Tomas Vokoun’s shutout bid moments after the Seidenberg incident as Braydon Coburn got a power play goal with 6:13 left.

“I don’t know how to fight,’’ said Seidenberg with a grin. “I had to respond to it. But that’s not my style.’’



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now that is Panthers hockey!!!!!!!!

A team that outworks the other team which has more talent.

A team that doesn't back down.

If we sit back against the rangers we will lose, we need to be aggressive with the forecheck and work as a team!!!!

We are finally over the JM and conservative hockey years.

Now lets take the next step which is to continue to outwork the opposition and play a simple game.

Best game this team has played in years.

Give credit when credit is due!

I hate the Flyers. There is a huge difference between a physical team and a dirty team, and this team has been a bunch of goons since the 70's.

I didn't like the crosscheck to Vokun's head (and the minimal response), but all in all a great game where we proved to the league that we should be taken seriously as a good team, and a team that will defend itself.

Here's hoping that this game is a further catalyst going forward.

Kulikov's knee ?

what the word?

people, be excited, YES. Relax and enjoy. just remember it's only Dec. 22nd. and it's only the 8th olayoff position. I (we) have been here for a long time since the last playoff go around so hold on to your shorts. last year is too much of a memory.

Very strong all around from Campbell at the start, topped only by strong leadership from the Capt... Flyers showed nothing, and the Cats stepped up to the plate and took advantage... The only fault I had were a few loose coverages in their own end. Allen should've stepped out earlier on the Flyer goal and VanRiemsdyk lost possession after being left wide open in front of the net, but a great game overall...

Duco looks like he could be the agitator this team needs... He's probably not going to take on the heavy weights, but he stirs the pot and can create energy and draw penalties a la the likes of Kaleta, Ott, Ruutu, Cooke, etc... He should stay, McIntyre play only when needed, Kreps stays home, and Tarnasky or McArdle to keep the energy going...

Olesz should be moved. His contract is bad, so we should offer him around and trade him for another bad contract(Rozival, Finger, Corvo, Stempniak, Souray??)....We'd probably have to give a bit more, but it would be worth the gamble.. I'd much rather watch a lesser-talented energy guy than Olesz....

MacIntyre and Duco were well worth it. Eventhough Mac was only in a few shifts, Horton himself was GUSHING when interviewed during 1st intermission how important it was to have them there!

Also, Richards is an A$sh@le! (Not you GR) I'm all for physical hockey, but that mid-ice hit on Weiss was way too familiar to 6 weeks ago.

Remember the old sign that hung outside the Miami arena..."Nice Guys Tough Hockey"...that should be our motto again. We look awesome when we are knocking people around!

Great game by the whole team. Replacing Kreps with Duco seems like a no brainer. Olesz is overpaid but has potenial, Kreps should be the first guy sent packing.

I miss the days when Laus and Worrell would pummel people into the ice. We may not have won any playoff series, but teams certainly weren't going to take liberties with those guys around. It's nice to have that feeling again. Duco will probably be replaced by nasty Nick and I can't see Mac staying up either.

Wow, if only they would play like this against real teams such as the Caps, Penguins, Blackhawks, etc. All of the teams that the Panthers have beaten have been on long losing streaks.

This team still has many holes in its roster. When will the changes be made? AHL players don't translate into a playoff run in February. Nine years of not making the playoffs! We were in this same boat last year in playoff position, only to fall at the end.

Still not impressed with this team. I demand accountability. This is not a team that can make it to the playoffs with the current roster.
Where are the trades and waiver wire pickups?

Sexton did you forget how to use the phone?

Kittens-- You've got to cut the Coach and GM a little slack... Nobody's trading now and you've got to hope there's some talks by Sexton, but there's probably not a whole lot of interest by other teams in our guys... I'd like to see changes at the apprporiate time, but for now, let them enjoy their run and see if they can ride it a bit...

Weiss and Horton are playing well out of their minds, so they're not doing anything there... I don't see either one of those doing it consistently against talented players, but they do deserve a chance to prove us wrong...

The changes I would suggest would be to swap out bad contracts with another team hoping that we could take advantage... If they could somehow rid themselves of the contracts of Olesz, Allen, Ballard, Stillman,etc... Then that would make some sense....

Sexton deserves a chance to finish the year out to see how he can handle it, and like it or not, PDB was JM's best move and I think he's here for the long haul... Cut them a little slack for now...

When we are a lock for the playoffs, than I will cut the team some slack and win against the CAPS and PENGUINS. 9 years no playoffs........with basically the same roster... Where's the accountability?

Accountability should start with the long-term problem as to why the team has been bad for so long... Obviously from the top down--bad owners, GMs, coaching and players... But PDB and Sexton inherited these problems, and are trying to make the most of it... Actually the best addition to the team has been the ENERGY guys, along with added team-toughness... Many of these ENERGY guys(Oreskovich, Duco, Campbell have prior ties with PDB. If it wasn't for PDB's willingness to play these guys along with the Rochester additions, we'd probably still be playing JM style hockey with the likes of Zednik, Peltonen, McLean,etc hoping they'd outscore the other team's 3rd and 4th liners...

So the GRIT infusion here, along with the play of Weiss and Horton, have been the best answer to the Cats Revival... I still don't think they will be able to carry it out and end up in the TOP 8, but am willing to ride the wave..

Scouting is the one area that's been said before, should have to start justifying many of their past decisions... Whether it's lack of the necessary funding or poor choices, this is the first place I'd start if I were Stu and Cliff....

Let's be realistic about beating the Caps and the Pens. They're great teams and at this point, we're not there yet. They have once in generation players. It's fair to expect playoffs every year when you consistently finish 9th and 10th. But to expect to finish ahead of Washington is unrealistic.

This team is in the category of teams like Montreal, NYR, Ottawa, Boston, and Philly (they remind me a lot of Pitt last year). And if you didn't know the record, many of us would want to trade rosters with them in a heartbeat. Granted, There's a lot of season left to play, but Florida is playing the best of all of them in the last 10.

On a side note, I continue to get a chuckle out of the fall of Philly. I always compare these two organizations, because they seem polar opposite, which they are. Philly scouts, Florida doesn't. Philly spends, Florida doesnt. Philly trades for big time players, Florida doesn't. Philly is in the toilet again for the second time in the last 3 or 4 years. It proves that it doesn't take a ton of skill to be competitive, or go out and trade the future on a stud dman or spend like crazy. It takes chemistry, grit, and heart. Trust me, I would be the first to have a Carter or Pronger on my team, but cut this team some slack. They are getting better results with far less! Get this team to the playoffs. Show people they can win with what they have, by whatever means necessary, and fans will come back. Ownership will spend. Free agents will want to be a part of it. And culture will be restored.

Sounds simple, doesn't it! ha

I'm with slapshot1106 on this one, ride the wave, I don't think they will make the playoffs, but I sure enjoyed watching our team play an aggressive game for 60 minutes. Sexton has been here for 3 years now, so not really cutting him slack.

It is the players that DeBoer requested that has changed the chemistry of this team.

Lets see what happens in scouting and development as that is where to start the building of this organization.

Horton and Weiss are playing the way they were expected for the last few years, I would love to see them keep it up, the last 10 games we are playing great hockey and we survived a very tough stretch (based on the number of games). The east has 3 great teams (Pitt, Washington, NJ), 1 very good team (Buffalo), 10 average teams and 1 bad team (Carolina).

It is wide open and I like our chances compared to the other 9 average teams

Who ever thought in Dec of '95 that Panthers would take the Conference in '96? Huh??



I think tonights game is a good gauge of just how committed this team is to turning its post season fortunes. NY is just 2 points behind coming of a couple of wins and i am sure they would love to make a move here at our expense. It would be a HUGE win tonight.

If the Toronto Sun's rumor about Jeff Carter being available is true, I would implore Sexton to pick up the phone and say anyone not named Markstrom is potentially available. As great a season as Weiss is having, I still don't see him as a dominant #1 center in this league on a consistent basis. If you add Carter, then you've got a really solid 1-2 punch down the middle and can move Rhino to the wing on the 2nd line. The guy did score 46 goals last year and IMO may be worth considering trading Frolik or another top prospect.

Forget about the Rangers-we have a knack for beating them. A huge win would be against a team that is a lock for the playoffs such as the Caps, Penguins, Sharks, Hawks etc.

GR, is it the same lines tonight?? I need another 60 minutes of entertaining hockey!

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