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Bryan Allen Out (for one) ... Stillman Skates

Bryan Allen will be held out for one of these games against the Hurricanes to give his knee a rest. That's why Jason Garrison is on his way up. Talked to Dmitry Kulikov and he's sore from getting a puck to the neck but he's fine. He also took a skate to his right ankle and suffered a cut. ''Great night,'' he quipped.

Cory Stillman skated with the team for the first time since being hurt in Detroit. He should be back after Christmas.

Pete also confirmed that Ville Koistinen's knee injury is pretty serious. Will get an update from Randy Sexton before kickoff.

Four games left 'til the mini break...


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I had a feeling it was Allen's knee needing rest... At least it's not another full-fledged injury. These are 2 big games against Carolina coming up - we should be able to get 4 big points here.

if we lose tonight or tomorrow for that matter im gonna flip my flippin lid. If you shut down staal, then they got NOTHING.

GR-who is in the net tonight? tomorrow?

Carolina has won only one road game, 3 point minimum needed this weekend

I'm listening to the radio call. Randy Moller reused a movie quote on the Panthers' second goal. "Look Kids, it's Big Ben!" he used it last year (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JS8z0QZzazw&feature=related)

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