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Christmas Gifts? David Booth, Cory Stillman Expected Back Sometime

Cousineddie The good news: David Booth and Cory Stillman should be back around Christmas time.

The bad news: See above.

Pete DeBoer said today that they aren't expecting David Booth until after the Christmas break. And he didn't sound very convincing of that. Do you realize that Booth hasn't been working out in weeks and hasn't skated since being knocked out on Oct. 24?

That means Booth has been off the ice for more than five weeks -- probably the longest stretch for him in a long, long time. He's going to need more than a few weeks just to get his legs and timing going. So I don't think we see him until mid-January at the earliest.

As far as Stillman goes, his knee continues to heal and I haven't seen him limping around. Once he gets the all-clear to start skating, it should take him a week to 10 days to get back.

Booth told ESPN's Pierre LeBrun that he started working out a few weeks after the concussion so he could get back on the ice and make it to the Olympics. It doesn't look like that's going to happen. You have to feel for Booth because this was a huge dream of his, and this concussion -- on a cheap play, I don't care what the rule book says -- is going to screw it all up.

And if the Panthers don't start doing something and soon, this season may be over by the time these guys make it back. A huge batch of games upcoming, starting with tonight's tilt against the Quebec City Andersons.

-- The Panthers avoid Ovechkin again. Hasn't worked out to their advantage so far.

-- Kenndal McArdle is going to be out at least a few weeks it appears.


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it was over when no one came to the defense of Booth against the flyers,yes they won a few games after that but typical of this team they go back to their old ways when they have a chance to make a move into playoff position.

It comes down to a lack of character; and a lack of talent and depth in the organization, we seem to replace below average players with below average players around a core group that under achieves.

One word Accountability. Panthers New Owners still don't have it. Sad to see when we have two lines of rolling AHL players instead of veteran NHL players. Worst, Deboer does not have control of his team on the ice, nor do these players focus on the game for a full 3 periods.

The salary cap hinders and potential trades, but I guess that's a moot point because ownership probably wants to reduce payroll rather than increase payroll.

We'll see how we get through December.

Lucky Escape by the Panthers tonight. Good shootout win. 2 goal leads blown again in the third period. Where's the discipline on this team?

Panthers can certainly pick up a waiver or sign a free agent to fill some gaps in their roster, they choose to stay cheap.

Is Ballard banged up? He took three gloved punches from angry old man, Adam Foote. Well, at least tonight Ballard ended the night early for the OTHER TEAM'S goalie(but I hope Anderson is alright).

I'm typically not one to second-guess shootout decisions, but what is up with Weiss not being in top three shooters selected? I know he may not have a good track record in shootouts, but he had the hot hand tonight. Olesz and that stupid backhand? Come on, how can Weiss not be in your top three?

blowing a 2 goal lead with under a minute to go is becoming a pattern again, (same pattern in JM the GM's first year).

It goes back to a lack of character, yes we got the 2 points however, there are still a lot of concerns with this team.

There are no quick fixes as we have been seeing for the past 8 plus seasons (13 since we won a playoff round).

The problem is that the long term fix hasn't started yet.

The NHL should look at Adam Foote's conduct from last night. That is the type of stuff that can't be tolerated... family game and all.

The effort is there but the lack of talent shows. The Defense has been awful in the 3rd period and why the panthers insist that B.Allen is a solid D is beyond me. That guy is always looking lost and he's really slow. Ballard is just having a really bad stretch lately and where is the McCabe of last year? Happy for Weiss they won that game last night, but these other losses with 2 goal leads will hurt them again as the season progresses. I don't blame DeBoer because I'd love to see him coach with some A caliber players, we still suffer from no superstars on the team.

People stop bitching about what Adam Foote did. This is the same action you all were looking for when Booth got hit. We all would love to have him on our team. He did what's ecpected of him at that point.He can play for me anytime

I agree with hank regarding Foote. As much as it pissed me off to see him pummel Ballard, I wouldn't mind seeing him in a Panthers uni doing the same after Vokoun/Clemmer/Booth/anyone gets rammed (accidentally or otherwise)

All night long, Foote and a handful of other Avs stood tall for Andy. Their physicality around the net after the whistles is something I'd love to see more of from our guys.

GR any word on Tarnasky? I know he hasn't played since preseason. Just checking thanks.

I agree with Hank that I would like to see a defense of our players like what foote did. However, I disagree with you Hank because since Ballard was already down there was no honor in punching the guy while down. Also you forgot to mention that Ballard was tripped into Anderson, and that play could have been called a penalty or penalty shot based on Ballard driving to the net and being interfered with from behind.


Foote did what someone should have done to Richards after he knocked Booth out. That's standing up for your teammates and guys rally around that. It at least sends a message on the ice, no matter if Ballard's collision was intentional (meaning trying to make a play in front of the net) or not (tripped, pushed, etc. into Andy).

We need some of that fight and fire on our team.

Until there is a roster overhaul we won't see that type of play from these Panthers. As much as the game has changed in many aspects, certain things never change. Players like Adam Foote, cranky and ornery as he is, is exactly what this team is missing.

Anyone notice the edge that Colorado's youngster's played with? Matt Duchene for example, 18 years old, finishing his checks and mixing it up, scoring two goals.

Don't get too excited about Weiss, after 8 years he was due to ahve a game like that.

Bottom line, we need to learn how to finish games and team off.

I agree with the fight and fire, Big Slap, but DeBoer doesn't as evidenced by how he treated Boynton last season.

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