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Game Day Decisions

Looks like both Dominic Moore and Jordan Leopold will play tonight. Tomas Vokoun in net.


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GR- does that mean Repik won't play? Also, what do you think of the rumor that Randy is shopping TVo? Do you think this is just to dump salary, or is it intended to acquire meaningful offense?

mmmm who would be our goalie if we loose vokoun??? I would love to see Halak and Camaleri for Horton and Vokoun

IF we do trade Vokoun, which would be disasterous in itself, it would be for some offense and we'd probably bring up Salak to backup Clemmensen and eventually take his starter position because Clemmensen is a poor/decent backup at best.

I think that it is more likely that Panthers are shopping all of their forwards for whatever they can get than Vokoun. Salak is not ready yet for the NHL.

this team has too many holes that one trade will make a big difference. the good news is that from 4-14 there is not much of a difference in the east (if we were in the west we would already be out of it), the bad news is that this team will not get to 90 points so we have to hope that this is one of those years that a below 500 team will make the playoffs.

Until you have confidence in management there is no point in making moves.

we need a director of hockey operations (GR how many teams have one and how many don't it would be interesting to see where they are in the standings).

this person will be the person to decide on the fate of Sexton, the scouts and the coaching staff, right now the decision is Yormark and the owners.

You have to set the foundation before you can build the building.

I am in favor of trading assets a year to early then a year too late. We seem to get other teams players a year too late.

the youth movement began in 2000 and continues 9 years later; (other teams it takes 3-5 years).

We are no better now then we were in 2001 and soon the players that were part of our youth movement will be retired or traded (we already traded Luongo, Bouwmeester and Jokinen)

Right, there are too many holes on this team to trade Vokoun and his salary to make a difference. Unless a team is utterly desperate, I can't imagine we'd get close to what we paid for to get Vokoun in the first place. However, if the team is in salary dump mode to address those holes, it would make more sense to do it in the offseason and not now. I just don't see this making much sense b/c of the glut in the eastern conference and how many western conference teams would be willing to take Vokoun's salary off our hands?

The idea of Clemmensen-Salak worries me...Yikes!

If the rumor is true, it's probably just Randy testing the water to find out TVo's value.

TVo's huge contract is really difficult to move nowadays because of the salary cap, especially since the cap is expected to go down next year and he still has one year remaining on his contract.

GR- any comments?

I am sure if teams were looking for a goalie, they might call the Panthers and they might just listen. But this is very premature. This time next year, this offseason, yes, Randy might be actively shopping Vokoun only from a financial perspective. He's been invaluable to the Panthers this season. If they trade him, they are cashing in the chips and looking for the lottery.

if my research is correct, only 8 teams do not have a director of hockey operations. It could be that some titles may include that, but it says alot for the position. something the panthers need to do.

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