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Getting Tougher

RALEIGH -- In a shocking turn of events, the Panthers have sent Jeff Taffe and Michal Repik back to Rochester. Mike Duco and Steve MacIntyre are coming to the Panthers.

We must be going to Philly...


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Look out Richards and Pronger!!! SmackIntire and Dukes are coming! Should be a physical game, can't wait!

I would assume same for NY? Any chance we'll see Ellerby too?

You'd better hope your goalies stay healthy. Salak went down with a dislocated shoulder tonight. Looks like he'll be out at least a month. Next option...Chris Beckford-Tseu. Has more holes than swiss cheese.

repik got a raw deal. let's see if he gets the call back. noboby is afraid of mcintyre or duco
PLEASE, get real

i'd like to be in the locker room and listen to pete's pregame speech

As a disgruntled Flyers fan, i hope these goons from Rochester
gave Richards & The Flyers a taste of their own medicine. Maybe
a good whipping from the panthers-an eye for an eye (Booth),
will wake up our team!

The Cats should have sent down Kreps instead of Repik. Thankfully Kreps is an RFA after the season.

Is Kreps even playing?

thank heavens that after this year Kreps dismal play will be a thing of the past...hopefully. I know Macabe said were in the thick of things and all and we shouldnt go out of our way to retaliate, but i really hope someone puts the smack down on Richards. Eye for an eye.

Key game for the Flyers tonight. Turning point of the season. I predict Florida makes a run at Richards and then the Flyers collectively destroy Florida (physically and on the scoreboard). Be afraid.

If the Panthers are winning, they might try to get some payback. If they're losing, they certainly will. I hope they keep it honorable, but beyond that I hope the Panthers utterly stomp the Flyers. I don't care about the score, I want them beaten. I want their souls crushed. I want them humiliated. I want them to forget the meaning of Christmas and how to lace their skates. I want them next April to point their palsied, gnarled, thrice-broken finger at this game and say "That's where it all went wrong".

George Richards is shaking in his boots already!!

Since Repik was sent home to Rochester, this is not about winning tonight. Fight Night is tonight.

I hope that the Panthers get over all these distractions tonight and move on.

It's all a crock if you ask me. The Panthers and every other team would love to have Richards on their team... It wasn't a great decision by him, but the league hasn't taken the necessary steps to take these types of hits out of the game...

Panthers best chance is for Duco to agitate Carcillo into penalties.... They don't really want to go toe-to-toe with the Flyers, or Cote, Asham, Carcillo, Lapierre, Hartnell, and Pronger will have a field day on them... And they'll probably end up with more guys on IR.. Let's just hope Allen and Ballard can hit the Flyers half as hard as they hit their own guys!

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